Am I A God? Chapter 1073

Among the pockets of the yuan, Zhao Yao is holding a little girl with wet eyes, and Mocha, X, Bridget and other super-cats are wide-eyed.

Mocha: “Who is this little girl, YuanYuan, you just went out with Zhao Yao, do you know?”

X: “I don’t know! Don’t talk to me, bother.”

Zhao Yao looked at the little girl in her arms. The other person’s hands and feet were blood red. A lot of blood continued to flow out of the broken limbs, but the whole person did not struggle, but looked at Zhao Yao with both eyes.

Only her brows wrinkled from time to time, showing a bit of pain.

Zhao Yao shouted in the distance: “Lucifer! Come and help.”

Lucifer ran around and saw the little girl with blood and Zhao Yao, and was immediately taken aback.

Zhao Yao looked at the loyalty of the other party and quickly said: “Let the ultraability to her!”

With Zhao Yao’s shouting, Lucifer pressed the palm of his hand on the little girl’s head, but the next moment he accidentally said, “Successful? So fast, she is able to borrow speed quickly…”

At the same time, the girl’s wounds have healed and the limbs have slowly grown out, but she has been motionless throughout the process, as if the doll was held in her arms by Zhao Yao, and it seems that the limbs are not hers.

The original light of the head also grew a white hair, turned into a shawl and white hair scattered.

Looking at the little girl who recovered from the blink of an eye, Zhao Yao breathed a sigh of relief and took his own clothes to the other party: “Will the clothes be worn? Will you wear clothes? No, can you listen to me?”

The little girl was still motionless, and even the tail on her butt was softly spread on the ground. It seemed to be completely unresponsive to changes in the outside world. It was just empty eyes looking straight at Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao sighed, now there is no time to manage this little girl, the chaos fortress is really lively, he has to hurry to go back to the cat.

However, it is not enough to throw the other person here. As a humanoid weapon of Chang Maozong, Zhao Yao can not look down on the threat of the other party. What if he suddenly violently kills his super cat.

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao said: “Lucifer, take back her ability.”

Lucifer nodded and suddenly stopped: “No… No, I can’t get it back.”

β€œWhat?” Zhao Yao looked at the little girl in surprise, and the other person was still stupid and stupid.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao looked to Mocha on the side and said, “Call the white springs, Pharaoh, dolls and Zhao Xue.”

A few minutes later, Bai Quan, Zhao Xue and a large group of super-powered cats were surrounded by Zhao Yao, looking curiously at the little girl beside Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao pointed at the little girl and said, “You help me look at this child…” After thinking about it, he said with a discretion: “The specific situation is complicated. I will come back later. But when you look at her, you can She sees it as a combat force at the same level as me. The loanability should be taken care of.

Then Zhao Yao looked at the doll: “Doll, you check her situation, and the machine I just picked up here to see what it is for.”

Zhao Xue looked at the little girl who was still standing, and looked at Zhao Yao standing on the side. She looked suspiciously and said: “Zhao Yao, where did you get the little girl?”

Zhao Yao said with anger: “What is going to be, I am embarrassed! You don’t look at her stupid look, she… her sister killed me in one trick.”

“A trick to kill?” Pharaoh blinked and looked at the little girl curiously: “What is the probability?”

“Now I don’t have time to say this. Anyway, you are optimistic about her. Don’t take it lightly. I don’t know the strength of this guy at the moment. Maybe it is terrible.”

The doll on the side has been manipulating more than a dozen robots with various medical devices to go up and start examining the body for the little girl.

Zhao Yao sighed a few more times, then immediately passed through the Space Gate and returned to the Chaos Fortress.

But just rushed out of the Space Gate, he ran back in blood and grabbed X and rushed out again.

X: “Zhao Yao! Lying you @#Β₯%……”

When the Space Gate is out, it is a hot high temperature. With the self-destruction of the experimental area, the space of the entire experimental area has been blocked, and it has become a tens of thousands of high-temperature hell.

And Zhao Yao took X, drove ultra-ability, and shot in the direction of the battlefield.

He continued to accelerate, and after a few minutes he heard a violent explosion coming from a distance, and then from a long distance he saw the blazing light illuminating dozens of kilometers away.

The neutron star that obscures the sky emits a horrible gravity field, and a huge spark is constantly appearing on the surface. It is the armor of hundreds of long Maozong who besieged the neutron star.

The surface is full of seven or eight large gullies. Among the metal canyons that are dozens of kilometers deep, there are mechanical soldiers, mechs, and super cats who are exploding, collapsing, and flying. They are The short-haired and the Maoist-free strong fighters fought.

Zhao Yao looked at the chaotic battlefield in front of him, smiled and sneaked away.

More than a dozen hairless squatters covered the spurs, and the body flashed and leaped forward, chasing at full speed in the metal gorge played by the neutron star, and in front of them were two tall and thin women wearing two armor. Mao Zong’s super cat.

“Catch them!”

The leader of the head screamed, the body shimmered with twisted ripples, and the whole person had already appeared on top of the two super-powered cats, then hit them down with a punch, releasing a horrible ripple toward the two cats. The past.

Those who are above LV60 can already use their physical strength to distort and oppress the space, so that the terrorist forces in the flesh can be released freely, resulting in various attack effects, and the power of the shots can be improved by a hundredfold and thousands of times.

But in the next moment, the two super-powered cats sneered and turned to launch the ability. All the presenters immediately felt that they were sluggish, just like ordinary people fell into the mud, and then the limbs were sore and the body began to become weak.

At the same time, the 3 super-powered cat flashed around the four sides, and released different super-ability.

Just as the protagonists changed their face, they thought that they would be hit hard when they were ambushed.

All the super-cats of the long-haired ancestors disappeared one by one.

Looking at the empty scene, the embarrassed people looked at each other, waiting for a while, still no attack.

On the other side of the Space Gate, Zhao Xue, Bai Quan, Mocha, and Pharaoh stared at the five super-powerful cats that appeared suddenly, and they were stripped from the mech as Zhao Yao peeled the prawns.

This is all the kittens that Zhao Yao has just stopped, and after the Space Gate, he used a dragon knife to smash a few hundred knives.


Looking at the five long-haired cats who fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth, twitching, and full of fear, Zhao Yao looked at the 100,000 points of experience on the BOOK, revealing the simplicity of the peasant’s old uncle. Smile.

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