Am I A God? Chapter 1074

Zhao Xue: “Zhao Yao, where are you from?”

Zhao Yao waved his hand and said, “Don’t say so much now. You let Elizabeth and Diana come over and tell them to push these super-powered cats into the recreation room and let them play the game in the seal world.”

With the current volume of the seal world, there are 100 million online people every day, enough to suppress the strong cats Zhao Yao caught.

After that, Zhao Yao couldn’t wait to jump into the Space Gate and disappear.

Zhao Xue and Bai Quan face each other, and Pharaoh on the side walks to the front of the alien cat. He kneels and touches the body of the alien cat. He slowly said: “These super cats should be from aliens. Zhao Yao may be Fight the alien cat.”

Zhao Xue was shocked: “Zhao Yao and the alien cat are fighting?”


On the other side of the chaotic fortress, Zhao Yao and X are in a state of invisible and invisible, and they are strolling around the battlefield with the Dragon Sword.

Far away, I saw a number of LV62 and an LV65 screaming around.

“It’s you!” Zhao Yao immediately rushed over with the moment of seeing the numbers.

I saw two super-hairless cats fighting a group of mechs.

The muscles contracted and swelled fiercely. The two hairless cats were slender, like cheetahs, more than cats, slamming on the battlefield, leaving a trail of Lightning, a large number of mechs and mechanical soldiers being shot down. And blasted.

“Ha ha ha ha! A group of firewood! Look at me to blow you all!”

In a madness, the hairless cat slammed out in a palm, and the distorted space spread out in all directions. It was like being crushed and disintegrated as if it had been squeezed by giant force.

In the distance, Zhao Yao and X’s head sneaked out from behind a metal plate.

“Ah? No Mao Mao’s cat, I am here.” Zhao Yao touched his chin and thought: “Forget it, let’s get together.”

Everything is still, and Zhao Yao, who started when it stopped, came directly to the back of two hairless cats, and put away the knife, which was cut down by hundreds of dragons.

After the cut, Zhao Yao did not immediately put the two cats into the stomach pocket, but pulled back and stopped.

Then I saw two hairless cats in the air squatting, and then smashed them up, the power of scorpion broke out from them, radiated in all directions in the form of distorted space, tearing the air, falling apart. Solve all things.

The attacking table of the Dragon Slayer not only failed to defeat their will, but also sealed their ability, but directly angered them.

‘Fortunately, I was cautious, not directly into the stomach pocket. ‘Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘These guys who have no hairy sects are really amazing. They can’t be subdued by the dragon knives. Well… I have to think of individual methods. ‘

Then he shouted to Mocha after the Space Gate: “Hurry up and work, here is anxious to use.”

Mocha riding on Lucifer shouted: “Know it!” During the conversation, the paws took a burst of shadows and played Lucifer.

This is Mocha’s ability to use the attack to reduce the cooling efficiency, helping Zhao Yao to reduce the cooling time of the timeout.

“Who just attacked us?!”

“Disgusting ability, I want to kill you!”

Booming! Two hairless cats, like the raging Godzilla, frantically destroy everything in front of them.

While Zhao Yao quietly watched the two hairless cats madly destroying, while waiting for the stop to cool down.

After a while, Zhao Yao once again opened the time to pause, touched the back of the other side, and then raised his fist, which was a fist to the other’s head.

a punch… two punches… three punches…

Zhao Yao’s double fists are bombarded on the back of the other’s head like raindrops.

After a slap in the face, the body repeatedly tempered by the power of eight cats, Pharaoh, the blood of evolution, and the harsh environment, this moment broke out with a powerful force.

Every silk muscle fiber, each bone stretches and contracts violently, exploding with the volcanic power.

At this moment, Zhao Yao is full of punches, each shot can play the same power as a small earthquake, but now it is all in the head of the hairless cat, so it directly hit a hundred more punches, and then ran to another The back of the head of the hairless cat begins to linger.

At the end of the stop, the two hairless cats snorted and fell down the ground, and they had already fainted in the air.

Zhao Yao quickly sent the two cats into the Space Gate, leaving the mech fighters below, and rushed to other battlefields again.

Just seeing the cat and cat, the length of the cat is long. When the whole battlefield gradually calms down, Zhao Yao has caught thirty-two super-powered cats.

“64 million experience value, 64 million experience value!” Zhao Yao screamed in his heart, excited can not be himself: “developed! This is developed! Alien 捑 cat really has a head, wait for me to go back and put this wave of experience It is used.”

But as a large number of super cats began to disappear on the battlefield, both sides of the battle also found this wrong.

Gray: “These wicked long-haired bastards, many cats have lost contact, what is the probability?”

In the command room, Maggie looked at the battlefield with anger: “In a short period of time, more than half of the super cats were killed. What happened?”

Gray ash: “These long-haired bastards must be playing tricks!”

Maggies: “There must be those short-haired bastards who are doing ghosts!”

After playing for a long time on both sides, I have not killed a few cats between each other. Now, when Yao Yao comes out, more than half of the cats have been caught.

The two sides thought that this was the other side’s work, and they immediately hit the real fire.

Then I saw the neutron star’s palm, the little girl’s scorpio was locked by one after another, like a Monkey King who was suppressed by the Five Elements Mountain.

The scorpion’s body and body, the gray ash consciousness criss-crossed, constantly suppressing her consciousness, wanting to control her body and prevent her from releasing the ability.

At this moment, I was aware that the loss on the battlefield was serious, and the gray ash started the skill again.

A dark figure came from the void, revealing a long-haired, short-haired, hairless body.

It is a cat-made cat warrior from the source species plan, each of which is extremely strong and capable, and each one is completely destroyed by ash and completely controlled.

As the twenty super-powered cats descended from the sky, the tyrannical energy broke out from them, and the 20 deadly super-abilitys went all the way to the Scorpio, and she was completely suppressed.

And the eyes of Maggie who saw this scene lit up: “I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

The eyes of Scorpio instantly illuminate the blazing light, and the next moment the amazing suction broke out from her body, instantly turning into an endless darkness, like a black hole, the gray ash in front of the eyes, the cats of twenty cats And the entire claw of the neutron star is shrouded.

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