Am I A God? Chapter 1075

The eruption of the Scorpio into a black hole is almost a moment of effort. It is such a moment of hard work that the black hole has disappeared and left nothing.

The 20 made by the source species is only cat-made cats, gray, gray, and the neutron star’s cat claws have all disappeared.

Suddenly lost a claw, the neutron star roared, the wind became a shock wave, and the large piece of the ground was leveled.

Zhao Yao also quickly looked up and saw the direction of the black hole disappearing. Just in the moment, he also felt the ultimate danger.

“what happened?”

At the same time, the entire battlefield has changed, and the soldiers of Chang Maozong rushed to the neutron star one by one.

“Gray is dead!”

“kill them!”

“The neutron star is also seriously injured!”

“For long hair!”

Zhao Yao was surprised to see hundreds of mechs soldiers lead the team, followed by hundreds of thousands of mechanical warriors, like a locust rushed to the neutron star, and then fell under the force of the neutron star attack.

β€œGray is so dead?” Zhao Yao is unbelievable.

At the same time, Maggie in the command room stood up with excitement: “Frozen! Go full-scale! Give me all the time.”

As a saying, a metal armor was covered and extended directly from his body. He also had to wear a mech to fight.

The scorpio blew himself to death, the gray ash was unclear, 20 only cats made cats fly away, and the long Maozong was like a rainbow, the leader of the maisqi also took the battle, the situation on the battlefield suddenly on the short Maozong, no Maozong Extremely unfavorable.

At this moment, Zhao Yao’s mind remembered the sound of snow, and the voice of the other party was very weak. Obviously, it was consumed in the recent war.

“Zhao Yao, what happened to you? Did you steal the 1003 information?”

Zhao Yao thought about the girl in her stomach pocket, and she didn’t know what to do.

The snow on the other side has already said: “Forget it, there is no time to say this now, someone will contact you in the future.

You hurry to escape, oh… This battle is a long-haired sect, and I hope that short Mao Zong and Wu Mao Zong can come up with countermeasures. ”

Said, the other party’s voice has disappeared, and a golden light flashed in the sky, they saw Maggie’s whole body wearing a mech, golden glitter, grabbed it, it flashed a golden sword across a thousand miles A sword smashed on the body of the neutron star, leaving a scar like a deep valley on the other’s back.

At the same time, Maggie himself was also shot hundreds of kilometers away by the neutron star.

Watching more and more machine soldiers rushing up, there are hundreds of strong people wandering around, Maggie stunned, the neutron star roared, and the war retreated, and the last great consciousness suddenly appeared, will be long Maozong The strongman of one side temporarily retreats.

Then the seriously injured gray ash shouted at the neutron star: “Come on.”

The gray ash has just been hit hard by the scorpion’s self-destruction. Although it has been resurrected by relying on the detachment of the city of dreams, I am afraid that it will be difficult to recover in a few years.

The neutron star took the initiative, regardless of the cat slaves who did not keep up, with the help of the gray ash to resist the moment, with the residual strength to jump back together.

“Catch!” Maggies ecstatically said: “Get rid of it!”

At the moment when they were fighting and retreating, Zhao Yao followed another trail, and smashed a few long-haired cats.

In addition to the previous results, a total of 40 only alien cats, for Zhao Yao to gain 80 million experience value, is the biggest winner of this battle.

Then he had no time to re-enter the end of the battlefield, first returned to the pocket of the yuan, but there is a little girl and 40 only an alien cat waiting for him to deal with.

Once it is not handled well, it is a huge bomb, and the whole earth may be finished.


Back in the stomach pocket, Zhao Yao couldn’t wait to look at the BOOK again.

BOOK: Lv8 (855817/100000)

“Developed, developed, and the experience value of 850,000 is how to spend it.”

Zhao Yao shook his head and now pressed the excitement in his heart and looked at the Diyuan stomach bag. A super cat and Bai Quan and Zhao Xue all looked at him.

At the same time, forty foreign cats lying on the ground were all brought to the game machine, and consciousness entered the world of seals.

Because there were too many alien cats coming in at once, Elizabeth and Diana had no time to transfer them, only to bring them the game console on the spot.

Seeing the alien cats on the ground, looking at the numbers on their heads ranging from LV60 to LV69, Zhao Yao calmed down.

He looked at the little girl who had been robbed from the lab on the other side and was still accepting the doll’s examination without any worry.

‘The main trouble now is that this 40 is only an alien cat. ‘

‘With the current strength of the seal world, it is no problem to suppress a few extra-strength alien cats. Forty such alien cats are absolutely impossible to suppress. ‘

‘I want to find a way to suppress them all in the world of seals to play games. ‘

Want to think about it, Zhao Yao looked at the alien cats on the ground, first added the BUFF of the Dragon Slayer to the long-haired cat, and then looked at a hairless singer with clear signs, going up to the other’s head. A fight.

Seeing the appearance of Zhao Yao’s violent hairless cat, the super-powered cats on the side are secretly afraid, and the heart sounds in private.

“I rely on, Zhao Yao is getting scarier.”

“Cat abuse, naked cat abuse.”

On the other side, Zhao Yao was reluctant to think of a way. He looked at the only short-haired super-cat that was caught this time.

This time, the gray ash and the neutron star besieged the chaotic fortress. There are only three super cats in the short Maozong. In addition to the gray ash, the other two are his brothers.

In front of this short-haired cat caught by Zhao Yao is LV67, but the gray-skinned brother is white.

“This guy must know other information about the country of consciousness. If it can be dug up, it will raise the upper limit of the seal world.”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao went directly into the other’s dream and began to interrogate the other party.

At this moment, the white dragon was sealed with a super-ability by the Dragon Slayer. In addition to wisdom, it is just as harmless as an ordinary kitten.

Zhao Yao played a little bit in the dream, and let the other party tell the relevant information about the country of consciousness.

However, because he is not a super-cat at the Son level, he does not know all the information about the country of consciousness.

“Dream proliferation, dimensional transformation, virtual reality and the related information of the spiritual energy that I originally knew, now only the technical information of the final rules of mind, my country of consciousness is complete.”

“The requirements of the first four technologies together need LV55 or above. Fortunately, I still have the ultra-ability borrowed from the gray ash. But it seems that I want to upgrade to the country of perfect consciousness, and I will have more consciousness. High requirements, but I should be enough when I get there.”

However, although the final corner is still missing, the current information is enough for Zhao Yao to upgrade the seal world and then use it to suppress the alien cats.

After a hurry, the alien cats were once again supplemented with the Dragon Slayer, and then the Maos without the Mao Zong were caught one by one to make up the stun BUFF. Zhao Yao planned to enter the seal world and began to upgrade.

The next moment, hundreds of millions of players around the world were kicked out of the world of seals, and the time flow of the entire world of seals increased rapidly.

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