Am I A God? Chapter 1076

In the world of seals, Gaia is screaming with Ricecake.

I saw that Gaia, who was covered in gold glittering Luster, slammed out a paw, and a wolf-shaped BOSS was finally killed, directly exploding a large beach prop.

Ricecake took a sigh of relief: “I was finally killed. The blood of this BOSS is so thick that it is hard to fight.”

Gaia nodded. “Well, let’s go to the copy of the snow mountain. I haven’t brushed it yet.”

โ€œAh?โ€ Ricecake hesitated: โ€œI havenโ€™t finished my homework today.โ€

โ€œWhat kind of homework is important, and itโ€™s important to have a copy of the job.โ€ Gaia said seriously: โ€œAs a professional player, you need to know how to give up your homework when necessary.โ€

Ricecake hesitated: “But Cheese knows that he will be angry. If the teacher tells Zhao Yao, Zhao Yao will marry me again.”

“He will let him play, you play your game.” Gaia said: “As a professional player, you must learn to use other people’s contempt, disdain, criticism, and cold night as the driving force to continue the game.”

Ricecake sighed: “Professional players are hard to do.”

At this moment, the two cats were black in front of their eyes and found themselves out of the game and returned to the real world.

“Rely! How to drop the line!” Gaia immediately panicked, as if the fish were away from the water: “What broke the network! Who is downloading?!”

Ricecake was also surprised: “I am also offline!”

“Can’t you go up?” Gaia looked at the Internet and immediately became angry: “Is it updated now? Is there any mistake? There is no notice, just kick the player offline! Update our players as something!”

“Complaint! I want to complain! I am going to the Consumers Association to complain about the game company!”

Ricecake sighed: “It’s useless, this is the game of Zhao Yao, who can manage it.”

At the same time, the entire website of the entire seal world has been overturned, and Gaia and Ricecake have also made a few words on the official website.

The more the two cats think about it, the more angry they are. At this moment, the official website sent another notice.

Ricecake surprised: “After the announcement, Zhao Yao apologized!”

“What is the use of an apology!” Gaia said angrily: “He is not the first time to apologize! Not adding the content of the enhanced equipment, adding the mall props, adding the resurrection coin, adding … completely the player The idiot is as humiliating! I am going to open the trumpet to his microblog to spray him, and spray it to him to ban comments.”

Ricecake: “But there is compensation!”

“What is the use of compensation! Compensation can’t make up for my dignity. What I want is the joy of playing games, not diamonds!”

“100 drill!”

“What? 100 drill? When can I update?”


In the seal world, Zhao Yao looked at the feedback from the players and nodded: “Yes, one hundred diamonds are enough to appease these dog players.”

Then he looked at some feedback on the online media, shook his head and sent a message to Baiquan to help him solve the negative effects.

Next, the world of seals will be upgraded. The maximum number of people will break through again. How many Zhao Yao has not yet completed the content of the materials, it is not easy to estimate, but eliminate the negative effects and let more people play this game. Zhao Yao The goal.

‘Compared with scientific research, military support, and more games, it is helpful for the future interstellar position of the Earth. ‘

Then he taught the points of the guardian alien cats to Baiquan. After all the things were arranged, Zhao Yao completely began the acceleration of the seal world.

The world of seals soon reached the dream for dozens of hours, and the outside world passed the state of a second, quickly learning the new content of the country of consciousness, and then began to upgrade the entire world of seals.

While Zhao Yao was studying hard, among the distressed stomach bags, Bai Quan, Pharaoh and Zhao Xue still stayed here, guarding the forty alien cats on the ground.

Bai Quan looked at the information sent by Zhao Yao and frowned slightly. Zhao Xue asked nervously: “How? Does my brother say how to deal with these alien cats?”

This is the first time Zhao Xue has dealt with alien cats. The stimulus is stimulating. The tension is also very tense. There are even some blanks in his head. From time to time, he jumps out of some messy thoughts.

‘I rely on… I thought my brother told me to come over and chat casually… I didn’t wear my underwear and went out… How suddenly I met something like an alien cat. ‘

‘How does this alien cat look strange… I donโ€™t know if they love to suck catmint…’

When I heard Zhao Xueโ€™s problem, Bai Quan said something strange and hesitant: โ€œWell… the boss said that they are waking up… just stunned…โ€

“What!” Zhao Xue grabbed his head and looked mad: “What is the direct stun? Just this is an alien cat! It’s so easy to deal with it? And the alien cat, my brother does this. Will it not cause interstellar disputes? Will aliens come directly?!”

โ€œCan aliens have a cosmic animal protection organization? Our planet will not be considered a cat-bird planet? Will it be hacked?โ€

“What did he do with his brother? If you don’t explain it clearly, go away! Also directly stun? It’s too rough!!”

Bai Quan: “Well, he sent a message again.”

Zhao Xue: “I will say, is there any other way?”

Bai Quan said something subtly: “He said that you can fight in the dead without hair, and be careful when you grow your hair, don’t kill.”

“Rely!” Zhao Xue was angry and eagerly said: “What is this? Said is equal to not saying, what if these alien cats do not faint? God knows what super-ability they have!Zhao Yao, why not with us? Say it!”

On the other side, Pharaoh squatted in front of a long-haired cat, stretched out the meat pad, stroked the other’s body, and his throat rushed. He said slowly: “Zhao Xue, don’t worry, you are too nervous now. โ€

Pharaoh’s voice seemed to have a strange magic, so that Zhao Xue felt his heart gradually settled down.

Pharaoh then touched the head of the long-haired cat at the foot: “Ideological things, I have studied it recently, although I still don’t know his principles and the so-called high-dimensional structure, but after all, I still need to rely on this thing. The brain.”

During the conversation, Pharaoh had already pointed at the head of the long-haired cat.

Pharaoh, who has already figured out the physical structure and strength of the other side, cleverly swayed the other’s brain without lethality, causing the other party to fall into a deep coma, and the consciousness became scattered, making it difficult to wake up.

Just then, a long-haired cat on the side speeded up and his heart beats stronger. It seems that there is a sign of waking up. Pharaoh flashes to the other side of the body, and gently hits the other personโ€™s head with a single blow. I fainted.

“Just do what Zhao Yao said.” He snorted and said: “There is such a stun in the first place. Since Zhao Yao said yes, it should be verified.”

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