Am I A God? Chapter 1077

Zhao Xue and Pharaoh look at the alien cats together, and Bai Quan is dealing with the negative news of the seal world.

Seeing his constant phone call, Mocha jumped on his shoulder and screamed. After a while, he said on his mobile phone: “White Spring Baiquan, let me help, these little things will be handed over to me.”

โ€œAh?โ€ Bai Quan said with some confidence: โ€œThe boss valued this piece…โ€

“Don’t you worry about me?” Mocha hurriedly said: “I really want to help, I have been studying every day, and I am very promising.”

Bai Quan said helplessly: “The part of your Weibo is handed over to you, contact the big V, let them delete the comments, the price can be talked, but don’t spend too much money…”

Upon hearing the urge from Bai Quan, Mochaโ€™s face was shocked: ‘Itโ€™s too dark, what am I going to do is such a dark thing? The human world is really deep in water. ‘

He patted his chest and said: “Do not worry, Bai Quan, give it to me, I must spend the least money, do the best thing.”

Bai Quan did not feel comfortable watching Mocha leave, thought about it, sent a message to the tea, let him look at his father.

Mocha on the other side is full of confidence to take out the phone and contact the old man: “Hey? Old? There are a few people who are very disobedient, dare to black Zhao on the microblog, filthy Zhao Yao’s game, Zhao Yao Very unhappy, you go grab them and let them delete the speech.”

“Too far? Not in Jianghai, can’t you catch it?”

“What’s the point, I will help you reimburse your ticket.”

โ€œZhao Yao is very dissatisfied and very unhappy. He feels that his industry has not received the attention of the government…โ€

After a long while, Mocha smugly put away the mobile phone: “Hey, I can solve the problem without spending a penny. I really want to be a business wizard. Hey, the industry of Cat Le Street and the seal world will be handed over to me. Take care of it, it is already the first in the world.”

And just after more than half an hour of busy people, Zhao Yao in the seal world has also completed the upgrade.

In the crazy accelerated dream, he stayed here for nearly ten years, and repeatedly studied and verified the technical materials of all the countries of consciousness, and then upgraded the seal world.

‘In the current world of seals, the number of online users that can be accommodated is about 12 billion, which should be enough to suppress those alien cats. ‘

12 billion people may not be the opponents of 40 alien cats in the real world, but they can be suppressed by bringing their power together through the country of consciousness.

Especially after these alien cats enter the world of seals, their own power will become part of the seal world and enhance the world of seals.

Then Zhao Yao once again opened the world of seals, returned to the material world, ordered a comprehensive promotion game, and quickly increased the number of online users in the seal world.

Zhao Yao touched his chin and said in his heart: “How is the promotion game the fastest? Of course it is money and swearing!”

“Give me an announcement! All new players in the seal world can participate in the lucky draw. The first prize can be like I ask for a request. The second prize has the chance to have dinner with me. The third prize has my signature photo…”

“In the next ten days, the money in the game can be exchanged for cash, and our cash will be thrown out. After the completion, the proportions will help me calculate how to promote the effect.”

“Don’t worry about losing money, I will let people pay for it again. Anyway, how to attract new users will come soon. Even if it owes a trillion, it will be fine if the company goes bankrupt. I see who dares to collect debts!!”

“Hey? President? I am Zhao Yao, I want to borrow $3 trillion…”

“What is going to be a meeting? What is it going to be? My name is Zhao Yao. Isn’t it worth the money? You don’t give me the approval, I will go to see you in Pu’er…”

“What do you mean? Do you think I will not pay back? Do you look down on me? Do you know that the earth is all saved by me? What is the protection fee?”

“Old? I am Zhao Yao, I want to save the earth now, but also to develop military armies to send the Milky Way, it will take hundreds of billions. If you call me now, wait for me to rule the Milky Way, seal you as the Earth Chief… What a joke? I said really!! By!”

“I tell you what old, you almost missed the biggest opportunity in life, now I will give you another chance… I rely on… I said that he is not threatening the government! When do I say that I want to bomb… …”

“Hey? The global insurance group is right, I just ask you about this accident insurance. If you are resurrected after you die, do you want to refund the money?”

“Lafayette, I also know that your royal family is not easy, but now it is not in the same boat to protect the earth? And I am not borrowing money and not paying back… relying on, there is no end to the old woman! I told you, I am in a hurry. I have to call a few guys in the EU for a while. You donโ€™t have the money here, and the earth may not be in minutes…”

“I am not saying that I want to destroy the earth! I am trying to stop the alien cat from destroying the earth… This is right, I am waiting for your good news… um… now give the call to the Prime Minister, I want to be with her. Discuss the things that Jianghai invested in…”

“No, women on your side must be able to go online… I am in charge of the tradition of your wool. You have been in charge of the tradition from now on… then BB I have demolished all the buildings in your country more than three meters… um… …this is right…”

“Hey? XXX, you should have heard the news.

You look up at the moon now, see the Zhao character, right? Nothing, you can see it on the balcony. I deliberately went to the moon. I wrote it very well. You can definitely see it… um… oh, itโ€™s polite, itโ€™s just lettering, itโ€™s nothing. The ability to use.

Itโ€™s like this, Iโ€™ve been a little tight recently…โ€

After playing a large circle of calls, Zhao Yao quickly raised a large sum of money with a wide range of ‘people’ and excellent ‘reputation’, which can be used in games to quickly promote the game.

And this also opened a global green channel for his next promotion game.

Just halfway through when he said it, a super-hairless cat with a hairless tremor shivered a little, and the eyelids seemed to have a feeling of being opened.

But the next moment, with the passage of time and timeout, he has fainted again.

Zhao Yao looked at the other side of the other side, the green and swollen head, and quickly urged the game company to seize the time to publicize.

‘Hurry up, time, how can I feel that I am killed by these hairless cats? ‘

Then with Zhao Yao’s series of efforts, the publicity of the seal world immediately became the hottest news in the world.

Originally, the world of seals was limited by 100 million people, and there were a large number of players in the queue. Now, as the number of people has increased to 12 billion, the number of online users has grown rapidly.

Almost every country in the world is promoting, and with the crazy money-saving activities, the number of online games in the world of seals is almost as rapid as the rocket.

As the number of people rose, Zhao Yao also connected the alien cats’ consciousness one by one to the game, and suppressed them by the power of the seal world.

Of course, with the activities of Zhao Yao, the entire planet is flowing in a dark and influential.

One of them is that countless aerospace projects have been invested a lot of money.

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