Am I A God? Chapter 1078

In the meantime, 40 super-powered cats were sent to the world of seals to play the game and suppressed. Zhao Yao, who had done all this, finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at forty super cats to explore in the world of seals, Zhao Yao smiled.

In the decade of acceleration, he has written a large number of features in the world of seals to monitor alien cats, constantly detecting the conscious life in the seal world.

“Diana, Elizabeth, Ekaterina, the management of the seal world, will be handed over to you later, remember, always keep an eye on these alien cats, don’t let them escape the world of seals.”

The three ragdoll nodded and looked awkward. During this time, Zhao Yao’s Enwei and Shi, the strong connections and the wealthy ability, they all admire them to death, and the three of them are now more admired by Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao told the three ragdoll jobs, and then looked at the BOOK at the moment.

With the addition of forty LV60-LV69 high-level alien cats, the efficiency of collecting evolution on BOOK is almost a dozen times faster.

The evolution of LV25Pharaoh is increasing at a rate that is visible to the naked eye. Zhao Yao estimates that Pharaoh will be upgraded for a maximum of half a day.

β€œGood.” Zhao Yao smiled and returned to the material world, soaked himself into the steelmaking furnace, and then tempered his body all the time with Quick Regeneration and exerciseability.

Then I was conscious of accessing the world of seals and began to let Pharaoh hang up and watch BOOK start to smirk.

“Hey, the experience value of 850,000, I have to plan how to use it…”


Just hang up on Zhao Yao while thinking about how much experience value is most effective.

On Cat Le City in Cat Le Street, the fur resembling Mocha slowly climbed out of the window and threw it to the ground.

Looking at the free sky outside, he left no tears.

“I finally came out, my hair finally escaped!!!”

During this time, because Zhao Yao and his men were too busy, it reduced the supervision of Cat City and allowed Mao to find a chance to escape.

The aunt of the cat was shouting: “Boss! Don’t force it, hurry up! They may catch up when they come.”

Mao Mao nodded and immediately ran back to the base of their grass gang with the cat.

But after returning to the stronghold, I saw a scene that surprised them.

An orange cat that looks very similar to the fur has occupied his original position and became the new owner of the grass gang.

“What? What is this? This guy is Mocha?” Mao Mao observed in the dark: “No, not Mocha, not milk tea, not even latte… Mom, isn’t the orange cat without a cat right? I am almost the same.”

The orange cat suddenly looked over: “Who!”

After a few minutes, he was beaten, and the hairy hair that had fallen off his hair ran out in anger.

“Damn! I have to go back and look for Zhao Yao to give me a head!”

Huahua adjutant said: “But Zhao Yao will know that we sneak out.”

The more Mao Mao wants to get angry, the early he knows that he is still being beaten, he can’t get out of it, how can he meet the cat that looks like him.

The cat deputy hesitated: “Boss, do you want us… or go back?”

“You look at the cat music city to eat and pack, and human beings lick our stinky feet every day, and don’t have to fight for something, but it’s okay.”


On the other side, Zhao Yao, who is hanging up and thinking about life, received the latest news from the doll.

“Zhao Yao, the little girl I checked briefly, the problem is very big.”

β€œOh?” As soon as he mentioned the little girl found in the Chaos Fortress, Zhao Yao immediately got the spirit: β€œWhat?”

When the doll and Zhao Yao opened the video connection, they saw the video, the little girl floated in a large tank of liquid, and the sound of the doll came from the side.

“Is this little girl made by an alien cat?” The doll said: “They are really… terrible, terrible in all senses.”

“The little girl’s body is completely different from that of ordinary humans. No matter the strength of the body, the physical energy is far superior to that of ordinary humans. And she borrowed from Lucifer’s superability until now, knowing that it has already exceeded 24 hours. There is no sign of return at all, and I suspect she can even hold this superability forever.

Moreover, her metabolism is extremely fast, and she consumes a lot of energy every second, so I put her in the nutrient solution, but even so, her life expectancy is very short. ”

β€œHow long will life be?” Zhao Yao frowned and looked at the little girl who was still in the nutrient solution, like a doll, and then asked, β€œWhat else?”

“The second is her mental state.” The doll said: “I don’t know how they did it, but at least the little girl’s own brain structure is not a problem, but she basically does not respond to the outside stimulation, which is very strange. “”

“For the sake of reason, an experimental creature like her who has never seen the world should be very curious about the outside world, or very afraid, but she has no such reaction at all. The only possibility I can think of is consciousness or psychology. The problem is.”

“Unfortunately, the time is too short… According to her current metabolic rate, I am afraid that it will be a week at most… I will die.”

Listening to the sigh of the doll, Zhao Yao looked at the little girl in the video and said quietly: “The next time, do you need her to cooperate with your research?”

The doll said: “I have already taken blood, took enough samples, and honestly… with my current technology, I am not qualified to study her.

And the survival time of the week, instead of studying her, I think it would be better to try to communicate with her and see if she can get some information directly from her mouth. ”

β€œCommunicating…” Zhao Yao nodded. β€œWhat do you think?”

The robot cat walked up to the little girl and looked at the other’s head and said: “Maybe you can find a way to trigger her curiosity… otherwise I will never be indifferent to everything, I am afraid I can’t communicate.”

After more than ten minutes, Mocha’s head was tied to a mobile phone and walked into the doll’s lab.

I saw that the cell phone tied to his head was driving a video communication, which is what Zhao Yao looks like in the world of seals.

Because the body needs a steel-making furnace to hang up, BOOK needs to seal the world to hang up, so Zhao Yao hangs up while letting Mocha take the phone to find the little girl.

Mocha walked over to the living room and looked at the other person and said, “Hey, chick! Zhao Yao is coming to see you!”

The little girl turned her gaze to Mocha, but her eyes were empty and there seemed to be no emotions.

Zhao Yao thought about it and said, “Mocha, let me show you a few vibrating sand sculpture videos, I know you are down.”

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