Am I A God? Chapter 1079

Mocha turned on the vibrato on the phone and took a few videos to see the little girl.

Zhao Yao: ‘Can it attract her attention? ‘

Mocha watched the little girl staring at the phone, but her expression didn’t change at all. She screamed and replied to Zhao Yao with a mobile phone: “No, Zhao Yao, no response at all.”

“Try another cartoon.”

β€œWhat about variety shows?”

β€œWhat about sand sculptures? Put out your collection of sand sculptures and show them to her.”

Mocha: “How can I collect sand sculptures!”

“Isn’t it just a bunch in your emoticon? Come on…”

However, after trying for a long time, the little girl in front of me still had no slight reaction. Watching Mocha and the mobile phone is like watching the air, making them feel helpless.

“It seems that the ordinary method is useless.”

Zhao Yao thought about it and said, “Let the doll give her a chance to use the game console. Maybe she will communicate better in her dreams.”

After a while, the little girl entered the world of seals, but she just saw Zhao Yao in the seal world, and she was once again dragged into dreams by Zhao Yao and pulled into her dreams.

‘Let you play freely and see what you want in your heart…’

Zhao Yao enters the other’s dreams and feels a darkness. When he thinks that the little girl’s head is really blank, the light shines.

Countless living warehouses were stacked one on another, and countless little girls floated in one, closed their eyes and looked serene.

Zhao Yao’s white-haired girl looked at the scene in front of her eyes. She smiled a little at the corner of her mouth. She jumped into the living room of the highest place and drilled straight into it. She held her legs and firmly Hold tight, close your eyes with a serene face.

Zhao Yao, who saw this scene, secretly said: ‘I still like the original laboratory environment? Is it because of fear or not adapting to a strange environment? ‘

‘As a life, she will not be curious, will not yearn for freedom? ‘

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao first accelerated the time of this dream, otherwise the other party had only seven days of life.

In the dream, on the one hand, it is to communicate more harmoniously with each other. On the one hand, Zhao Yao wants to accelerate the time in the dream to extend the life of the other party in disguise.

Just then, different voices came from under the feet.

I saw two cats walking while checking the little girl in the can.

Zhao Yao’s eyes lit up: β€œYes, although she is not willing to communicate, she has almost no emotions, but in her dreams, she shows the perfect laboratory in her memory, including various characters and dialogues. The information I could have received from her mouth is just that.”

On the other side, the content of the two long-haired cat conversations has been introduced into Zhao Yao’s ears.

A Black Cat said: “Is 1003 already activated?”

Another white cat said: “It’s still too reluctant. With the above usage, it will be scrapped for up to one month. It is better to continue to study for us.”

Zhao Yao stood beside the two and touched his chin: “I can understand it directly? No, it is in this dream, it expresses the meaning of the words, not the real voice. If you say so, this small Is the girl able to understand the long-haired cat?”

On the other side, one black and white two long-haired cats are picked up all the way. Every time they go to the first floor, they will check the situation of the layer through the monitoring screen. After confirming that there is no problem, they will continue to go up.

Black Cat said while checking: “The burden is still too big, and this batch may not last long. We have not been able to master the key to synthetic technology.”

During the speech, one black and white two long-haired cats have disappeared slowly.

A moment later, a group of long-haired cats appeared in front of the white-haired little girl and seemed to be observing and discussing.

“How is the situation with 1002?”

“The signs are stable, the situation after the synthesis is very good, the consciousness has been completely blocked, and there is no need to worry about the recurrence of 1001.”

“Then prepare to apply for the next step, the blood of God is not much, I hope it will be too late.”

Zhao Yao looked at the movements of a group of people and said in his heart: “What is the blood of God? What kind of things can be called for the races of the long hairs that can cross the interstellar, colonial aliens… For God?”

But the people in front of him didn’t say him again. After they paused for a while, they disappeared into the dream again like a mist.

At the same time, footsteps came from above.

Zhao Yao’s figure has moved in the direction of the sound.

On a huge operating table, a meat ball swells and contracts, as if it were breathing a heartbeat.

A few long-haired cats surround the operating table with an excited smile on their faces.

“Success, the blood of God is running.”

“The heart skips fast! The organs begin to fail… No, the burden is too great!”

“There was a rejection reaction, he was eating her!”

Several long-haired cats panicked and began to operate the operating table. Some strange instruments were inserted into the meatballs. The whole meat group trembled violently, and countless blood oozing out from it.

With the screams of several long-haired cats, the cats and operating tables in front of them are once again dissipated like smoke.

Zhao Yao frowned, and speculated: “These little girls, is Chang Maozong transformed by something called ‘the blood of God’? It sounds like they haven’t mastered this blood of God. ‘What is this in the end?”

“According to the previous statement, the reason why the little girl is so autistic is because she has been blocked from consciousness. How is this blocked?”

Just then, the voice of the quarrel came from the top.

“Failed, 1002’s life has gone to exhaustion, she can’t live for a long time.”

“So we need to make the final effort! Untie her conscious blockade, maybe she still has a chance to survive!”

“Do you know what you are talking about? Have you forgotten how much damage caused by 1001’s runaway? Humans can’t enter this lab, and they can’t manipulate any related forces. This is the difference between human cats and the bottom line.”


β€œNo, her body is still an important asset to us before it dies.”

Zhao Yao passed through the figure of the quarrel and came to the top of the dream. He soon felt a strange force surging in front of him, so that he could not continue to go deeper.

β€œIs it a blockade of consciousness? Is this the power in front of you?” Zhao Yao’s eyes lit up slightly: β€œDid she deliberately guide me to help her? But why doesn’t she say it directly?”

“Dream is the embodiment of the subconscious. Is the so-called conscious blockade blocking the consciousness into the subconscious and unable to manipulate its own body? So he guides me in the dream?”

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