Am I A God? Chapter 1080

Feeling the power that blocked his consciousness deep in front of his eyes, Zhao Yao waved the consciousness of LV60 and turned it into a white dragon.

However, after shooting more than a dozen white dragons in a row, all of them were blocked by the power in front of them, and they were almost useless.

“Good defense.” Zhao Yao said in his heart: “Is it the power of the strong man with spiritual ability in Chang Mao Zong? It is used to isolate the connection between the consciousness and the physical body of the little girl. The so-called conscious blockade is an isolation consciousness. What about the lock…”

During the thought, Zhao Yao’s eyes exploded with amazing white light, and the consciousness of LV60 once again condensed into hundreds of frost dragons, and shot at the front of the consciousness.

In the indiscriminate bombing, the whole dream began to shake, and it seemed to collapse at any time and place. Zhao Yao looked at his eyes and remained calm, without any sense of damage, stopped the next attack.

“If this bombardment continues, I am afraid that her consciousness will be seriously damaged.”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao took the dream of this dream and returned to the world of seals, holding down the little girl’s head.

The next moment, the heavens and the earth surged, and countless forces in the void were blessed to Zhao Yao.

At this moment, Zhao Yao borrowed the power of the seal world to break the lock of consciousness in the little girl.

With the seal world of 12 billion online players, the power at this moment is almost stronger than that of the gray-graded son, but it can only be used inside this dream and cannot be used to attack the outside world.

Now Zhao Yao borrows this force and directly injects it into the interior of the little girl. It almost melts in the snow and ice, instantly crushing the lock of consciousness in the other’s body, eliminating the situation of isolation inside and outside.

At the moment when the lock of consciousness was eliminated, Zhao Yao saw the little girl in front of her eyes round and stunned and left tears.

Zhao Yao said: “Hey? What are you doing now…”

“Ah!!!” The little girl in front of me slammed, then burst into tears, then cried and laughed, looking like a madman.

Zhao Yao sighed and watched her rushing back and forth in her dreams, crying and laughing, squatting on the ground from time to time, or sniffing on the ground, smelling the flowers and smelling the grass.

Zhao Yao said: “Can you understand me? When you are inside, don’t you even have five senses? Can you smell the outside?”

Watching the little girl pull out the wild grass in front of her and eat it, while chewing and flowing out of tears, her face is excited.

Zhao Yao sighed again: “Well, don’t eat, I will take you to a big meal in a while.”

However, the little girl in front did not respond to Zhao Yao at all, but continued to cry and laugh, running around the woods under the seal world, happily like a monkey.

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘I won’t be fooled. ‘

After half an hour, the little girl calmed down a bit and went to Zhao Yao: “I…I…”

“Yeah.” Zhao Yao looked at the little girl in front of her eyes and suddenly frowned: “Chinese? Do you want to talk to me?”

Looking at the appearance of the little girl’s fangs, Zhao Yao tried to use the consciousness to contact the other party, and wanted to directly exchange the consciousness, but found that he failed.

I couldn’t understand why, but I saw the little girl in front of me suddenly slammed up. From the perspective of the game manager of Zhao Yao, I was able to see that the other party had discovered the panel of the seal world and was surfing the Internet.

After a few minutes, the little girl quit the panel and looked at Zhao Yao and said, “I…I…I am Olivia!”

“Olivia?” Zhao Yao yelled: “Wait, you can speak Chinese? Don’t tell me that you just learned?”

“Yeah!” the little girl nodded seriously: “I am…very smart!”

Zhao Yao touched his chin and said, “Do you remember the old things?”

“Uh huh!” The little girl kept nodding and said, “I was caught by… after I was discovered… I caught it!”

“Is the Comrades of the Cat Leather Society coming to save me?”

“We…we…what have we won?”

“Well?” Zhao Yao looked at the little girl in front of her eyes and thought quickly: “She is the person of the cat leather society? Did she treat me as a cat leather club?”

The little girl looked at Zhao Yao with all her expectation: “I just used…that…that…”

Zhao Yao: “Network.”

“Right right… use this network to see… everyone is very happy, super cats don’t bully people…so…so…” she said and cried out again: “We win What?”

Zhao Yao went over and said in the heart: “It’s not good to lie to the little girl… but it seems like it’s easier to lie…”

Zhao Yao: “Well, I won.”

Olivia laughed and sat on the floor with a relaxed face: “That’s great.”

Then Zhao Yao began to ask how the other party was caught. What I knew about the experiment, Olivia also said it one by one.

In fact, she was the deputy ally of the Cat Leather Society, and she was lurking in the long Maozong for a long time, responsible for various intelligence work of Chang Maozong.

And because of the disappearance of a large number of cat slaves, there may be secret human experiments in the core area, Olivia sneaked into the chaos fortress, hoping to investigate the truth behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, after being sneaked into the core area, and the progress of the experiment has been failed, Changmao Zong accidentally discovered Olivia’s excellent constitution, genes and talents, and used her as an experimental material, and even carried out a lot of copying and clone.

After finishing her own affairs, Olivia’s language became more and more fluid, and she looked at Zhao Yao and said, “Now is it a dream here? Can you take me out to see it? How is the human race now?”

Zhao Yao nodded, but didn’t take her out personally. After all, he still had to hang up in the world of seals.

Zhao Yao arranged Zhao Xue to take Olivia to the human world, and the doll was responsible for 24 hour monitoring, so that Zhao Yao could stay in the seal world to see Olivia.

Zhao Xue looked at the little girl beside her, and all kinds of thoughts in her heart kept coming up: ‘I rely on… want me to accompany her to go shopping? ‘

‘This guy is brought up by an alien from an alien? ‘

‘I rely on him, this is the first time that he has smashed something other than a sly cat.

‘The first time a woman came back, she married a minor alien girl… No…”

‘Or is this little girl his daughter? No way? ‘

‘I am going to be an aunt? ‘

Just as Zhao Xue’s mind was constantly shocked by his own thoughts, the two had already walked out of the Space Gate and came to Cat Le Street.

Seeing the bustling big sister in front of me, the little girl showed a shocked expression and then smiled gratifiedly: “Is the human race now so developed?”

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