Am I A God? Chapter 1081

“Hey? Here… can the super cat here touch it?”

“Hey!! Even the super dog has appeared? Can you live if you can eat it?! Great!”

“Everyone is obviously an ordinary human… Why… Why do super cats serve them?”

Walking in the cat city, the scene in front of her eyes subverted Olivia’s cognition, making her look amazing.

When they came to the cafeteria they hosted at midnight, the food in front of them also made her linger.

“This is delicious! What is this yellow and yellow?”

“Long live the salmon!”

“Long live the string!”

“Long live the claypot!”

Lying on the sofa satisfactorily, Olivia said with relief: “Now the Terran has invented so many delicious things. We used to eat with the super cats. They like to eat. Not very good…”

“Hey? Is there so much clothes?”

“These… can I wear these?”

“This is this… too exposed!”

Walking in the safari park, looking at the various animals in front of me, Olivia’s face is extremely complicated, mixed with gratification and hesitation.

“Now we… have become the old super cats?”

“Put the other animals in the cage…”

“This is greatโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Zhao Xue looked at Olivia on the side and always felt that there was an unclear vicissitudes on the other side.

In the next few days, Olivia let Zhao Xue accompany her to go shopping on the street during the day, return to Cat City in the evening, return to the seal world, and Zhao Yao tells her own experience. .

She likes to go to places where people are more lively. While eating and watching the crowd on the street, even if they don’t do anything, they seem to be very happy.

Zhao Xue sat next to her and looked at the street curiously. “Is it sitting here? Is it okay? I heard that you only have a few days of life?… Don’t you have to do something else?” ?”

Olivia shook her head and looked at the crowd on the street happily. She said slowly: “Looking at human beings can have such a carefree life, you don’t have to worry about survival, you don’t have to go to war, you won’t I was eaten and would not be killed casually… I am very happy.”

“You… don’t want to live more time? I heard my brother say that if you accelerate through time in a dream…”

Olivia shook her head, and her forehead appeared more obvious wrinkles: “The planet will die, Sunshine will go out, even if the universe has an end.”

Naturally, people can’t escape death, but before they die, they can see that what they have been insisting on has a result. Seeing the future of the human race is full of hope, I have been too much luck than the predecessors who sacrificed. โ€

“I really want to tell them about this result…”

Zhao Xue was surprised to find that Olivia was almost aging at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the wrinkles on her face slowly emerged, almost all of a sudden over ten years old.

“You!” Zhao Xue immediately sent the situation to Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao: “I know, this is normal. Her body will continue to accelerate aging… until she dies.”

Zhao Xue bit his lip and some of them couldnโ€™t bear to say: “Would you like to go back and rest?”

Olivia smiled and said: “I did feel a little tired, Zhao Xue, can you take me to the ‘school’ tomorrow? I saw on the Internet that all people can learn at ‘school’. Is everything that I want to learn is true?”

The next day, the two walked on the playground of Jianghai University. Olivia looked more and more aging, but looked at the college students walking around, showing a smile on his face.

“It’s a really good place. If the former human beings had to learn, they must be cats and slaves, and they must be recognized by the super cats…” Olivia looked at the row of college students in the library, and satisfied: “Now even ordinary people can read all kinds of knowledge at will?”

Zhao Xue swept a few guys who were playing mobile phones, and said helplessly: “Yeah, I can learn everything I want to learn now.”

“It’s good.” Olivia sighed: “You are much better than we did.” After that, she licked her forehead and squinted and said, “Can you contact Zhao Yao for me? I have something to say.” Said to him.”

Half an hour later, Olivia, who was like an old man, returned to Cat City and took the game console to prepare for the world of seals.

She held Mocha in her arms and kept licking Mocha’s head. Mocha said with anger: “Who is this old woman?! Why can you touch me without paying? Zhao Xue, do you care about her? Stayed in white for a few days!”

Olivia looked at Mocha and said, “I’m sorry, I have never touched the cat so touched. People and cats can live in peace like this… It’s unexpected.”

โ€œWell?โ€ Mocha jerked his head. โ€œCan you talk to me?โ€ But I saw Oliviaโ€™s eyes closed and her consciousness connected to the world of seals.


Sealing the world, above the endless fields, Zhao Yao looked at the slowly rising Olivia and said quietly: “Do you have something to look for?”

“I have seen your world…” Olivia said with emotion: “In the future, I can rest assured.”

Looking at the report about the physical condition of Olivia from the doll, Zhao Yao thought about it: “Actually…”

“You want to say that you are not a cat leather club? I already knew it.” Olivia smiled: “But you are also a human race, just the human race will do, even if it is not a cat leather, even a cat. The enemy of the meeting, even if you have destroyed the cat leather… as long as it is human.”

Zhao Yao groaned and said, “Itโ€™s not as bad as you think, itโ€™s not an enemy. Then I will just say it. In fact, I have a way to resurrect you, if you like.”

But the imaginary acceptance did not come, Olivia looked at Zhao Yao and waved his hand and said: “The future is no longer a person like me, let me rest.”


“No way…” Olivia explained: “I am going to be eaten by him. To be honest, it is really hard. I wanted to see more of your world, but I still can’t hold it… …”

Seeing what Zhao Yao still wants to say, Olivia pointed out, and a light spot slowly floated toward Zhao Yao.

“This is what I feel now.”

Zhao Yao glimpsed a little, touched the light spot and absorbed it. In an instant, the intense pain spread through his consciousness, and he almost fainted.

However, the pain is coming quickly, and it almost disappeared in a flash.

Zhao Yao looked at Olivia incredulously: “Have you been so hurt all the time? No, why is Quick Regeneration not working?”

“Do you mean the regenerative ability in my body?” Olivia said: “Because this is not an injury…”

Zhao Yao suddenly thought that the other side’s consciousness was blocked. When the body was only instincted, it almost returned to the laboratory’s living device.

Originally, he thought that this was the subconscious of Olivia who was deliberately guiding the dream and transmitting the information in the laboratory. But now, combined with the feelings just taken, things are not so simple.

“What do you mean by eating it?”

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