Am I A God? Chapter 1082

When I heard Zhao Yao’s question, Olivia’s eyes flashed a hint of fear: “It’s what they call the blood of God. I don’t know what the origin of this thing is.

But since this thing has been injected into my body, he has been consuming my body and even swallowing my consciousness…”

She looked at her palm and said softly: “Now, I am not really me.”

During the speech, Olivia couldn’t help but hug her head: “Long Maozong, opened the demon treasure that should not be opened. This stuff is not human, nor cat family, it is some more evil, more horrible, deeper. Something…” She slammed her eyes open, revealing a dark eye.

Seeing her appearance, Zhao Yao was also slightly surprised and said: “Is there no way to solve it? Is this some kind of parasitic power?”

“No, he spreads into the power of my body. I can feel it. It is only a trace of his tentacles. The so-called blood of God just provides a coordinate.”

Olivia: “I can feel that he is slowly swallowing me in a very distant place… I want to turn me into a part of him. Even if he is temporarily expelled, he can contact me again.”

Olivia slowly shook her head: “The means of Chang Maozong can’t stop it, it can only be delayed, and now we have no way.”

Olivia suddenly raised her head and said with a panic: “Have you heard it?”

Zhao Yao wondered: “What did you hear?”

“Speaking, just talking in my ear.” Olivia licked her ear and said with a crash: “Stop! Stop! Don’t shout! Don’t shout!”

Seeing Olivia’s appearance became more and more unstable, Zhao Yao frowned, and at this moment the doll sent a message: “Zhao Yao! Olivia’s situation is not right, you come out to see!”

Zhao Yao heard the direct disconnection of Olivia’s connection, and descended into the material world, but saw Olivia in the material world on the ground, a thick layer of fluff on the face and back of the hand. Her eyes widened, as if she were to stand out, her eyes turned into a pure black erect, and she looked at Zhao Yao.

Then he slammed into the desk and shivered and said: “Zhao Yao, don’t look at me, I’m fine…”

Zhao Yao’s brow wrinkled, and how Olivia just looked like it didn’t seem to be okay. Especially the sudden appearance of LV on the other’s head, Zhao Yao has a bad feeling.

To know that Lucifer’s superability was borrowed before, Olivia’s head has always been LV25.

Zhao Yao pulled out +13’s Dragon Sword, and walked slowly toward the desk: “Olivia? Are you okay?”

Olivia’s panicked voice came over: “I’m fine…Zhao Yao, don’t come over…” Her voice shone with a cry: “I beg you! I don’t want people to see what I am.”

Zhao Yao squeezed the Dragon Sword and went to the desk and said slowly: “Olivia, let me help you, you know that I have a lot of super cats, and there is always a possibility for your current situation. helpful.”

Olivia: “Zhao Yao, useless, let me hide silently, and then wait quietly for everything to end, I don’t want to be so painful…”

Zhao Yao slammed and stopped, and immediately reached the front of Olivia. The sight in front of him shocked his heart.

Then I saw that Olivia had a bunch of colorful hair under her body, and a lot of skin looked like it was rotten, showing a trace of blood and water dripping.

And Olivia’s cheeks have become more narrow and thin, and her nostrils are more exposed. It looks like a cat’s face and looks like a cat with a cat.

“How can it become like this.” Zhao Yao thought about it, or tried to kill more than a hundred knives in a row, cut off Olivia’s hair, and then stopped.


Among the distressed stomach bags, Mocha felt the time paused and was shocked: “Zhao Yao stopped when he started? Have you been fighting again?”

“What about Lucifer?”

“Where is Lucifer?”

He ran around in a static time, but he never found the trace of Lucifer’s existence until the end of the time.

“No way…” Mocha looked at Pharaoh, Ares, Bridget and Lightning, Caesar, thinking for about half a second, then holding ragdoll Caesar: “Little brother, not me deliberately against you, really It’s the few cats in the neighborhood, you’d better bully.”

Caesar: “???”

The next moment Mocha bite down, and then skillfully slammed into Caesar’s back, a crazy output, while outputting, while reducing the cooling of the stop.


On the other side, Olivia, who was cut by the Dragon Slayer, screamed and fell to the ground.

Zhao Yao sighed and took out her mobile phone and said to the doll: “Take Olivia away and check her for any problems.”

Just when Zhao Yao looked at the phone and contacted the doll.

Olivia fell to the ground and slowly opened her eyes. The corners of her mouth did not break open, revealing an exaggerated smile. The next moment the body suddenly burst, marking countless blood water shrouded Zhao Yao.

However, Zhao Yao at the moment, the physical quality has been abnormal, and after being tempered by the steelmaking furnace, it is breaking through the limit every day.

Almost the moment when Olivia burst, he had already reacted, and the exclusion of the field immediately shrouded the whole body, blocking the blood from the outside.

The blood hits the top of the repelling field and flows down from the heights to form a silhouette that looks like a person being crushed on the exclusion field.

Zhao Yao looked gloomy at the blood shadow on the exclusion field, and saw the shadow of the blood constantly twisting, forming a strange smile, which looked like the face of Olivia before.

I saw the cat face and said with a smile: “Zhao Yao, I said that I have no problem? I feel that I have become better, am I beautiful now?”

Zhao Yao’s exclusion of the field directly wrapped up the blood shadow, and said with a dignified face: “Olivia, you are sick.”

“Ill? No, I have never felt so good. Have you heard it?” Olivia said with great enthusiasm: “The voice of God! He is watching me, he is blessing me!”

The next moment, the black light illuminates from Olivia’s body. Zhao Yao feels a strong sense of threat, and the body flies back, almost a flash, and has already rushed out of the office.

And Olivia has turned into a black ball of light, and even with half of the office material, disappeared into the air together.

Zhao Yao looked at the position where Olivia disappeared. His face was dignified: “It is too much like the attack of Scorpio’s last self-destruction… What is the blood of God?”

Olivia’s body completely dissipated, and even the ashes did not leave a point, so that Zhao Yao could not resurrect her with the door of eternal life. After all, the resurrection of the Gate of Eternal Life also requires the body.

The strange state before Olivia’s death also made Zhao Yao feel a strong threat, so in the following days, Zhao Yao quietly exercised in the steel furnace, sealed the world to hang up, and digested the 850,000 that hand. Experience.

After this period of time, Zhao Yao has a plan for the method of experience value.

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