Am I A God? Chapter 1083

Zhao Yao During this time, the body of the body was subjected to the barbecue of the steelmaking furnace every day for 24 hours. The special effects of the steel body continued to play, and the physical strength of the steel was constantly enhanced. Up to now, the steelmaking furnace has been enhanced by the doll to 10,000. The high temperature can meet the balance of the destruction and regeneration of Zhao Yao’s body.

With the continuous increase of the physical strength, the exclusion field that can transmit the physical strength is also rising, whether it is used in output or defense, the effect is amazing.

“Based on the physical strength of exercise, Quick Regeneration and super-energy exemption boost the power, and the exclusion of the field and the physical complement each other increases the offensive and defensive capabilities.”

“With the addition of Space Gate, time stop, and the help of the Dragon Sword, it is the strongest way to fight.”

“If you want to continue to enhance, you will continue to enhance this combat mode and spend your experience on the cutting edge.”

Zhao Yao’s eyes looked at the monitoring module of the seal world, which is the situation of alien cats in the game.

“I use two kinds of super-ability at the same time at the same time, which is the biggest enhancement for me. On the contrary, Pharaoh exercise can continue to exist, and will not lose the compatibility compatibility of the power because of the switchability.”

“Speaking of compatible compatibility, of course, these alien cats, if they can enhance my body again through their superability…”

“I just don’t know if my current BOOK signing these alien cats, will it make a difference? If the signing is not convenient, use the cat prince dress to borrow their ability to exercise the body.”

But then Zhao Yao first spent 100,000 experience, upgraded BOOK to LV9, and then went to find an alien cat, but he found that he could not sign up to these alien cats. His BOOK seems to only sign cats on the planet.

‘Why can BOOK only sign cats on the planet? Is it because it was born on the earth together? But fortunately, the cat prince dress can be borrowed. ‘

Although it was a bit depressed, Zhao Yao quickly adjusted his mindset, and even if he only signed the cat on the earth, he also had a good choice.

“YuanYuan…or X.”

Since the alien cat can’t sign, then among the earth cats, Zhao Yao’s first choice is X. If you can have the ability to learn other people’s superability, then Zhao Yao’s combat power will be greatly enhanced.

Anyway, he has enough experience now, even if he is wrong.

Then Zhao Yao called YuanYuan, let the other bite himself, and then began to look at the BOOK description of YuanYuan in YuanYuan’s excited eyes.

YuanYuan looked at Zhao Yao in front of her eyes. She suddenly disappeared from the original decadence. She said excitedly: “Zhao Yao finally want to strengthen me? Finally wait until this day!”

X Fox said suspiciously: “What are you talking about?”

YuanYuan proudly said: “You don’t know, X? Why do you think Mocha, Elizabeth, Diana are getting stronger and stronger? It’s what Zhao Yao does! Every time Zhao Yao lets other super cats bite him. In the future, the super cat will become stronger!”

X: “Hey?”

“Ha ha ha ha, I want to become stronger, and then my YuanYuan super-evolution, embark on the peak, the era of cats in the world!”

The other side of Zhao Yao is the more skill, the more disappointing, he did not get the ultra-ability of X, and the still invisible YuanYuan is just the invisible after the enhanced version. Just looking forward to the SSR, the result is that the N card is the same, so that Zhao Yao feels that he is not very good luck today.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao is too lazy to strengthen: ‘Leave YuanYuan LV1 here, anyway, this ability is now enough. If it can’t be broken down…’

Upgrade BOOK, sign the ninth super cat, let Zhao Yao complete the task, get the experience value of 10000*2.

“In this case, the experience value is still used to enhance the cat prince dress. The previous two plans failed, just as a knife.” Zhao Yao thought about it, decided to use the experience value to strengthen it.

“After the strengthening of the cat prince’s dress, it can enhance the defense and physical strength. I will continue to strengthen it now.”

猫王子的礼服+7:防御力增强70%,体质增强40%,可吸收超ability +1,LV60级上限

Looking at the introduction of the cat prince’s dress, Zhao Yao first spent 100,000 experience value, and exchanged a blacksmith to ensure that the reinforcement failed, and then smashed a strengthening stone to the cat prince’s dress.

Strengthening success!

猫王子的礼服+8:防御力增强80%,体质增强50%,可吸收超ability +1,LV60级上限

Zhao Yao One hi, this is a good start.

So he continued to work hard, and he took another strengthening stone.

Strengthening failure!

Zhao Yao gave a sigh of relief and spent 100,000 experience on a strengthened hammer and then strengthened.

In this way, 700,000 experience points were exchanged to strengthen the hammer, and 10 was strengthened. The cat prince dress was picked up by Zhao Yao to +11. In the case of a basic attribute promotion, the upper limit of borrowing capability is raised to LV80.

猫王子的礼服+11:防御力增强110%,体质增强80%,可吸收超ability +1,LV80级上限。

Back to the real world, Zhao Yao felt the physical and defensive enhancement almost the first time.

When I came to Cat Island for a test, I saw that he blew a sigh of relief. It was like a gusty wind. It would directly scream the hunting of the woods not far away, and the branches and leaves trembled.

Then he lay back in the steelmaking furnace, and found that the 10,000-degree high-temperature steelmaking furnace could not continue to meet his training requirements, and quickly let the doll come over and improve.

‘Now the cat prince dress can borrow LV80 ultra-ability, just find the alien cats to borrow the capability. ‘

In a single breath, the experience value was almost spent. Zhao Yao then concentrated on the physical hang-up, BOOK hangs up, constantly tapping the potential and improving the combat power.

In the process, he also forced the gray-skinned brother ‘Bai Bai’ to lend the ultraability to himself, so that Zhao Yao possessed the consciousness of LV67 and replaced the original LV60 consciousness.

At the same time, he also used the cat prince dress to borrow the ability of the hairless Zongqiang cat, the blood of LV69 evolution.


And in Zhao Yao for half a month, he was constantly spending crazy, hanging up, and constantly increasing his combat power.

In a building in Jianghai City, several figures emerged from the void. Three men and two women looked at the bustling city in front of them, and consciousness began to communicate.

A young man with a knife on his face sneered: “Is this the planet where Yao Yao is? Hey, the humans here are really good. I really want to see how they struggle under the claws of the super cat. Look like.”

The green-haired woman who took the lead said: “Our goal this time is only Zhao Yao, don’t make extra money.”

“When you see him directly knocking down, the opponent is about to have the power of the Santa Claus super cat. The first side of the fight is to use the full force, don’t give him the chance to escape.”

The young man smiled and said: “Reassured, I can’t escape. I will first block the dimension of consciousness. I don’t know if it was stopped by Baiyueguang. How can such a person let him move freely?”

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