Am I A God? Chapter 1084

When I heard what the young man said, Nasha, who led the team, shook her head: “Don’t look down on him, he can get the gray and gray, and the qualification is absolutely not weak.”

“The qualifications are not weak.” The young man smiled and said: “He has left the short Maozong for so many days. The body has long had no super-reliability given by gray. How could it be our opponent?”

Nasha thought about it and felt that she might have thought about it. She just said, “In short, everything is careful. If you find the opportunity, you should try your best and don’t give him the chance to fight back.”

The cat warriors are doing lurking, spying, and assassination all the year round, and most of them face racial wars. Naturally, they don’t have too much self-respect and honor, so they come to Earth and take Zhao Yao. Naturally, it’s not necessary. Instead of confronting each other, I plan to ambush and sneak attack.

The next moment, the five people’s body undulating, layered metal armor spread on them, and soon wrapped their bodies completely.

This is the mech that the cat leather will develop on its own technology. It can also carry out the ability of Flight, stealth and mimic space to survive in the overall improvement of the quality of the equipment.

At this moment, the mech is deformed again, and it has entered an invisible state. Not to mention the naked eye. With the technological level of the earth, I am afraid that all equipment cannot detect their existence.

Equipped with the mech, the five people rushed to the sky, and the next moment they quickly crossed the city and flew in the direction of Cat Le Street.

These five people are the apostles from the Cat Religion Society. The purpose of this trip is to take away Zhao Yao and then assemble the Earth to turn it into a new stronghold for the Cat Leather Association.

After all, there are billions of human beings on the whole planet, countless apostles, super-powered cats, complete technology trees, and perfect infrastructure. This is a huge potential for war.

Many of the top executives of the Cat Leather Society believe that after the Earth has been compiled, it will greatly enhance the power of the Cat Leather Association in the next few years.

Although the members of the White Moonlight Department of the Cat Leather Association strongly opposed it, because of the sudden changes in the form of the three wars, they had to choose a compromise and integrate all the forces that could be integrated to ensure the interests of the Terran in the next storm.

The three men and two women headed by Shana came to the earth with this will.

They maintained an invisible state and went all the way to the cat city, but they never found the trace of Zhao Yao.

The face youth “Ray” said: “What to do? This guy is not there?”


Nasha, who had completed many assassination missions, was patient and squatted on the roof, keeping her invisible posture and starting the sleep mode of the mech.

At the same time, he said in the communication channel: “A little patience. According to our intelligence, here is his base camp. He is very concerned about the construction here. We will wait to ambush him here, he will come over.”

Others also nodded, ambushing invisibly with the strength of their top five masters, and Zhao Yao, even if it really borrowed the power of gray, was also hit hard in an instant, not to mention now.


Among the metal juices that are constantly rolling, a large amount of iron, carbon, aluminum, platinum and other metals continue to melt and boil, turning into a strand of metal gas.

Then the gas cools down, liquefies along the pipeline, and finally returns to the room.

At this moment, the steelmaking furnace where Zhao Yao is lying, or should not be called a steelmaking furnace.

The temperature inside is constantly hoisted by Zhao Yao, and the doll has been improved again and again. It has been transformed into a huge building more than ten meters high. Zhao Yao in the core area is almost always in the metal steam. Plasma gas is given to the package.

The temperature under his body has exceeded 15,000 degrees, almost every time he is suffering from the plasma flame.

Under the hot ion cluster, Zhao Yao’s figure could not be seen clearly. He opened his mouth slightly, swallowed a tens of thousands of degrees of metal gas, spit it out, and the flames were burning in his mouth.

However, the soon-to-be-damaged area began to regenerate and provided Zhao Yao with an amazing sense of coolness.

At the same time, cells in vitro and in vivo have undergone various evolutions, and the epidermis has become more resistant to heat and high temperatures, and even began to evolve organs that absorb heat.

The internal organs constantly tighten, twist, and change the structure to resist the invasion of hot gases and metal gases.

Bone, bone marrow, and osteoblasts all melted again and again with the warming of the surrounding area, and the calcium content decreased rapidly. It was synthesized into other substances resistant to high temperature and high heat.

Eyes, ears, and other parts of the whole body have all evolved to adapt to the environment and the work of Zhao Yao…

This is the ‘evolutionary blood’ of the hairless Zongqiang cat, which can adapt to the user’s ability to adapt to the environment and adapt to the work.

That is, as long as you keep doing an action, an action will become more and more powerful.

Under the Zhao Yao, the temperature is slightly lower, and thousands of degrees of high-temperature metal liquid flow, white springs and pharaohs are inside.

Their body is worse than Zhao Yao, so they hang in areas with lower temperatures, and they also use the ability to hang up, constantly improve the strength of the body, and at the same time realize the connection to the world of seals.

“Hey, it’s too hard to hang up and practice. It’s always a temptation to fight against the drug in the flesh. It’s already indulged in the ordinary people. Fortunately, Laozi is the steel will.”

Zhao Yao tried to feel the condition of the body. After feeling good, he let the body stand there. He once again realized his embarrassment and joined the seal world.

Then he contacted the doll: “The newly-renovated hanging room has no problem, continue to keep it off, and wait for my body to adapt, then continue to increase the temperature.”

Doll: “The old and the other side have a lot of opinions. I heard that Jiang Hai has been powering down recently…”

Zhao Yao: “Do you steal electricity? Who told you to steal electricity? Can you not generate electricity by yourself?”

Doll: “Not you let me…”

Zhao Yao: “You build a power plant for me to hang up.”

The doll looked at the phone that Zhao Yao hanged, and couldn’t help but scream: ‘Power generation? Don’t give it to me, Laozi, he used his power to generate electricity? ‘

After contacting the doll, Zhao Yao looked at BOOK, and Pharaoh’s evolution has continued to hang up.

After more than half a month of crazy hang-up, now Zhao Yao is not only physically explosive, but also strong, and the level of Pharaoh has reached LV46 under the hang-up, regardless of the various enhancements in the ability. The probability that the term has reached 46% is terrible.

“But it’s also very hard.” Zhao Yao operates the handles in the world of seals, in front of the screen of the game console. They connect the servers and hosts in the world of seals for Zhao Yao to play in the world of seals.

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