Am I A God? Chapter 1085

“Oh, it’s really hard to practice every day.”

Diana floated out of the void and looked at Zhao Yao and said, “Zhao Yao, do you want to help? Seal the world’s updated content, this time everyone is not satisfied, it is too difficult to say a few new BOSS. “”

Zhao Yao is angry: “Don’t you see that I am practicing?”

Diana glanced at the game on the screen: “But you…”

Zhao Yao: “Do you know how hard it is to practice? Who am I trying to cultivate and become stronger every day? Not to protect you! Protect the earth!”

Diana secretly vomited in the heart: “…not to hide in the world of seals every day to play games…and to pass the big cousin, elf, and Zelda.”

Zhao Yao sighed: “Why don’t anyone understand my hard work?

And I have given you all the operations of the seal world. If there is nothing big in the future, don’t bother me!

Isn’t that a few players complaining? Posting is banned, 骂 game is the title, 骂 I will seal the IP, which job is really weak, then give them an increase of 5%.

All the professions are complaining, then pretend to update, and then send them 100 drills, it’s as simple as you still can’t do? ”

Diana is speechless: “Hey.”

“Right, you let Mocha give me the next sword 3, and then upload it to the server on the seal world, um… I want to support it.”

Diana: ‘Cut…’

Watching Diana leave, Zhao Yao manipulated the handle in front of him and suddenly dropped the handle and lay on the grass.

“Hey, it’s really tiring, I haven’t slept for two weeks, and I’m a little dizzy.”


On Cat Street, Lei, who was kneeling on the top of the building, said: “Captain, why haven’t this guy been here yet? Or we…”

Nasha: “Don’t scare the snake.”

Two days later.

Ray: “Captain, there is a bird on my head to make a nest…”

Nasha: “Let him do it.”

It took another two days.

One of the players in the team said: “Captain, have we been waiting for this? When we put the task on it, we want to hurry up…”

Nasha: “Reassured, I have been monitoring the network on this planet. As long as he comes out, I can find it even if I don’t. I don’t believe he will never come out.”

Five days later, Nasha, who was kneeling on the top of the building, screamed: “What is this guy doing? It’s good to come out and sunshine Sunshine!”

Ray: “What do we do? Then wait?”

“Wait a fart!” Nasha’s eyes flashed coldly: “Ray, you go to control people to make trouble on this street and lead him.”

Half an hour later, the cat music street staged a group of dramas, even the police can not organize, and finally the apostle forces to stun all the troublemakers.

Nasha smiled slightly: “Oh, my own nest has such a thing. He will come over to see the situation as a leader. Everyone will ambush well, and when Yao Yao comes over, he will try his best.”


In the seal world, Zhao Yao is holding the handle and madly pressing, Mocha ran over and shouted: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! Not good, some people are making trouble in Cat Le Street! The apostles are all out!”

Zhao Yao: “Don’t you die?”

“No… no.”

“That’s okay? Nothing to come to me afterwards, didn’t you see me practicing?”


One day later, Cat Le Street.

Nasha’s face was gloomy: “I’m not here? Zhao Yao’s guy looks more cautious than we thought. It’s really a slap in the face, and it’s a slap in the face. It’s not easy to find him easily.”

Lei: “Captain, I have also checked the news online during this time. I heard that Zhao Yao is a man who loves money. We may start from this aspect.”

“Childish.” Nasha said: “As the strongest person on the earth, the whole earth is his plaything. It is enough to want a word. How can you still love money? It is nothing more than incompetent people who are in the upper position. The embarrassment of the person.”

Lei thought for a moment, it made sense, and asked: “What should I do?”

Nasha thought for a moment and said: “Since the last group did not come, then simply make a big noise. Ray, you come to create a massive human coma, stunned all the people who entered here.”

Soon, a strange silence began to spread on Cat Street, and one fell down on the ground with one person and fell into a drowsy state.

The situation here quickly caused a lot of attention. The police, firefighters, doctors and media all rushed to Cat Le City.

But the situation did not get better. The whole cat city seemed to be a dead zone, and all the people who entered it fell to the ground and fell asleep.

The upper level soon realized that this was a super-energy attack and sent an apostle to solve it, but it still failed.


On the other hand, Zhao Yao also slowly came out of the practice room in Cat Island. He twisted his neck and made a squeak, like the sound of a steel bar.

He was shouted out by the doll.

“Don’t come to me to make trouble, alien cat? Or who?” Zhao Yao’s eyes shot cold.

The next moment, he has switched to the consciousness of LV67 with the cat prince dress, and he switched to stop.

‘Try my physical strength now. ‘

I saw that Zhao Yao’s body moved slightly, and he had already set off waves of tens of meters high and flew like a cat to the city.

After these days of cultivation, Zhao Yao’s combat power has once again jumped, and the strength of the flesh has become more and more unpredictable, almost ten times before the advancement of the steelmaking furnace.

In addition, the defensive power of the cat prince dress is enhanced by 110%, and the body is enhanced by 80%.

Now Zhao Yao even feels that he can punch the whole cat island.

The level of Pharaoh has also been upgraded in the hang up of these days, reaching LV51. The super exemption officially exceeded 50% and reached 51%.

Almost gently stepping on the surface of the sea, the sea 10 meters deep slammed down, and then the sky filled the sky, it was like a heavy rain.

Zhao Yao’s body broke through the layers of clouds, like a gust of wind sweeping across the sea and sweeping through the city. It took almost a dozen seconds to get to the sky above Cat Le Street, and then the fall of the bombing On the ground, a large piece of cement and gravel are sputtered.

I looked at the crowds who fell to the ground in front of me, and blocked the police, firefighters and other staff in Cat Le City in the distance.

Zhao Yao’s figure flashed a few times and he walked around the entire cat street.

The secret of Stealth was surprised: “Do you want to do it? Captain.”

Inside the communication channel, Captain Nasha said: “Don’t be nervous, the invisible function of the new mechs on our body is very perfect, and the conventional detection methods of Chang Maozong can’t be found, let alone the earth.

When he is close, let us work together. ”

But the next moment, the breeze blew, and Nasha turned her head and saw Zhao Yao kneeling in front of him, coldly saying: “Some of you, bother me to practice.”

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