Am I A God? Chapter 1086

Looking at Zhao Yao, who suddenly appeared in front of her eyes, Nashaโ€™s eyes slammed loudly, and her heartbeat was almost a few times faster.

But she calmed down immediately, and thought in her heart: “How is it possible? How did he find me? In stealth mode, most of the rays in the universe should not be detected. I am going to… Is it going to be? and many more?”

Just thinking about Nasa’s heart, Zhao Yao looked at the big LV71 and said with a slap in the face: “You are awkward when I am a blind man…”

Just after he had just circled around Cat Le Street, he could clearly see five invisible figures, but the air man still holding LV on his head.

The highest level is the LV71 in front of you, and the other four are also LV60 to LV65.

When Zhao Yao spoke, a slamming bang was already on the chest of Nasha.

Then I saw that the whole figure of Nasha was hit by a spaceship, flew out and slammed into the mall.

However, with the latest mech protection of the cat leather club, and the body of Nasha himself has been strengthened many times, it is impossible to defeat him.

When I saw the bang, Nasha had pushed the cement bricks on her body and shouted in the communication channel: “Hands!”

Zhao Yao looked at the mall where Nasha was hit by a big hole in the distance and immediately exploded.

“You know that I don’t know how much I spent on this mall…”

Zhao Yao’s voice has not fallen, accompanied by a madness, a huge figure has already rushed to him.

The body that is more than ten meters high has a strong sense of oppression. The layers of hurricanes hit Zhao Yao’s body, and almost all of the surrounding gravel is blown out like a bullet.


The huge figure screamed, and the truck-sized double punches had already smashed toward Zhao Yao.

This time, among the three men and two women who took Zhao Yao, the ability that Nasha and the young face Lei had mastered was the distortion of consciousness without Mao.

Among the remaining two men and one woman, one man mastered the evolutionary blood of Maoistong, and the other man and one woman were the super-ability-material decomposition of Chang Maozong.

Then I saw the man who had mastered the blood of evolution instantly turned into a giant, carrying hundreds of thousands of tons of power to Zhao Yao.

“Hey, you are a horse…”

Zhao Yao flew up and repelled the field with a layer of twisted air. He had already stepped on a million-ton force and slammed into the giant’s chest.

boom! The giant almost flew out without any resistance. He crashed into the mall building on the sidelines. With the sound of smashing, he didnโ€™t know how many floors, floors, counters collapsed…

hiss! Zhao Yao, who saw this scene, almost felt that his heart was bleeding: “He is awkward… You said that you are not so big, you are a fart? I can’t stop my feet?”

At the same time, Nasha and Ray have already shot at the same time, and the consciousness is distorted. The two consciousnesses are like the Yangtze River and the tide is flowing toward Zhao Yao’s mind.

But the next moment, the young face of the face screamed, his ability was directly exempted and reflected, not only failed to control Zhao Yao, but also controlled by Zhao Yao, looking straight at Zhao Yao, waiting command.

On the other side, Nasha’s consciousness went straight into Zhao Yao and knew the sea. She shouted in the channel: “I control him! Quickly!”

I saw that Zhao Yao stood still and stood motionless. The remaining one man and one woman flashed, and the flames behind the mech were so mad that they had already rushed to Zhao Yao.

They left and right, and they mobilized the material to break down. They saw that the earth around them instantly turned into a fly ash. Zhao Yaoโ€™s body also had a lot of fog, which was the way his body was broken down.

However, a man and a woman who disintegrated the material made a frightened voice in the communication channel.

“What is the body of this guy??! The structure is too strong…”

“According to this speed, it is impossible to hit him in an hour…”

At the same time, Zhao Yao turned his head and looked at the man in the armor, reaching out his palm and gently touching his head.

The man shouted: “Captain! What happened? He can move!”

โ€œWhat?โ€ Nasha continued to export her consciousness, only to find that Zhao Yaoโ€™s palm was still ‘difficultly’ reaching out to the players, trying to make an attack.

“What kind of person is this? Can he rely on his own consciousness to fight against the distortion of consciousness?”

In the eyes of Nasha, Zhao Yao, who is struggling against consciousness, moved his fingers one inch and one inch, and his heart secretly said: “Slow down slowly, use less strength, use less strength, the building will collapse, the building will collapse… …”

In fact, with the skill of conscious backup, he was not controlled by the other party.

Then he saw that he carefully put his hand in front of the man, and then gently shot his index finger, like a close-up shot of a spaceship’s electromagnetic gun. The man almost slammed into the sky and fell into the concrete floor. The brain stunned in the past in a horrible shock.

‘Well, it seems that the intensity is almost the same, that is, the ground is broken… Fortunately, the government is responsible for road repairs. ‘

Seeing that Zhao Yao reached out to the rest of the woman, Nasha screamed and her consciousness surged, turning into a tens of thousands of lightsabers aimed at Zhao Yao.

Black skills – lightsaber array.

A light sword emerged from the void, and soon thousands of people, each can cut the consciousness, so that the enemy’s consciousness can not be united.

But the next moment, Nasha’s body has been covered by the shadow of Zhao Yao.

“So close to me, can you dare to enlarge?”

After all, Zhao Yao pointed to Nasha’s head. The latter was like the weight of Mount Taishan. The legs slammed on the ground, and then the body pressed the ground. In the bang, several layers were worn. The floor fell into the underground garage at the bottom of the mall.

And Nasha was completely fainted in the shock of this blow.

Roar! At this moment, a pair of big hands broke open the outer wall of the mall, directly smashed countless walls, counters, steel bars, and grabbed Zhao Yao.

“Rely! You are still here!”

When I saw this giant Zhao Yao, I was angry. The other party was in this battle and brought him the biggest loss.

Then I saw Zhao Yao’s figure flashing. It has already appeared in the back of the giant’s head. He punched it out with a punch and rejected the field and turned it into a ripple. It has already transmitted the power to the giant.

Seeing the stunned eyes of the giant, his whole person was ascended into the sky by an irresistible force, like a rocket hitting the sky.

On the other side, Zhao Yaoโ€™s figure emerged behind another woman who shouted Zhao Yao: โ€œArtillery! Run away! Tell them that the information is wrong, Zhao Yao has… ah!!!โ€

During the speech, the woman screamed and looked at her own hands. The material decomposition she released was directly rebounded by Zhao Yao’s super-energy exemption. She watched her hands become a void, and screamed and fell to the ground.

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