Am I A God? Chapter 1087

Zhao Yao looked at her and shook her head: “I didn’t want to start so embarrassed, why should you chase after me to output?” Then he looked up at the sky and looked at the giant who had become a little black spot.

I saw Zhao Yao leaping hard, with the earth torn apart, a wave of ups and downs on the road, he has been chasing the giant crazy at a speed of more than ten Mach per second.

The giant in the sky shrank rapidly, covering the mech, and the plasma flame flow continued to spurt from behind, trying to offset the acceleration that Zhao Yao had just given him.

But just as he couldn’t easily stop, Zhao Yao had caught his head with the whistling whistle.

“Is it bad to run my store?”

The giant has wide eyes and wants to talk: “It is obvious that you took me…”

With a bang, Zhao Yao directly rips open the other’s mech helmet, and the wind whispers into it, constantly pouring into the giant’s mouth.

Then Zhao Yao’s fist was getting bigger and bigger in front of him, and with a violent dizziness and shock, he had lost consciousness.

After more than ten minutes, Lao He rushed into Catering Street with a group of men.

Looking at the road that has been ruptured on all sides, the ups and downs of the highlands, and the commercial buildings and office buildings that collapsed in the distance, he said with a sad face: “Zhao Yao! Do you want to be so embarrassed, do you know how bad this effect is, now What is it like in foreign countries?”

On the ground, Nasha five people lay on the ground straight, Zhao Yao stood in front of them, heard what the old saying, and quickly turned his head and said with a look: “What do I move? They are all dry. Ah, we attacked me, attacked my shop, and wanted to kill me, what happened to me?”

Lao He looked at the five people lying on the ground, and saw five people wearing thin underwear, basically only wearing underwear. Their mechs and equipment have long been stripped by Zhao Yao and stuffed into the stomach pocket.

The old man frowned and asked: “Who are they? What is the end, what is the ability? How can we not hear the wind?”

Zhao Yao was silent for a moment. I thought it would be better to give the high-level views, so he said: “They are aliens.”

I don’t want to lie to me like Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao can only continue to say: “The super cat comes from an alien, can you understand it? The same is true of these aliens. The Milky Way is more lively than we think.”

Old He looked at Zhao Yao with a shocked look: “Are you true?”

“Of course it’s true, or else I’m kidding?” Zhao Yao reached out and waved. The five people in front of him had been swallowed up by Space Gate. He then glanced at the old man who said:

“To be honest, if you are on the other side of the Earth, you can basically fight me. So don’t think about it, don’t think about it, borrow more money from me, and help me repair the cat city. Let me It’s best to protect the Earth from the worries of fighting.”

After saying a sincere statement from the heart, Zhao Yao left the Space Gate and left.

Leave the old man alone in the cold wind.

“Zhao Yao, this guy… is it true, or do you just want to swindle money to help him repair Cat Street?”


The five people who were in a coma returned to the cat island. Zhao Yao thought about it and gave them five injuries. They put the game consoles together and connected their consciousness into the world of seals. It’s up.

Zhao Yao touched his chin and thought about the process of the first war.

“Well, now, even if I only rely on the blood of evolution and Pharaoh’s ability to exercise the super warm-up, I can get back with LV70 and above, and the strength of the Son-level.”

“If you stop using it, Space Gate, and other capabilities like the Dragon Sword, these five guys are estimated to be invisible to me. It will be seconds.”

“Sure, if you cultivate this kind of thing, it is like going against the water and doing more work. When it comes to more work, I will torture them in the world of seals. By the way, I will set a set of three wars and see what I can do now. You can’t go fishing again, fight for the two styles of style, and make some preparations for the future of the earth.”

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao has once again returned to the practice room to continue to bathe, and her consciousness has entered the world of seals, and began to interrogate the five people of Nasha.

For a while, the five Nasha, who were still in a coma, opened their eyes and found that they had come to a meadow.

Zhao Yao sat in front of them and watched the five people who woke up smile: “Let’s say, which side are you on? Why come to me to make trouble.”

The five people looked at each other and looked at each other. They didn’t expect them before they came. The target Zhao Yao would be so tricky, almost completely crushing their fighting power.

As soon as I thought of the fierceness of the other side, Zhao Yao was a little scared.

Or the captain Nasha stood up first and looked at Zhao Yao and said: “Zhao Yao, we are the people of the cat leather society. We may have a misunderstanding between us. Now the three forms of the war are abrupt, it is the impact of the entire galaxy future. The key moment, we need your help.”

“Ha? Need my help?” Zhao Yao laughed. “You guys took my building and said that I need my help?”

The big man who turned into a giant can’t help but say: “It’s not you…”

Nasha raised her hand to stop the rebuttal of her companion and looked at Zhao Yao and said, “Sorry, we attacked you. It is indeed that we are not right.

If you are still very angry, I can let you punished, even if it makes me suicide, it will be fine, but the cat leather will really need your help, the people of the Milky Way need your help…”

“Don’t bring me such a high hat.” Zhao Yao squinted at the other side and said freely: “You should talk to me about the current situation. The three forms of the big battle are abrupt. How is a mutation method?”

Nasha said with a heavy face: “This time in three wars, eight of the twelve combat sectors have been won by Chang Maozong, and there is even a cat giant god has fallen.”

Zhao Yao’s eyes are condensed. Although it has long been speculated that Chang Maozong will gain an advantage, he did not expect to come so fast.

Nasha continued: “The latest cat created by Chang Maozong has the talent to surpass humans and super-powered cats. It has become the ultimate weapon on the battlefield. If you don’t stop Chang Maozong, I am afraid it will not last long. They will rule the entire galaxy, and humanity will never have a day to come.”

When I heard Nasha’s words, Zhao Yao couldn’t help but think of the previous Olivia, and the final change of the other party still came to his mind.

Suddenly, he changed his face and looked at the five people in front of him. He asked strangely: “Do you… have you heard the sound?”

Nasha looked puzzled: “Sound? What sound?”

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