Am I A God? Chapter 1088

When I heard Zhao Yao’s question, Nasha and others looked at each other and they didn’t hear anything at all.

Zhao Yao frowned. At this moment, his ear was clearly whispering. It seemed that someone was whispering in his ear, but listening carefully, but he could not hear the other person. Say something.

Zhao Yao’s mind was filled with Olivia’s figure, and she seemed to have said to herself before she died, what she could hear in her ear.

Just then, Zhao Yao’s eyes squinted and the sound in his ear seemed clearer.

“Zhao Yao…Zhao Yao…”

“Zhao Yao !Zhao Yao !”

Zhao Yao turned his head and saw Mocha kneeling on his shoulder and said with a pitiful face: “Zhao Yao, you have to be the master of me! Caesar is strong in the ability of his wife and daughter, and bullies me every day!”

Zhao Yao slaps on Mocha’s head and shoots each other directly into a smash, bursting in the air. Listening to it with your heart, but you can’t hear anything.

The five people of Nasha saw the shock in this scene: ‘Is this so much for my own cat? Good admire! ‘

Although it is a member of the cat leather society, the five people of Nasha are actually very accustomed to the situation that the super cat is condescending to human beings. Suddenly, the guy who is so embarrassed about the super cat can’t help but rise up and admire. .

Mocha ran again after being born again in the seal world, holding Zhao Yao’s thigh and crying: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! I am only being beaten for you!”

“When you stop talking, who do I want to fight?”

“I played Caesar last time to cool down! He actually let Elizabeth and Diana revenge me!”

“I slept and found that the blanket was urinating!”

“Eat to eat cat litter!”

“Playing games is also closed to WIFI!”

When I heard Mocha’s cry, Zhao Yao touched Mocha’s head and thought about it: “Oh, I know. Um… so, come with me.”

Said, Zhao Yao left Mosha with the seal world and returned to reality.

Half an hour later, in the WeChat group, Mocha @ everyone, and then put a photo.

“Let’s see how my new toy is.”

Looking at the things in the photo, Elizabeth first ridiculed: “This is a smashing cat, and the hair is gone.”

Diana smiled and said: “Mocha, you are stupid, what ages are still playing with funny cats.”

Fishball couldn’t help but say: “A ruined cat is @ everyone!”

Mocha: “This is not a funny cat, you are taking a closer look.”

The cats saw another magnified photo, and the cat’s stick was engraved with four words: Zhao visited.

Mocha: “This is the Yao stick that Zhao Yao sent me. I beat the cat in my hand, slap the cat, and lick the dog. After the time is stopped, the cat stick, no matter which cat, it is equal to Zhao Yao played it by hand, I see who dares to fight back! @凯撒.”

Cat old: “See who dares to fight back!”

For a time, the whole cat country cat was stunned and a small group was pulled out.

Elizabeth: “Zhao Yao is really old-fashioned and faint!”

Bridget: “That is, I will see Mocha killing loyal cats every day. We still have to do business.”

Lightning: “YuanYuan What do you say? Our rabbit empire supports you to deal with Mocha.”

Cannon: “There are a few rabbits on the prairie. I have been working in the city for a long time. I also have a rabbit empire! YuanYuan, let’s go, the cats in the group support you.”

YuanYuan: “Oh, everyone praised me, I am the opponent of Mocha.”

X looked at YuanYuan’s action of typing: “YuanYuan ……”

“Call me round.” YuanYuan squeezed his cat’s claws: “I feel that I have strengthened a bit in the last two days, and Stealth seems to be faster…”

X hesitated: “Is there?”

YuanYuan: “You don’t understand. After drinking the blood of Zhao Yao, the performance of the super cat will be shocked by the cat. I feel that the current nest is a strong duck all the time…”

Said, YuanYuan shook his ear and said: “Look, I recently found that I can stand up one ear and one ear hangs down, indicating that I am now getting more and more control over my body…”

X: “YuanYuan, I think…”

YuanYuan: “Call me a god!”

X: “Hey…YuanYuan, this guy…expanding and exploding…”

On the other hand, Mocha looked at the feedback in the WeChat group with satisfaction, picked up the cat stick on the side, and slammed it a few times, feeling that he was comfortable.

Latte stood on the side and looked at the cat stick with a look of embarrassment. He said to Mocha: “Dad, can you touch me with a cat stick?”

“No.” Mocha refused to say: “This is a cat hitting a cat and playing a dog. I don’t know how many years of anger and anger, and there is no magical power, but no one can use it. ”

Seeing the disappointment of the latte, Mocha pointed to the small bowl on the side and said, “Hey, this is a canned salmon from a Norwegian cat. It’s delicious, and you are rewarded.”

Although the latte was very disappointing, the canned salmon still had to be eaten. When I took a bite, I was shocked. While eating, I shouted: “Where is this salmon can! It’s delicious!”

Mocha smiled: “Stupid child, this is not a salmon, this is a can of cat meat.”


When the iron eye was big, the tears could not help but flow down, and while eating, he cried: “Hey~~~What is the cat meat so delicious!!呜呜呜~~~” The more sad, the more sad you eat.

The milk tea couldn’t help but say: “Don’t cry the latte, the tea brother lied to you, that is salmon, not cat meat. You see the English above, didn’t you teach you yesterday?”

The spirit of the latte heard the news, and the food was even faster: “It’s so delicious! Fortunately, it’s not cat meat! Dad, why are you lying to me!”

Mocha said with a cat stick: “Hey, it’s so easy to guess, I am Mocha?”

Milk tea looked at Mocha, smugly sticking to the stick. “Speaking of this stick, I thought… No, I want to say tea brother. You are not very good at talking in the WeChat group. excuse me……”

“Hey! What are you afraid of! Beat the cat in hand! Who is against me?” Mocha looked at the milk tea on the side and said: “Milk tea, huh, huh, you are now a five-bar in the school, do you think you can teach? Me?”

Milk tea is speechless: “Tea brother, I said this, I will do this, and the next issue will fully support you to make five bars.”

“Oh, but I listen to Fishball. They said, you want to be even Zhuang.”

The milk tea said: “How come, the five bars are exhausted, and there is no money to make, I don’t have to copy homework, they are all serving everyone. I will not do it after I finish this session.”

“This way.” Mocha screamed at the cat stick and said, “What about the things that are better for me?” He looked forward to seeing the tea: “You said that we have a school, two five-bars can’t work? Everyone together. Be the boss.”

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