Am I A God? Chapter 1091

Just high above, I looked at Zhao Yao’s alpine elders, and she almost doubted whether her ears were out of order.

On the other side, Zhao Yao pays attention to the taskbar on the BOOK. After seeing this saying, the solvable experience of the arrogant task has reached the 3000 experience point, and the heart is secret.

Then Zhao Yao looked at the other side’s stunned face, his face became more and more arrogant, and then said: “Old woman, take me directly to see your lord, or I will put your head into the cat.”

Zhao Yao looked at BOOK and the settlement experience went up to 3500: “Ah? Just added 500? Isn’t that arrogant?”


The elders of the mountains are so mad, how long she has not been so insulted. The side of Nasha and others are also awkward, I did not expect Zhao Yao to do this kind of thing.

I saw the elders of the mountains and anger, pointing out, the consciousness came out, turned into a hot wave, and burned toward Zhao Yao.

This is a fire that only burns consciousness, does not harm the body, and even burns the enemy’s memory at random. It is a powerful trick in silver skills.

Nasha and others quickly jumped around and looked at each other with a nervous look.

But the next moment, as the flame burned on Zhao Yao’s body, the fire suddenly disappeared, and then jumped back to the alpine elders and burned.

It is the super exemption that has taken effect.

After a sullen sigh, the alpine elders looked at Zhao Yao with shock and anger, and quickly stripped a layer of consciousness and extinguished the flame: “You will also slap the fire. Then you try this trick again – the moon falls!”

I saw a bright moon rising from the head of the alpine elders. Under the moonlight, Nasha and others around the four immediately felt a tearing pain in their consciousness, making them difficult to operate. The slightest consciousness, even the thinking is very painful.

But the next moment, I saw the moonlight broken, the alpine elders stood up in a gloomy face, and there was a tearing pain in my mind, and Zhao Yao’s eyes were full of anger.

Zhao Yao secretly said: ‘Hey? Has it rebounded twice in a row? This guy is so bad? But it is a good opportunity for me to be arrogant. ‘

On the surface, he is still in a state of mastery. He looks at the alpine elders and says, “I want to accept my skills as a point. It’s ridiculous.”

Said, Zhao Yao took up his hands and said coldly: “I will let you both hands and feet today, and I will blow you up for a while!”

Seeing Zhao Yao’s arrogant appearance, the mountains were so angry that the chest was violently ups and downs.

As soon as I thought that I had just conquered the other side as a man, now I am still a trick, still can’t pick up the other side, and then think about the other person’s arrogant appearance, the alpine elders instantly come up.

Zhao Yao here saw that his settlement experience has grown from 3500 to 8500, and he was delighted.

On the other hand, I saw the consciousness of the alpine elders running like Lightning, and turned into a light sword that emerged from the void. If the arrows were all in one, they rushed toward Zhao Yao.

This is the strongest skill of the alpine elders – the light sword array, with the consciousness to form a light sword that can cut the consciousness, the opponent’s consciousness is completely crushed.

Gaoshan’s boss said with a smile: β€œZhao Yao, if you are willing to admit defeat now…”

“Recognize a fart!” Zhao Yao looked at the Jianhai, which was composed of Wan Dao Jianguang. He stalked his neck and shouted: “Come on, hit me. If you move, I will lose!”

Settlement experience 9000.

“Zhao Yao! You are looking for death!” The alpine elders rose in anger, glaring at Zhao Yao, and the next moment they saw Wandao lightsaber swallowing Zhao Yao.

On the side of Nasha shouted: “Elder! Don’t!” Everything happened too fast. She really didn’t expect Zhao Yao to pull hatred so much. She didn’t expect the alpine elders to use the big move so quickly. .

There are still a lot of secrets in Zhao Yao’s body!

But Nasha’s shouting was too late, and she saw that Zhao Yao’s figure disappeared into the Wandao lightsaber. The alpine elders in the distance also glimpsed a little, and there was a slight regret in her eyes. Zhao Yao actually stood still. Received her trick.

‘Oh, unfortunately…’

But when the pity of thoughts just flashed through her mind, an explosive pain tore her consciousness.

Then I saw the alpine elders vomiting a large blood, and fell to the ground. The consciousness in my mind was almost fragmented and chaotic.

She was once again bounced off by the superpower.

Be aware that Zhao Yao’s current super exemption is a chance for 53%.

The alpine elders have offset many of the rebounds of Pharaoh LV75 with the super resistance of LV53, but among the 10,000-way lightsaber, there is still a small half of them rebounded to her body, or she released her tricks, and she is almost completely unprepared. time.

So this wave of rebound damage directly caused the alpine elders to be seriously injured.

And Zhao Yao’s original position, slowly disappeared in the lightsaber, he stepped out from step by step, the whole person looked unscathed, looked at the alpine elders with disappointment.

“Weak! Too weak. Is there a whole cat leather that can be played?”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘I rely on it, just this move is really powerful. The LV67 consciousness that my cat prince dress borrowed is still weak. It was killed directly. Fortunately, I have a rebirth. ‘

Looking at the settlement experience from 9000 to 14000, Zhao Yao couldn’t help but smile.

At the same time, he thought: “Hey, since the super-energy exemption exceeds 50%, I have always wanted to try to match the rebirth and come to a wave of porcelain tactics. Now it seems that this tactic has something to do. ‘

The people around him looked at Zhao Yao’s eyes and they were all shocked.

Nasha muttered: “The strongest black skills of the alpine elders, the lightsaber array can not hurt him, what is the point of Zhao Yao?”

A teammate Lei was afraid of the face: “I can kill the light sword array without damage, but I can hit the alpine elders in an instant counterattack. Zhao Yao, what is the horror of this guy’s control of consciousness? He hit us. It is time to rely on physical strength?!

The alpine elders in the distance barely raised their heads and looked at Zhao Yao with a look of dismay: ‘I tried my best to hurt him? ‘

Zhao Yao looked at each other and continued to swear: “How? Is it coming?

I know that the other party did not give Zhao Yao the opportunity to continue to arrogate. He shook his head and said, “Come with me, I will take you to see the lord.”

β€œAh?” Zhao Yao looked at 14000’s settlement experience and wanted to continue to squat, but saw the alpine elders in front of him turn away.

And his task is directly over, and the experience of 14000*2 is at hand.

“Rely, I am still not playing with the old man, are you leaving?”

Zhao Yao sighed, but unfortunately the remaining 6000*2 experience did not come, and then accompanied Nasha and the alpine elders, came to a secret room.

I saw a slight flash in the chamber, and the image of a gray shorthair appeared in front of Zhao Yao.

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