Am I A God? Chapter 1092

Looking at the gray cat that appeared in front of him, Zhao Yao gave a slight glimpse and thought about it quickly in his head.

Just listen to the gray cat and say: “Zhao Yao, right? Your thing, I listened to the mountain.”

Zhao Yao stared at the gray cat shown by the light and shadow, and said with a puzzled voice: “You are the lord? The ally of the cat leather association, is a super-powerful cat?” He looked at the other’s head, and the empty space could not show LV, obviously Because the image in front of you is just an image, not the other party’s reality.

The gray cat smiled humanizedly and said with his claws: “Is it difficult to accept? Whether it is short-haired or long-haired, there are no lover’s cats, even in the long hairs, there is a small human protection association against cats. The phenomenon of abuse.”

When he heard what he said, Zhao Yao was speechless.

The lord continued to say: “Speaking, I once encouraged the upper level to initiate the Human Protection Law in both Mao Zedong and Xiao Maozong, hoping to completely end the abuse of human beings and the status quo of human beings as slaves. But the resistance is too great, completely Not the hope of success.

Therefore, I established the Cat Leather Association, hoping to protect human beings by force and organize various human abuse incidents. ”

Zhao Yao looked at the gray cat and thought: “This is a little man, a lover cat.”

Originally, Zhao Yao was very curious about the organization of the cat leather society, especially the source of the other’s ability. How to control the first super-power cat and obtain super-ability.

It is now clear that their first super-powerful cat is probably the ally.

This is also the reason why the Cat Leather Association respects the lord and regards the lord as all hope. After all, even if the entire cat revolution will be wiped out, as long as the lord is still there, there is still hope.

The gray cat went on to say: “Zhao Yao, I don’t know if you can answer a question. How much do you know about the core experimental area?”

Zhao Yao thought about it and said all of Olivia’s things.

When I heard what Zhao Yao said, the mountain chest on the side was ups and downs, and I wanted to interrupt it several times, but it was stopped by the lord. After Zhao Yao finished, she was excited: “Impossible, Olivia has already sacrificed.” How can it help Chang Mao Zong to help?”

Zhao Yao: “Is it sacrificed?”

The alpine elder said: “Olivia was caught by a strong man of Maoistong a decade ago, and died in a corpse. At that time… she was 70.”

Zhao Yao’s brow slightly wrinkled: “Is it a replica of Olivia?”

The lord said: “No matter who she is, it is not the real Olivia, but the cat-making weapon developed by Chang Maozong.” He looked solemnly: “I have secretly sneaked into some studies of Chang Maozong not long ago. Among the facilities, the research on humanoid weapons continues, and the power is growing.”

“Now the remaining eight sector battlefields of the three wars, Chang Maozong sent more and more humanoid weapons, and the pressure of short Maozong and Maoistong has soared. I am afraid it will not last long.

When the white dwarf star and the white hand will be shot, the war will be upgraded, and it is bound to be a charcoal. I don’t know how many people are going to die and how many cats die. ”

The lord said with anxiety: “The most crucial thing is the study of Chang Maozong. Those humanoid weapons are only part of the study. The so-called blood of God comes from some extreme evil, madness, and degenerate existence. I have a bad time. Premonition.”

Zhao Yao put forward her own plan in a timely manner: “I am not good at investigating Chang Maozong’s things, but I can help the short-haired and non-hairy on the battlefield. For example, if you tell me where there are long-haired cats, I will go to them. Grab it… you only need to provide information and location, I am responsible for the battle.”

Both Takayama and Nasha looked at Zhao Yao with some surprises. How dangerous is the battlefield of the three wars? To know that, even the strength of the Son’s level has fallen.

Moreover, the cat leather will still be the object of mutual hostility by the three major forces. Once discovered, the degree of danger can be imagined.

And Zhao Yao is willing to take the initiative to go to the battlefield under such circumstances. It is really a surprise to them. In their eyes, Zhao Yao, in the performance of Zhao Yao, he is definitely not such a person.

Nasha said in her heart: “Sure enough, people can’t look at each other. The sea can’t fight. I used to think that Zhao Yao was just a savage and ugly little man. I don’t think he was willing to risk the battlefield in order to stop the long hair. “”

With Zhao Yao’s previous fighting power, the lord was also relieved that he went to the battlefield and helped to weaken the Maoist.

The next few people talked again and discussed the specific plan. When the ally asked Zhao Yao if he needed to provide his latest mech.

Zhao Yao wanted to agree at first, but after thinking about it, she couldn’t use it. It was always exposed to the cosmic environment, not to train his body.

Then Zhao Yao said awkwardly: “No, I don’t take the people with a needle, the mech, you still use it for those who need it more.”

This ally and several people even more respected Zhao Yao, and the image of the lord flashed a big golden exclamation mark.

Zhao Yao’s eyes are bright: ‘Fortunately, it is also possible to pick up tasks through remote communication. It is not like looking at the level to see the body. ‘

He quickly asked: “Is there anything else I want to do?”

The lord really said: “No, but I have a request, I don’t know if I should say it… Please be able to show your love when you play against the long-haired cats, just grab them and try not to kill them.”

Although the lord is a lover, but also against large-scale killing cats, I hope that Zhao Yao can kill cats less.

Zhao Yao is not a nonsense in the heart. Every alien cat is a precious resource. Not only does it have 10000*2 experience rewards, but it can also speed up the upgrade of the cat after catching the seal world. The fool just killed it.

So Zhao Yao quickly patted his chest and said: “Do not worry, as a cat-loving person, a good friend of the universe’s super-powerful cat, what I hate most is to kill the cat. This time the battlefield is the same, less than a last resort, I am Will not kill the cat.”

Then another task was taken over by Zhao Yao.

Side quest: old friend of super cat

Mission Objective: As an old friend of the super cat, please catch the cat and not kill the cat on the next battlefield.

Mission Reward: Each time you catch a super cat, reward 5000 points experience.

Failure penalty: reduce the 10000 point experience value per kill of a super cat

Seeing the new mission, Zhao Yao nodded secretly, and the experience of catching the cat rewarded more.

After discussing with the ally, Zhao Yao returned to the earth and continued to hang up and practiced. He waited for the cat gang to send intelligence and went to the battlefield of the three wars to catch the cat.

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