Am I A God? Chapter 1093

On the flying ship of Chang Maozong, a cat slave hurriedly ran towards the gate of the command room.

When the door opened, the cat slave shouted: “Adult! The base of the 32nd is in urgent need of support, we…”

Seeing the empty command room, the cat slave opened his mouth in surprise.

The disappearance of similar long-haired cats does not stop here.

In one of the interstellar fortresses, a black-haired long-haired super strong cat hurriedly walked toward the conference room.

“A bastard is madly kidnapping the super cats everywhere! What is the investigation team doing? It took so long, and there was no result at all. They should all be shaved and thrown into the ice water.”

During the conversation, he slammed the door of the conference room, but saw that the entire conference room was empty, and there was no super cat.

Seeing this scene, Black Cat loves a glimpse, and the next moment is furious: “The meeting is still late! This damn lazy pig!”

But the next moment, his beard was tilted up, looking at the documents on the table with some doubts, drinking a normal drink, just turned on the computer…

“Not that I haven’t come, I have already been taken away…” The orange cat quickly pulled out the contact: “Ring the alarm! The highest warning…”

Just halfway through his words, the liaison fell to the ground and the entire Black Cat disappeared.

Almost a blink of an eye, Black Cat loved a black front, and once again conscious, he found himself on a green prairie.

Surrounded by a long-haired cat, all of them climbed up in confusion.

“Hey! Isn’t this a game?”

“Leo! You are here too.”

“Where is this?”

“No, how can I only have consciousness here?”

β€œIs this the country of consciousness?”

“It’s those damn shorthairs who caught us!”

Black Cat’s face changed slightly, because he felt that he was suppressed in the country of consciousness by the ubiquitous power in the space. It was almost as weak as an ordinary person, no… than that More weak.

Just when a large group of long-haired cats are noisy, nervous, scared, angry.

Mocha descended from the sky. He was wearing a police uniform. He held a long whip on his white paw and looked at a long-haired cat in front of him. The evil charm smiled and said: “Give me shut up, hey, welcome you. Go to hell.”

“A short-haired cat? Is it the lowest-breasted orange cat in a five-color cat?” A gray cat headed by a sneer sneered: “I don’t bother to use such a cat to pull my ass…”

Mocha’s face changed and he patted the cat’s claws and saw the cat, Lightning and Cannon stand out from behind him.

Mocha stretched out a cat’s claw and pointed to the gray cat who spoke. “Send this racist cat to the dungeon.”

The gray cat was pushed out by Lightning and Cannon. The cat still wants to resist, but feels that he is under the guise of a shocking pressure. In this world of seals, his strength is not as good as one level. Trumpet.

The gray cat glared at Mocha and said, “Orange cat! I remember you! You give me waiting!”

Mocha jumped up and slammed it down, pulling a long scar directly on the gray cat’s face, then watching the other person screaming and dragging it out.

Mocha turned to look at the other cats and said: “Before you come here, you may be the master of a planet, the captain of a warship, the leader of the army, the famous big cat, and the power that is difficult for ordinary cats. But after coming here, you all have only one identity, prisoner.”

Mocha said with a whip: “Here, you lost the basic right to make cats.

No one will give you cat food, no cans, no toys, no rights and freedom. The rules of your previous life are not used here. I am your god here, and the only thing I say is the rules. . Until you die. ”

“Welcome to… Mocha Game Studio. The next one to learn the first thing here, leveling. Cats old, take them to the novice village.”

After a while, a group of cats have left the grassland and headed for the novice village.

With more than half a month passed, Zhao Yao sent a large group of alien cats almost every few days, all of which were long-haired super-cats captured on the battlefields of the three wars.

With the information provided by the cat leather, with time stop, Space Gate, Quick Regeneration and super-physical body, Zhao Yao can make a successful attack every time, and capture these super-powered cats into their own seal world.

At the moment of the novice village, there are already more than one hundred alien cats in the fight to upgrade, watching the new super cats, their eyes are numb, can not see the slightest ups and downs.

The captured Black Cat Ed walked to the side of a cat that was screaming and couldn’t help but ask: “This brother, do you know what is going on here?”

The cat glanced at him and said faintly: “Newcomer? It’s just a fight, don’t think too much, anyway, you can’t escape.”

Black Cat loved his beard and shook. He looked at the remote supervisor Mocha and received: “That cat…”

“Mu Luo tea? Don’t offend him, this cat is very hot…”

On the distant cliff, the lord’s avatar nodded and said to the same Zhao Yao: “Thank you for not killing them.”

“Nothing, who told me to be a good friend of the super cat, you see how happy they are to play the game.” Zhao Yao smiled and looked at the task panel on the BOOK, let the lord confirm the survival of these cats, the branch line The reward experience of the mission can also be collected.

For most of the past two months, in addition to the 40 only foreign cats, there are more 70 alien cats in the seal world. Together with the survival mission, Zhao Yao has provided more than two million experience points. The speed of hanging up is also increased by three times.

Now Zhao Yao’s BOOK has a total of 230 experience, and Pharaoh has hanged all the way to reach the amazing LV73, which is already the level of the eight giant cats.

The chance of a super-exemption is even more than 73% of terror.

This also means that Zhao Yao no longer has the ability to hang on alien cats. As long as the patience of Pharaoh LV73 is attached, it can fight against consciousness, and there is still 24 hourly exercise.

When the body hangs up, of course, it is the exercise of hanging the Pharaoh, and the blood of the evolution of the alien cat.

Although the exercise effect of this half-month is certainly not as good as the giant cat god, it is also several times that of Zhao Yao’s own physical quality.

After receiving the lord, Zhao Yao quit the country of consciousness and returned to his own flesh in the material world.

At this moment, Zhao Yao’s physical body, because most of the artificial equipment can not force his body limits, or consume too much relationship, has changed the place to hang up.

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