Am I A God? Chapter 1094

It is seen that Zhao Yao has now penetrated into the mantle layer more than a thousand kilometers underground. The whole body is all kinds of substances in a molten state, and the temperature exceeds two thousand degrees Celsius.

The temperature is still good. The most terrible thing is the pressure that Zhao Yao is under the pressure. The molten material around him is constantly squeezed with him at high temperature.

More than 100’s atmospheric pressure of terror is on his body, leaving every inch of his body with the power to overwhelm a warship.

I saw that Zhao Yao’s body was ruptured and collapsed at the moment, and then he was born again. The whole person was almost squeezed into a non-adult shape, but he also progressed rapidly under such high pressure, constantly tempering his body and tiling it around. The high-pressure material is stretched out.

When Zhao Yao can completely break the melt around him and maintain his own human form, it means that he has fully adapted to the terrorist environment here, and he should continue to deepen until he breaks through the mantle layer.

If the local layer cannot satisfy him, it is time to go to the core.

Feeling the amazing power of his own body, watching the accumulated experience of more than two million, Zhao Yao showed a satisfied smile.

However, he did not rush to use the experience value on the BOOK immediately, because there is still less than a week, it will be settled at the end of the month.

At that time he will have his own super equipment ‘Emperor Cat Armor’.

Now his experience is reserved for this piece of equipment, and when it is time to redeem the emperor cat armor, he can immediately strengthen him.

After all, it is now in the mantle layer, there is no machine around to help monitor the state of Zhao Yao, and the constant flow of the cellar may bring Zhao Yao to some position he can’t afford.

Therefore, he has to leave the world of seals from time to time, feel the physical condition, and confirm that there is no problem.

‘After the realm of cultivation is getting higher and higher, the difficulty of cultivation has also increased. ‘

Zhao Yao thought about it and returned to the world of seals. He recalled the information sent by the lord.

‘Oh, the kittens of Chang Maozong now have more cats, no cats, or three or two together. ‘

Zhao Yao touched his chin and said in his heart: “Want to guard against me? Or want to catch me?”

But no matter what, Zhao Yao is not going to retreat, his emperor cat armor is waiting for the experience value to strengthen.

Not to mention Pharaoh LV53, Zhao Yao dare to single-handedly catch the cat, after the LV73, Zhao Yao has more expansion and he does not know.

‘These alien cats are too weak. One can stop me from continuing to expand. I don’t know if I can catch a super-cat at the Son level. ‘

Thinking about the information sent by the lord, Zhao Yao directly chose the location with the most cats.


The planet of Mayat, the long-haired sect is a military planet in the war sector.

Most of the planet has been transformed into a huge military factory, and a large number of weapons have been created at all times and sent to the forefront.

At the moment, in a secret room, more than a dozen long-haired super-powered cats sit on different mats and seem to be waiting for something.

One of the gray cats slowly said: “The guy should not come?”

A white cat next to him smiled and said: “No, it will come. With his degree of madness, how can he not come, even if he does not come here, he will go to other places, this action is led by the mechanical marshal, that The guy is dead.”

The mechanical marshal is one of the top ten marshals of Chang Maozong, and the top ten marshals are the super cats of the same level as the eight cat giants of Mao Zhizong.

The mechanical marshal has a similar ability to the doll, but is stronger than the doll. Many weapons and high-tech devices of Chang Maozong were invented by him.

The other Black Cat said: “I don’t think the guy will come. Didn’t you find him special in this serial action? There is a ghost inside, otherwise how can I get it so fast, I will just catch him every time. Cat?”

In the next moment, the warning light around the four lights slammed.

“Warning the light? Is the Marshal discovering him?”

“Be careful!”

Seeing the space distortion, Zhao Yao was suddenly squeezed out of the Space Gate. This anti-space force field set by the mechanical marshal not only found him, but even squeezed him out of space.

At the moment of being squeezed out, Zhao Yao was slightly surprised.

But looking at a dozen pairs of eyes to look at him, he immediately calmed down and slammed his mouth openly: “θ‰Ή**.**θ‰Ή***B***你妈****ζˆ‘* *θ‰Ή****ζ—₯***εΉ²……”

“You have a kind of cockroach to kill me!”

The twelve cats around him looked at Zhao Yao with a shocked look. First, they stayed a little, and the next moment they rose from their minds.

When were they madly humiliated by a human being?

“kill him!”

The six super-powered cats went straight to the full force, and the super-ability of various force fields, high temperatures, cutting, curses, and viruses swept away toward Zhao Yao.

The next moment, the amazing light began to sway from Zhao Yao’s body, and then the horrible heat and majestic power broke out in all directions. The attack of the four super-powered cats was directly bounced back, directly to the square. The location was made into a piece of powder.

A super-powerful cat screamed and screamed out, but there were still a few relatively weak ones that were severely wounded.

And Zhao Yao took advantage of this explosion to block the opportunity of surveillance and sight. When it was started, it stopped, and after a wave of harvesting, all the twelve alien super-powered cats were stuffed into a sack and turned back. Going outside.

However, Zhao Yao found that it was wrong. He fled the distance of tens of kilometers, and found that he could neither enter the consciousness dimension nor open the Space Gate.

Zhao Yao, carrying a sack, hid in a ventilated pipe, his body trembled and suddenly spit out a black blood.

β€œIs there two kinds of ability that I just couldn’t exempt?” Zhao Yao felt that his body seemed to be weak. He looked at the sack and said in his heart: β€œIt’s already stunned by me, the ability is still going on, it’s automatic. What type of operation?”

At this moment, the tallest building in the planet is a tower of more than 3,000 meters high.

Countless computers are running wildly. An orange cat stands in front of the huge screen at the top of the tower. He laughs and laughs: “Edward, you are getting more and more powerful. You have forbidden the shuttle and space shuttle of a whole planet. Is it a new technology?”

The screen in front of the eyes shimmered, and the sound of another cat sounded in the sound machine around the four sides: “The target has super physical qualities, and these are still not able to trap him.”

The orange cat smiled and raised the cat’s claws, and he saw a tangerine hair shaking in his palm: “Do not worry, in my curse, he can’t escape.”

“I am afraid that this guy will not be able to die. In order to track him, there are two marshals who have shot together.”

“But it’s no surprise to think about this inside ghost in the top.”

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