Am I A God? Chapter 1095

The orange cat looked at the hair in his hand and said slowly: “Find him, the specific position is…”

On the other side, Zhao Yao is hiding in a ventilation duct and is slowly thinking about the situation at hand.

β€œDimensional shuttle and Space Gate operations are temporarily unavailable because they are sealed or regionally restricted?”

He thought about it and decided to wait for the next time to stop, run a little further to see if he can break through a certain range, and then perform two operations.

But as he waited for the CD to stop, a slight jitter came into his ear and it was getting louder and louder.

The next moment, an electromagnetic projectile has whizzed through the ventilation duct and shot at Zhao Yao’s body.

Zhao Yao’s eyes widened, and he was stared at the shells that had been fired by countless times of enhanced vision. Everything was lightning, and the shells that had been fired had already flown out.

But in the next moment, thousands of shells have shattered the air ducts and the surrounding metal walls, and they hit Zhao Yao from all directions.

Zhao Yao’s brow wrinkled and his body flew out.

The explosive power of the body broke out, not only as fast as Lightning, but also the body is perfectly displayed. With incredible movements and angles, it flashed out from the bullets of dozens of speeds.

However, after the first round of shelling, the dense rays have been aimed at Zhao Yao’s position, and the hot high-energy particles cover the entire body of Zhao Yao.

However, Zhao Yao’s body can withstand tens of thousands of plasma gas, naturally will not be evaporated by high-energy particles, the moment of hit, has once again erupted, rushed out of the distance of more than ten kilometers, avoiding the continuation of the ray attack.

At the same time, various fighters, electromagnetic guns, light knife mechanical soldiers, wild beasts, etc., etc., surrounded by various kinds of combat machinery, attacked Zhao Yao like a storm.

At the time of the cooling, in the face of overwhelming attacks, Zhao Yao directly replaced the exclusion field and Quick Regeneration, facing the light knife mechanics who first rushed up, a boxing out.

The sturdy force field radiated out, and thousands of mechanical soldiers capable of cutting the armor of the battleship had been directly blasted by the horrible force field, turning into metal fragments falling to the ground.

But in the next moment, more mechanical warriors rushed up. They were all different in shape. In the back row, there were artillery soldiers who liked Cannon to release high-energy rays. In the front row, there were light-knife soldiers who waved high-frequency knives and released plasma rays. Various gunmen who release high-energy rays…

Looking down from the sky, it is like a swarm of mountains and seas rushing toward Zhao Yao’s position, and then exploding, breaking, and collapsing.

β€œToo much…” Zhao Yao pulled out again, and the force passed through the force field, kicking out more than a thousand mechanical soldiers, then smashing the body, smashing hundreds of machines in one breath. After the soldiers, they plunged into the ground.

Then he collapsed the underground passage and continued to shift position, and after a minute he got rid of the pursuit of the mechanic.

But I tried the conscious shuttle and the Space Gate, but it still didn’t work.

Zhao Yao frowned. “I just fought and retreated. At least I moved more than two hundred kilometers. It still doesn’t work. Is it the ability to directly act on my body, so that I can’t understand the shuttle and can’t interfere with the space?” ?”

“and also……”

Zhao Yao looked at his palm, a wound healed slowly, but healed at a much slower level than usual, but this state lasted only a few seconds and the recovery speed rose again.

“The feeling of being weak is a bit more serious.”

The 12 just caught the alien cat was also thrown a long way by Zhao Yao, both worried that these cats have trackers on their bodies, and they have no time to look at them.

“First of all, there are two forces that are dealing with me now.”

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “One is the mechanical army. The number of troops who have just besieged me is at least a million troops. And this planet is originally one of the arsenal of Chang Maozong. The number of weapons on the whole planet will only be more. If the hard fight is meaningless and you can’t retreat, you are afraid that it will be caught in the end.”

Zhao Yao doesn’t believe that the other party has prepared such a game. He just intends to use low-grade cannon fodder to deal with him. The first wave of the offensive is probably based on temptation and consumption.

“The second type is the ‘weakness’ of my body. It is still unclear what the reason is. I don’t know what will happen if I delay it…”

“It’s a little bad.”

Zhao Yao thought about it, and immediately couldn’t help but swell up: “But it’s still far from killing me.”

A few minutes later, a violent shock came, a huge drill bit broke through the rocks and sand, and went directly to the underground space where Zhao Yao was located. Then the drill bit unfolded and a nuclear bomb was released. The fusion reaction erupts directly in the confined space of the ground.

The earth was torn, and millions of tons of sediment rushed into the sky. The high temperature and high heat Lightning flooded the entire explosion zone, and the flowing magma rushed out of the surface, and the whole surface turned into a hell.

At the same time more than two hundred kilometers away, Zhao Yao slowly came out from the time stop: “I can’t think of a nuclear bomb bath so cool, I don’t know if I would go back and ask the old man to borrow a few nuclear bombs to play and they would not.”

“I don’t think it will work. Maybe he would rather borrow his own eggs than play with it.”

This is the first time Zhao Yao has hardened the nuclear bomb with the flesh. The previous few times, it was just hiding behind the Space Gate. It was not physically connected.

“It’s been dead now, then…” Zhao Yao examined his physical condition. He just deliberately died and reborn. He wanted to see if he could get rid of weakness and tracking after reborn, and use Space Gate and consciousness again. .

Now I checked my situation and found that the feeling of subtle weakness in my body had disappeared, but the consciousness shuttle and Space Gate still could not be used.

Then I found that the chase did not come, Zhao Yao secretly judged: “So weak and tracing belong to the same kind of ability, can be regenerated and refreshed. So disable the awareness shuttle and Space Gate, or the technical ability with the mechanical soldiers, Or is there a third possibility to assist me in attacking?”

Zhao Yao thought about it, his body slammed, and he ran wild again, ran out of thousands of kilometers in one breath, but still couldn’t use the Space Gate and the conscious shuttle.

‘Do you cover the whole world? ‘Zhao Yao’s eyes narrowed up: “So big?”

But in the next moment, Zhao Yao’s gaze condensed, and the feeling of weakness shrouded his body again.

“Come back?”

After a while, the dense mechanical forces circled Zhao Yao’s position.

After a rush of left and right, leaving behind the wreckage of tens of thousands of mechanics, Zhao Yao rushed out of the encirclement and hid again.

‘Is it possible to display performance at a great distance? What is the release method and what conditions? ‘

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