Am I A God? Chapter 1096

The next wave of Zhao Yao’s mechanical soldiers is getting more and more, more and more difficult, and many more elite mechanics have begun to appear.

For example, a self-defeating corps capable of nuclear explosion, an artillery capable of launching a male electronic gun, a nano-mechanical soldier capable of gathering impermanence, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and a melee mechanic equipped with an anti-gravity engine in order to counter the force field of Zhao Yao. The biochemical warfare that spreads the virus against the Quick Regeneration, the radiant mechanics that weaken the body…

As more and more intelligence is collected during the battle of Zhao Yao, more and more targeted mechanics are being used. Zhao Yao takes longer and longer to break through each time. fast.

I saw the entire military planet, along with the battles of Zhao Yao and Chang Maozong, the battlefield continued to move at several times the speed of sound, which was the destruction of a large area of ​​tens of thousands of meters.

Large swaths of ground were continually torn and picked up.

The mountain collapsed, the river collapsed, and the lake was evaporated.

A lot of water vapor and sand were directly put on the sky.

Most of the planets are gradually shrouded in darkness, mixed with natural disasters such as volcanic ash, storms, floods, and earthquakes.

If this planet is the earth, it is that the global civilization has been hit hard, the population has died 90%, the environment is extremely deteriorated, and it is almost impossible to survive.

On the mechanical tower of more than 3,000 meters high, the orange cat looked at Zhao Yao, who was rushing in the direction of the tower. He laughed and said: “Is it aware of our existence? But it is also a planet. Size, always find here, but ah… the closer to the tower, the more effective the curse is.”

Seeing the battlefield dozens of kilometers away, Zhao Yao continually sprints in the direction of the mechanical tower, and the fists and feet are all released along the way. The force field waves released are like many typhoons passing through at the same time. The soldiers seemed to fall down the ground like dumplings.

But there are always some mechanical soldiers shrouded in the anti-gravity engine that can rush up against Zhao Yao’s force field, and need Zhao Yao to enter the enemy group and punch the air.

As he went deep into the enemy’s position and approached the position of the mechanical tower, Zhao Yao felt that his body’s weakness was getting faster.

‘Surely the ability is in the tower, the closer it is to the effect? ‘

Calculating the degree of attenuation and his current physical condition, Zhao Yao frowned and suddenly began to withdraw.

‘No, if the decay rate is increased at this rate, then the way it hits there, the strength is falling too much. ‘

‘Hey, the hang up time is too short, LV73’s pharaohability has not enough time to improve the physical fitness to LV70, the cat giant god grade. ‘

‘There is only…’

Inside the mechanical tower, the orange cat laughed happily: “Run away? The courage is too small.”

“It’s not courageous.” The voice of the other cat came out of the sounder: “With his current physical condition, if you are directly hard, count the rate of increase of your curse effect, when he hits here. I don’t want to go out any more.”

“This guy has calculated that he can’t make a positive breakthrough.”

A dozen super-powered cats rescued from the side quietly, listening to the speeches of the two marshals.

This time, I specialize in dealing with Zhao Yao. It is the mechanical marshal and the disaster marshal among the top ten marshals of Chang Maozong.

I saw the orange cat of the disaster marshal said: “Is this the case? But the retreat is only to delay the time. As time goes by, my curse will continue to deepen, and his situation will only get worse and worse.”

β€œIs it?” said the mechanical marshal. β€œDo you remember the situation when the curse suddenly failed?”

On the other side, Zhao Yao wandered around again, and fought and walked, while running away, while repelling the chasing mechanics.

Under the supervision of the mechanical marshal and the disaster marshal, Zhao Yao was chased around the planet, but one survived with super physical fitness and regenerative ability, but as the physical energy was continuously reduced, grab him. It’s just a matter of time.

But just over two hours later, they found that Zhao Yao rushed toward the mechanical tower again.

“Hey, the last fight of the beastly beast? I want to make a final fight before I completely lose my resistance.” The disaster marshal said: “It is over.”

However, Zhao Yao, who is dozens of kilometers away, has a smile. The reason why he has been fighting for so long is to wait for the time to stop the rebirth.

Now that he is born again, he has the bottom of the air to fly.

Then he saw a static world. He quickly approached the mechanical tower and directly destroyed the bottom of the entire tower. Then he released the violent force field and removed it from the first floor to the top floor. Then he looked at the top floor. The figure of the orange cat was caught in the head of the orange cat.

“Is this super cat?”

But after grabbing the other’s head, Zhao Yao’s face changed slightly, only to see him slamming the other’s head, all mechanical heads exposed in his eyes.

He was breaking the other twelve super-powerful cats around him, all of them fake mechanical cats.

β€œIs this tower a trap?” Zhao Yao accidentally said, β€œWhy do I feel that my body function is falling faster after I get here? Is my understanding of the type of enemy capability wrong?”

Zhao Yao, who felt something wrong, frowned. “No, this time I stopped when I used it, so I didn’t feel it when I approached it. The decay rate is faster.”

In order to know the real situation, Zhao Yao took back the time and stopped. The robotic cat in front of him suddenly showed a fatal fire, and the whole machine started to blew himself. To completely devour Zhao Yao in the flame, he also I feel that my decay rate is not getting faster, and the other party is not here.

In the space station outside the atmosphere, the disaster marshal looked at the mechanical tower that was blown into the smash, and smiled slyly: “You still have enough caution, how do you know that he has a way to rush in directly.”

“I was not sure before.” The mechanical marshal calmly said: “But do you remember the moment he got rid of your curse and then appeared elsewhere?”

As a strong and well-known person who is sensible and calm, the mechanical marshal’s tactics have always been to win and weaken, to win more and less, to fight under absolute advantage without leaving any chance to the other side.

The same is true now. In the case where the other party’s ability is unclear, he does not fight against the other party at all, but instead spends huge sums of money to transform the environment and then carry out over-the-horizon operations.

The disaster marshal nodded: “He is now free from the curse. Oh, escape it.”

Then the disaster marshal stretched out his claws and began to paint on a piece of white paper. He quickly painted Zhao Yao’s appearance on it, then drew a circle on it and finally sprinkled his orange hair.

At the same time, the strange power rushed toward Zhao Yao, and then the eyes of the disaster marshal suddenly slammed and said: “It has bounced back again, oh… who can stand it, how many times, I have I can’t do it…”

Then the disaster marshal quickly lifted the curse on himself and again showed his ability. After three consecutive times, he finally succeeded.

In this way, the battle completely entered the war of attrition, and the mechanical marshal and the disaster marshal did not give Zhao Yao a chance to fight in front. They used the curse and the mechanical force to drag Zhao Yao into the quagmire and sleep on the planet. Then slowly weaken the strength of each other.

However, Zhao Yao has survived with a strong survivability, and even because of the physical condition of the harsh environment, it also offsets the decline in physical fitness caused by some curses.

But shortly after the space station, a Starship battleship jumped in. They were summoned by the mechanical marshal and began to aim at the constantly moving Zhao Yao on the planet’s surface.

After more than ten hours, the entire planet was burned in a sea of ​​fire and completely turned into a flame of hell.

Marshal of the disaster: “In this environment, I have been attacked and chased. He can’t live for a long time.”

The mechanical marshal said slowly: “I have contacted Maigs and Toth. After they have solved the problem at hand, if we are still fighting, then he will come over immediately.”

“The two of them?” The head of the disaster marshal was slightly tilted. It was the name of the Marshal Marshal and the Marshal Explosion. The disaster marshal shook his tail and said, “No, let us four to deal with a nameless generation?”

The mechanical marshal said calmly: “The survivability and escapeability of the opponent are far beyond my expectations, and they also show compoundability, which is too much like the cat-making of the Scorpio plan.

In addition, the opponent is related to the inner ghosts of the high-level, and the target’s current level of importance has exceeded the sector battlefield that I am responsible for.

I feel that it is highly necessary to use the four marshals to take the shot and use the Thunder to seize each other. ”

The disaster marshal shook his head, and some assured and somewhat helplessly said: “You are really too cautious. The four marshals shot together, and there are not a few cats in this galaxy that can escape.”

On the other side, Zhao Yao looked at more and more battleships in the sky, and he said in his heart: “It’s too stable? Is this going to burn this planet into a glass ball? Isn’t it just a few cats? I am so embarrassed.”

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