Am I A God? Chapter 1097

One day later.

Deep in the mantle layer.

Zhao Yao slides the palm of his hand and drains the molten material in front of him. The body is swept forward like a fish.

Six hours ago, the surface environment was completely unsustainable, and the number of mechanical and space warships continued to soar. Zhao Yao was consuming a lot of physical strength to fight almost every moment.

Although it has the reliability of Quick Regeneration, it can’t completely reduce the fatigue.

In order to avoid the encirclement of the large forces, Zhao Yao drilled directly into the depths of the cellar. With the natural high-pressure and high-temperature environment here, most of the mechanical units and space warships were blocked.

But even then, there are still some elite mechanical soldiers who can chase after them…

Zhao Yao’s ear moved slightly and turned his head. Although the molten material was wrapped and the field of view was almost 0, it was still possible to determine something by vibration.

‘Have you chased again? So fast……’

In the position of thousands of meters, hundreds of elite mechanics tracked Zhao Yao’s position. Their bodies were made of the latest super alloy developed by the mechanical marshal. They have anti-matter engines in their bodies and are also equipped to fight in the cellar. Weapons such as interference field, ultra-low temperature refrigerating gun and plasma lightsaber.

Zhao Yao, who heard the sound, stopped and then moved to the enemy.

I saw him boxing out, repelling the field and sweeping the past, carrying millions of tons of power to spread wildly.

However, because the four are surrounded by molten matter, the power is weakened by layers, and decays with the spread of distance. When the force is transmitted to the mechanics, it is already very small and can only gently push their bodies.

However, Zhao Yao also took the opportunity to detect the specific position of the mechanical soldiers. The body looked like a sword and arranged the semi-liquid material around the arm. The arms stretched out and grabbed the head of an elite mechanic. .


In the loud noise, the head of the mechanical soldier was slightly twisted by Zhao Yao, but it was not killed. Instead, the hands burst out of the ultra-low temperature cooling rays, and then the mechanical claws of the feet popped two plasma swords toward Zhao Yao. Cut the direction.

However, Zhao Yao’s movements were faster, and the shaking of the palm of the mechanical soldier shook the opponent’s offensive. Then he punched out and pierced the chest. The force field passed to the center around the chest and directly passed. The mechanical soldiers shook a twisted metal.

“It’s really hard.” Zhao Yao’s brows are slightly wrinkled. This new elite mechanic is harder and harder to fight than he has dealt with before, apparently for the purpose of the earthen floor environment.

Zhao Yao’s gaze condensed and slammed toward other mechanics. A few minutes later, leaving a wreckage swallowed by the molten material around him, he swam again to other locations on the mantle layer.

‘Hey, this environment is also suitable for my exercise, passive environment hang up, plus active exercise, now my body is getting stronger faster. ‘

At the same time, in the space station on the other side, the disaster marshal looked ugly: “A small cat slave has been hiding under our eyes for so long…”

Mechanical Marshal: “He has not been supplemented by super power, which means that this guy can use the ability freely even without the support of the super cat, and absolutely cannot let humans have this characteristic.”

The disaster marshal said: “Do not worry, he can’t escape, can’t move in space, can’t consciously shuttle, he can’t escape this planet, no matter what he does, it’s just dying, delaying time.”

Mechanical Marshal: “Not enough… Maggs and Toth are coming.”

During the conversation, the door next to the door opened, and a cat was seen shrouded in a cat-shaped mech, and a cat with an incandescent flame burning inside and out came in.

It was the Marshal Explosion who burned the incandescent flame. He laughed happily: “Mechanical, disaster, I heard that when you spent more than a dozen universes, even a small cat slave could not clean up. I actually You are all marshals.”

Marshal of Disaster: “Explosive, are you looking for death…”

The virus marshal, who was shrouded in the mech, said coldly: “I don’t have time to watch your quarrel. Where are the people? I will leave if I solve it.”

Mechanical Marshal: “The virus is not wrong, take the time, he should have no spare capacity, and the four of us shot together and caught him at the fastest speed.”

Marshal of Disaster: “Remember, don’t kill him, you must catch it. We still have a lot of intelligence to ask him.”

“Know it!” The explosion of flames slammed into flames, and the first one rushed out and turned into a fireball that flew to the surface.

Looking at the military planet that had been burned into a big fireball, he shouted with a cheer: “Ha ha ha ha, so beautiful? Let me add another fire!”

In the cellar, Zhao Yao, who is swimming at high speed, suddenly raised his head: “There is something coming.”

The next moment, his eyes suddenly brightened and his vision was restored.

Then I saw that the molten material around them was all in flames, and then spread out in all directions, revealing a huge space.

At the same time, Zhao Yao’s head is lit up with a flame passage. It is the blasting marshal who, through his own ability, directly transforms the rock layers of several kilometers underground into flames, creating a flame passage.

As the flame passages rose, a large number of mechanical forces swarmed and poured directly into the gaps in the mantle layer, killing Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao’s gaze: ‘Let’s help? ‘

The next moment, we saw the overwhelming mechanical forces attacking Zhao Yao. All kinds of elite warfare machinery released various high-energy particles, energy weapons, force fields, radiation, and electromagnetics. It seems to destroy everything in front of us. Do it.

In one of Zhao Yao’s rampages, the body broke out dozens of speeds of sound, as if it were a meteor, and a series of mechanical forces were turned into metal garbage.

But he also quickly felt that his speed was getting slower and slower. More and more force fields and kinetic weapons were on his body. More and more super-alloy mechanics were in front of him, constantly lowering. His speed.

At the same time, the disaster marshal, who was wearing a mech and hiding in the mechanized army, shot.

It is no longer just a curse that is weakened by a long distance, but a close curse of various anti-injury, bad luck, bloodshed, and illness is shrouded in Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao, who was still able to press the mechanical force, immediately felt the difficulty. He obviously hit the enemy’s attack, and he would hurt himself from time to time. The flashing kinetic energy bullet did not flash, and the body’s epidermis suddenly cracked. Open bleeding, even inexplicable cough, dizziness.

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