Am I A God? Chapter 1099

At the end of the month, Zhao Yao looked at BOOK, first of all the experience gained from profit.

During this time, the profit of Cat Le Street was very high. It seems that after Zhao Yao used his own network to borrow money, his business was paid more attention.

Friends are afraid that he will not make enough money to spend money. Poorly come to find someone to borrow money, and they have made great efforts to help Zhao Yao improve the business of Cat Le Street and earn more money.

So this month’s profit experience, even gave a lot of Zhao Yao 20.

The BOOK at the moment reaches BOOK: Lv9 (2717917/200000)

“The experience value of 2.7 million is used.”

Zhao Yao opened the lucky draw at the location of the lottery. The 1000 draws showed his eyes bright, and he was waiting for such a cool month every month. Now every time I have this lottery, I donโ€™t want to wait for a minute. I just want to smoke him.

Experience value 50

Experience value 100

Experience value 50

Cat spicy strip

Imperial cat armor debris


Ten consecutive draws! Ten consecutive draws! Ten consecutive draws!

Rows of rewards flew in front of Zhao Yao’s eyes, 1000’s lottery was quickly lighted, and Zhao Yao felt that he was drained, and felt a bit boring.

But looking at the already packed emperor cat armor, Zhao Yao was excited again.

“Direct redemption!”

In an instant, he felt something in his consciousness, and a message flowed into his mind.

Imperial Cat Armor:

After combining a number of super cats, the top mechs created by Black Technology.

Features 1 Biomass Armor: Biomass armor constructed with user cells, enhanced with user enhancement, unlimited regeneration, permanent enhancement of user 100% defense, 100% physique

Features 2 super symbiosis: can store two super cats and use them at the same time.

Features 3 Berserker: absorbs the void energy to replenish physical strength, and the physical strength in battle is never exhausted.

Features 4 imaginary storage: Cat emperor armor can be stored in the imaginary space of its own, ready to appear and dress.

Features 5 King Cat Power: Allability Level + 10

Features 6 Free Fashion: Free to change style and color

After reading all the information about the emperor’s armor, Zhao Yao couldn’t help but burst into a sentence: “The trough.”


“Too great!”

“Especially using two kinds of capabilities at the same time, plus the ability of my own ontology, it is three, and it is the superability of all levels + 10.”

“No, I think I am invincible.”

Zhao Yao laughed and hurriedly wanted to see what the emperor’s armor looks like, and then put it on and see if it looks good.

Then I came back and reacted. This is in the dimension of consciousness, and I can’t see the newly exchanged material.

However, by consciously moving through the dimension of consciousness, it is originally able to carry some of the material on one’s own body, plus the 4 imaginary storage of the character of God’s cat and armor. Zhao Yao can feel at the moment that there seems to be something more in his consciousness. Can be summoned anywhere.

Considering that he is returning to the material world, he may have to face the attack of Chang Maozong. Zhao Yao thinks: “Then don’t wear it first, strengthen it first, strengthen it and then wear it in the material world.”

Then Zhao Yao began to strengthen the stone with excitement, and first strengthened the Emperor cat armor to +7 in one breath, and added two more features.

Features 7 Elvis: Cannot be controlled by any superability

The 8 feature is black and hard: each time it takes 1 second damage, the defensive power and blackness increase by 1%. If it exceeds 20 seconds, it does not take damage. The bonus is cleared, the self-injury is invalid, and the maximum bonus is 300%.

Seeing the two new features, Zhao Yao smiles and laughs.

“I see who can beat me!”

“No matter whether you are single-handed or group, there are these two possibilities. My current vitality is simply strong, and even if I meet the four cats, I can just get low.”

Next is the enhancement of +7 and above, which requires 100,000 one-piece hardened hammer to protect the bottom.

However, Zhao Yao has a lot of experience now, and he directly consumes 100 experience, and exchanges 10 fortified hammers in one breath, then mammoth strengthens the stone.

Strengthening success

Hardening failure

Hardening failure

Hardening failure

After using ten fortified hammers, Zhao Yao exchanged ten fortified hammers.

Continuous 20 guarantees, allowing Zhao Yao to smash nearly 30 grams of fortified stone.

In this tone, the emperor cat armor was strengthened to +15, so the emperor cat armor has two more features.

็‰นๆ€ง9ๆ‰“ๆˆ‘่€…ไผค๏ผš50%ๅ‡ ็Ž‡ๅๅผน0.1ๅ€ไผคๅฎณ๏ผŒ10%ๅ‡ ็Ž‡ๅๅผน0.5ๅ€ไผคๅฎณ๏ผŒ1%ๅ‡ ็Ž‡ๅๅผน1ๅ€ไผคๅฎณ๏ผŒ0.1%ๅ‡ ็Ž‡ๅๅผน10ๅ€ไผคๅฎณใ€‚

Features 10 tyrannical bar: Attacks with a destructive power lower than 5%, all free of damage.

Seeing the two new features, Zhao Yao is happy again, just can’t wait for someone to play for himself and try the skill effect.

The old super-exemption of the algorithm is only a rebound super attack, and this feature 9 is the full attack probability rebound, it has become a super hedgehog.

However, suddenly Zhao Yao’s face changed slightly: “This is a bit different from my original development direction. If there is such a rebound, when the battle is going on, isn’t the more people playing me the better?”

Shaking his consciousness, Zhao Yao threw out his thoughts in his mind. He looked at BOOK and now has more than 700,000 experience.

“Well, do you want to strengthen it? Or use ruby?”

The previous Diamond Hall update also updated a ruby โ€‹โ€‹item that can be inlaid on the equipment to improve performance.

‘Or is it used to upgrade BOOK? Signing a new super cat? ‘

Zhao Yao looked at the experience and the props in the Diamond Hall. I thought about the more than 700,000 experience points in my hand, and I struggled hard.

“No, there is so much experience, the intensified heart can’t stop, can anyone live with it?!”

“Now, in addition to continuing to strengthen, there is no mood to do anything else!!”

So he took the rest of the 700,000 experience points and exchanged 7 fortified hammers, and then strengthened the stone sarcophagus to the emperor cat armor.

After two successful enhancements, the Emperor’s armor reached +17, and another feature was added again.

Features 11 burns undead cat: Flame attack immunity

โ€œHey? Is there such a thing?โ€ Zhao Yao smiled slightly: โ€œItโ€™s just right to deal with the cat.โ€


On the other side, the mechanical marshal’s space station.

The disaster marshal suddenly blinked his eyes: “Come, he is coming to the material world.” He quickly told the mechanical marshal.

Explosion: “Itโ€™s finally coming, send us in the past.”

The virus wore a repaired mech and looked in the direction of the folding door.

I saw countless blue lights lit up, a large group of mechanical cats around the folding door, watching the other three cats said: “Give it, this time definitely give him a chance to escape.”

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