Am I A God? Chapter 1100

With the flickering of the folding door, the space is distorted.

The next moment, viruses, disasters, explosions, and hundreds of mechanical cats flashed across thousands of light years and landed on a barren planet.

The dark sky, the cracked earth, the whole planet is in a dry desert environment.

In this large desert, the gust of wind never stops boasting, and a large piece of gravel shuttles back and forth like a bullet.

This is a planet that is not suitable for the vast majority of life. There is almost no water. The air is a continuous flying sand. The never-ending sandstorm wraps the surface of the planet, enough to shoot the invaded spaceship into a sieve.

The Marshal just came here and felt the bad environment, then opened his eyes and looked at the position hundreds of meters ahead of them.

A force field blocked the sandstorm and vacated hundreds of cubic meters of quiet space.

Zhao Yao stood quietly, looking at the long-haired cats that were sent.

I saw that Zhao Yao was covered in a golden armor at the moment, and the long black hair was draped through the helmet, accompanied by a gentle breeze.

The shape of the current Zhao Yao looks like a gold Saint.

Zhao Yao feels very satisfied with the shape he has just pinched.

What makes him more satisfied is that the emperor’s cat armor is worn outside, and the cat prince’s dress is worn inside. These two pieces of equipment can work at the same time.

That is to say, Zhao Yao is now blessed with two pieces of equipment. It is possible to use four types at the same time.

It can be said that Zhao Yao at this moment is exploding and exploding.

On the other side, seeing Zhao Yao standing there so slyly, the disaster marshal smiled: “You just waited here to run? Is it going to surrender?”

“Do not accept surrender!” The flames under the blasting flames burned fiercely. The flame broke through the sandbags around them and shrouded the companions. But with superb control, tens of thousands of degrees of flame were around the teammates. But they did not burn them.

“I have to grill one of his legs first.”

The figure of the mechanical marshal passed from the mechanical cat: “Don’t care, his appearance looks a bit wrong…”

“What’s wrong with us, do we have to play a cat slave, do we have to look ahead?” The first one of the explosions couldn’t wait to rush out, and they saw the fiery flames slamming into a light beam and slamming Zhao Yao’s body, earth-shattering. After the explosion, the sandstorm was raging, the earth cracked, and the explosion caused a direct blow to open a canyon that was more than ten kilometers long and three or four kilometers deep.

Zhao Yao stood still, and the ground under his feet remained intact. He smiled and said to the explosion: “You four, do you like to play games? You will have a lot of games to play in the future.”

The mechanical marshal was alert for the first time: “Be careful! His combat power has changed!”

“What is arrogant!” The sizzling screams, the incandescent flames skyrocketing, piercing the atmosphere directly, as if the volcanic eruption emerged.

“I burned you!”

The sandstorm was burned, the atmosphere was ignited, and the entire barren planet began to be dyed into a golden red color with the position of the explosion.

The blasting marshal’s ability can transform any non-living matter into a flame, once igniting the atmosphere of a whole planet, and evaporating all life on the planet.

But at the moment his full force broke out, he saw that Zhao Yao, still hundreds of meters away, still stood quietly in the same place, looking at him with a sullen look, and it was hard to hurt him under the fire. .

‘How can it be? ‘Impressed in my heart is unbelievable: ‘I just used a flame of 300,000 degrees high temperature to burn him. From the heat point of view, it is enough to burn a mountain. How could it be that there is nothing? ‘

Features 11 burns undead cat: Flame attack immunity

Zhao Yao looked at the 11, the character of the Emperor’s armor, and slowly opened his mouth. The consciousness was introduced into the minds of several cats.

“Don’t waste money, the flames have been ineffective for me.”

“To be honest, how strong I am now, even I don’t know.”

Zhao Yao said slowly in an incomparable real tone: “Nobody is my opponent in the whole universe. Just come and help me test it, I will stand here and move, you see See if I can hurt me.”

‘Too mad! ‘

Not only is it an explosion, but the other three cats who heard what Zhao Yao said, there is only one feeling in mind, that is, the other party is either a fool or a madman.

The spleen of the explosion broke out: “I don’t believe that I can’t burn you!”

I saw that he continued to burn Zhao Yao with flames, but not only did not hurt Zhao Yao, but under the black and hard characteristics, Zhao Yao’s defense and blackness were continuously improved due to continuous attacks.

Zhao Yao said: ‘It’s really a good assist. ‘

On the other hand, I saw that hundreds of Guardian mechanical cats emitted intense energy fluctuations, and the muzzle flashed a dark light at Zhao Yao.

They are the supreme creations of the mechanical marshals, each of which is built with countless resources, hard work and top-notch technology.

Whether it’s strength, energy, output or arming, it’s a far cry from the mechanical soldiers that Zhao Yao has dealt with before.

The former mechanical marshals were not willing to pull them out to deal with Zhao Yao, but the number of folding gates was limited, he could only pull his most elite mechanical forces.

The next moment, the Yang Electronic Cannon volleyed toward Zhao Yao’s body. This array of hundreds of Yang Electronic Guns came with a force that could penetrate the spaceship and sway a continent.

From the outer space, you can even see the amazing glare from the flames and dust, like a Sunshine rising slowly on the surface, the vast land began to collapse, sink, split, and the sky From now on, turning into more and more violent sandstorms is like welcoming the end of the world.

But in the face of this terrible attack, Zhao Yao did nothing. He just stood with his hands on his chest, stood in the ground, and then under attack… getting darker.

Then, under the volley of the electronic gun, Zhao Yao’s body was only exploded by 8%, and then regenerated quickly.

Again and again, it is impossible to hit Zhao Yao’s damage to 8% or more, and even as Zhao Yao gets darker, the damage is getting smaller and smaller.

At the same time, more than half of the Guardian mechanical cats also exploded, and a small part of them even penetrated the mechanical body and fell towards the ground.

There are also two individual ones that are directly evaporated by the invisible force, which is ten times the chance of the king cat armor 0.1%.

It is obvious that the mechanical cat is attacking, but Zhao Yao is standing still in the same place, so it is hard to kill the mechanical cat troops, but it is unscathed, but under the black and hard special effects, people and armor It has become darker.

Zhao Yao looks at the mechanical forces that have stopped and dare not continue to attack: “It’s too weak, even if there are more such troops, it is no different from the weeds for me now.”

The disaster marshal hid in the guard of the Guardian mechanical cat. Looking at Zhao Yao, who was covered in a dark mist in the distance, the cat hair was constantly falling down nervously: “This guy… Why give me this now? Dangerous feeling?”

I saw his cat claws bounce, and one curse was released.

Zhao Yao frowned and looked at the disaster marshal who was guarded by the mechanical cat. He shook his head: “I advise you not to shoot, you will die.”

“Hey.” How could the disaster marshal listen to him, continue to fully launch the ability, and cast a curse superpower.

But the curse attack is directly exempted from the majority, knowing that the LV73 Pharaoh and the LV10 level bonus of the God of the Emperor’s armor now have a super-exemption rate of 83%.

The series of curses of the disaster marshal only succeeded in a bloodshed, and all others were bounced back to themselves.

The whole cat screamed and almost fainted. The body is constantly shaking, the whole cat has been consuming most of the energy, and the pain is afflicted, the bad luck is entangled, the physical strength is constantly weakening, and the force of combat is directly lost temporarily.

Zhao Yao shook his head: “I didn’t die? Luck is not bad.”

On the other hand, the explosion was the first to prepare for the big move. I saw him drifting between the high-speed swimming, and constantly igniting the dust in the atmosphere into a flame, sweeping away toward Zhao Yao.

Centered on the body of Zhao Yao, a fire storm with a diameter of more than a thousand kilometers gradually formed. From the outer space, it looks like an eye is opened on a barren planet.

“Give me into ashes!”

But the ubiquitous flame storm, whether it is tens of thousands of degrees, hundreds of thousands of degrees, millions of degrees are useless, directly ignored by the fire of the emperor cat armor.

I can even see that Zhao Yao is open, letting the flames of hundreds of thousands of degrees of high temperature burn their own eyes, but they can’t damage them.

Zhao Yao let the flames rush into his eyes, nose, mouth, and casually said: “I said before, the flame is useless to me.

“Don’t say that you have a little flame now, even if you take a bath in the core of Sunshine, I think the water temperature is too low, you still try to use other tricks.”

“Damn!” The stunned heart was shocked and added: “What is the matter with his body? My flame is completely ineffective?”

On the other hand, the virus marshal’s dual mobile phone is fully open, and the poisonous cloud is flying toward Zhao Yao. His body is made up of pure poisons, among which hundreds of millions of diseases and poisons are collected and cultivated by Chang Maozong. There are countless kinds of terrible viruses that can easily eliminate a civilization and survive in extreme environments.

Even new diseases and poisons are produced in every minute.

If he is soaked in the Pacific Ocean, I am afraid that within 24 hours, the entire life of the Earth will die.

But now Zhao Yao let the poisonous mist swept over him, and the defensive power of Zhao Yao, which was dark in the dark, surged. Under the full attack of the Marshal Marshal, it was only the skin that was constantly broken and then constantly repaired.

Then I saw that Zhao Yao opened his mouth and sucked it, and even directly inhaled the poison of the virus marshal.

The virus was dumbfounded: “Is he crazy?”

Zhao Yao’s internal organs, muscles, and nerves decayed rapidly, and they quickly completed regeneration.

Even with its amazing lung capacity, Zhao Yao continued to inhale, and the whole person turned into a typhoon eye, instantly forming a hurricane of more than ten levels, inhaling all the poisons and flames around him, and finally slamming again. come out.

Zhao Yao wiped her mouth and showed a smile: “Is this strong enough, is there any other taste?”

The virus looked at Zhao Yao in front of the horror, and for a moment, did not know how to react.


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