Am I A God? Chapter 1101

Seeing how a few cats are stunned, Zhao Yao is extremely calm, but his heart is laughing.

On the surface, however, he still maintains a calm and relaxed attitude, watching a few cats say, “How? Try it?”

A few cats didn’t talk, but looking at Zhao Yao’s eyes was all hesitant and nervous.

As the mainstay of Chang Maozong, they are like killing the human beings like this, but they feel that they can’t beat them, and they are not reconciled.

Seeing their indecisive appearance, Zhao Yao smiled in his heart: “The strength of the emperor cat armor is almost the same, it is time to take them back…”

The next moment, time fell into a still state, Zhao Yao’s body flashed, first came to the disaster marshal’s body, his fingers flicked, and instantly smashed the other’s mech.

Then the thoughts moved, the Space Gate on the side was opened, and Zhao Yao threw the disaster marshal in.

Time resumed, and Zhao Yao stood in the original position of the disaster marshal, faintly said: “The first one.”

“Disaster!!” burst into tears.

In their immediate perspective, the disaster suddenly disappeared, and Zhao Yao suddenly appeared behind him.

The virus marshal’s four around the black air rose: “How are you taking him!”

Zhao Yao: “Give him the place where he should go. It’s your turn…”

Explosive: “Damn!”

β€œFast escape!” The mechanical marshal borrowed the mechanical cats and shouted: β€œWe are not his opponent! I fled back to Chang Maozong…”

In the shouts, the remaining mechanical cats made a cracking sound, and the hard-to-describe light burst out of their bodies and shot in the direction of Zhao Yao.

This is the anti-matter Cannon launched by the mechanical cat’s self-destructive anti-matter engine. Now the remaining hundred mechanical cats simultaneously release the final anti-material Cannon, which is enough to bring irreparable damage to the planet under the foot.

I am afraid that in the next few hundred years and thousands of years, the whole planet will be covered in dust, and the earth will also experience earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all over the world. The whole planet will become hell.

But these are not the mechanical marshals to consider now, he only wants to temporarily block Zhao Yao, and then save the explosions and viruses.

When I saw a mechanical cat blasting a shell, one of them did not blew itself, but instead lifted the cat’s claws and gave off a unique space ripple.

That is the return beacon of the folding gate, used to open the way back.

But in the next moment, time stopped and accelerated. All the mechanical cats had pointed the muzzle in the direction of the sky. Hundreds of anti-material guns aimed at outer space, and the light that pierced was like a long sword inserted on the planet.

The mechanical cats who shot the last shot were disintegrated, and the mad flames around them disappeared.

At the same time, the mechanical cat that released the return beacon also slammed into a group of scrap iron, just like a canned flat can.

“Unfortunately.” Zhao Yao appeared behind the mechanical cat and said softly: “You are not here? Just operate these mechanical cats remotely.”

Seeing that the mechanical marshal was also solved, the virus marshal shouted and said: “You flee, I will block him.”

On the other side, Zhao Yao turned his head and saw the rolling black clouds blowing in his direction. It was the poisonous fog of the virus marshal.

The rolling black clouds are coming to Zhao in the sky, and there seems to be something wonderful in the dark clouds. Zhao Yao can even see a strange figure flashing in the clouds, making a harsh Tweet.

That is the virus marshal completely released the control of disease and poison in the body, and stimulated growth and evolution.

The cloud body of the Virgin Marshal was originally composed of the most terrible viruses in countless universes, as well as the cat-made viruses of Chang Maozong.

Only the usual virus marshals control these viruses at all times, let them use them for themselves, and will not lose control.

Now that the control is released, even after the evolution of the virus marshal, in a few seconds, these worst and most horrible diseases and poisons have gradually become something that the Marshal is difficult to understand.

With such unlimited growth, the virus life may become a natural disaster on the entire planet, even after swallowing the entire planet and heading for the universe.

Now Zhao Yao can see a tiny tentacles in it, which are mixed in the black clouds and make a strange noise.

In a short period of time, the diseases and poisons in the black cloud madly multiply, evolve, and even completely out of the control of the virus marshal.

In the face of this move, Zhao Yao just took a deep breath and then spit out.

The gust of wind swept through, and within a few kilometers, it was like welcoming an unprecedented storm, and with the help of the exclusion field, it turned into a road tornado, and directly blew the poisonous cloud blowing back and shattered into a ball. .

Then the time is suspended.

Zhao Yao’s body flashed again, and it appeared at the side of the virus marshal. When a boxing came out, he directly blew the other’s mech, revealing the black fog shell under the mech, and saw Zhao Yao five fingers. Open, slammed into the poisonous fog.

The venom was completely wrapped up in the exclusion field, and then the toxic fog was pinched into a table tennis size with the action of Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao: “The second one… This is only for the time being, I am holding him.”

Zhao Yao thought about it, swallowed the little black ball directly into the stomach, and then maintained the exclusion of the field to suppress the poisonous fog.

Anyway, there are now the cat prince dress and the emperor cat armor. He can open four super-ability at the same time. Even if he stops, exercises and the stomach bag, he can always open the exclusion field.

After cleaning up the virus, Zhao Yao’s eyes looked at the boundless fire in the atmosphere, and soon in the flames, locked the explosion of the figure.

In the eyes of the explosion, the virus disappeared suddenly and suddenly disappeared, just like the previous disaster.

On the battlefield of the original scorpion, only the Yao Yao, the explosion, and the whistling of the whistling sounds are left.

“Ah!” Explosion angered and yelled: “Where did you get them! Give them back to me!!” The flames rushed with the anger of the explosion, and the temperature of thousands of miles rose sharply, the air Constantly trembled, infinitely magnified the roar of the explosion.

Zhao Yao said faintly: “Send them where they should go.”

“Ah! Damn!!” Explosive anger rushed to Zhao Yao: “You give me death!!”

The Sunshine-like light emanates from every cell in his body, and he intends to blew himself.

In the face of the long-haired cat that rushed from the explosion, Zhao Yao stopped the time, walked to the other side, took a light shot against the blasted head, and then sent it into the stomach pocket.

In the next moment, time has returned to the passing of, and there is an unconscious long-haired cat among the stomach pockets.

On the battlefield of the ridiculous planet, only Zhao Yao left a quiet standing. He looked up and seemed to think about something, and then disappeared.

In the flames in the distance, a tiny mechanical insect slowly flew out and photographed all the pictures.

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