Am I A God? Chapter 1102

Zhao Yao returned to the stomach pocket of the yuan, and saw the stunned and catastrophic side of the two long-haired cats on the ground, surrounded by a large circle of super cats.

Mocha is pressing one foot on the face of the explosion: “Hurry up, this is the alien cat I just won.”

โ€œAre you alien cats?โ€ Bridget looked curiously at the explosions and disasters: โ€œDo these two look good?โ€

The rough face squeezed out of the cat group, excitedly twitched the tail, and spit out his tongue and shouted: “Mocha, don’t pretend, you are definitely not caught, do you want to bet? If this alien cat is you win I am going to eat live!”

Fishball squeezed in from underneath and heard the words angry: “Rough face! How come you lie to the cheeks in the stomach pocket, I want to tell the rain!”

The rough face slammed into Fishball’s body, and the pressed Fishball struggled wildly, but he couldn’t struggle.

Zhao Yao glanced at the cats and said: “Be careful, these two are the top powerhouses in the alien cats, and this one…” said, Zhao Yao vomited and spit out the virus marshal. .

I saw a small black ball rotating around Zhao Yao.

“This one is also, don’t touch it. Once the poison inside comes out, it is estimated that the whole earth will be finished.”

Seeing the expressions of the cats and their expressions and fears, Zhao Yao didnโ€™t feel at all.

“Hey, I won such a powerful alien cat. No one knows anything on earth. What do you mean?”

No one knows that when he thinks he has done such a big thing, Zhao Yao feels awkward and uncomfortable.

Zhao Yao touched his chin and said slowly: “The bulls are not forced to push, such as Jinyi night trip, it is uncomfortable.”

The next moment, BOOK drops a new task.

Side line task: low key

Mission Objective: As a low-key powerhouse, you discovered the threat of alien cats. In order to protect the earth, you decided to disclose the existence of alien cats to the earth. Remember, act low-key.

Mission Reward: The more people you reveal, the more experience you get, the lowest 5000, the highest 50000.

Failure penalty: no

Looking at the task, Zhao Yao smiled: “It really is my BOOK, you are right, I can’t ignore the safety of the earth because I like low-key. Um… I think about how to tell everyone about this. “”


Zhao Yao had plans to do it, but she planned to do it, but she first connected the disaster and the explosion to the game, and suppressed their consciousness in the seal world.

Then I looked at the black ball on the side, which was the virus marshal who was temporarily sealed by him.

“Hey, can you change back to the prototype?”

The poisonous mist did not move, and there was no reaction at all. Obviously, it did not match Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao is a brainstorming and has new ideas.

He simply did not insist on turning the other party into a prototype, but instead controlled the black ball around his head and turned around.

“Well, this is not bad, it is fashionable, and it can be used as a weapon. Then you will follow me for the time being.”

Then Zhao Yao opened the Space Gate, walked in, and then headed for the Space Gate that was previously on the military planet of Maomao.


On the other side, in the space station of the mechanical marshal, he looked at the last scene of the mechanical insects, silent for a long time.

“Disasters, explosions, viruses have disappeared. Look at that look, it should be him, doing it with his space capacity.”

“Now want to come, this guy and our first battle, just passive beating, did not use ability to fight back. Just the defense is so powerful, maybe his real strength is even more terrifying.”

“The situation has been reported to the big president, I hope that I can come up with a solution…”

Just when the mechanical marshal thought about it, suddenly he became aware of it and looked at a piece of information with a slight puzzle: “A star ship has disappeared in combat? All the crew members above lost contact, let me try to track it?”

He tried to contact the Starship, but found that the other party had completely disconnected the quantum network, the quantum secret was also closed, and even the hidden folds did not give feedback, so even if he could not catch up It is.

If it is a warship he made and controlled personally, he can still find it back.

But Chang Maoโ€™s so many warships, machinery, and mechanical marshalsโ€™ soability are so sensitive, how could he let him master all the warships. Now that the other party has disconnected, there is no feedback from the two alternate tracking signals. The universe is so large that even the mechanical marshal can’t track it.

“I can’t catch up, probably the guy who is short Mao Zong.”

The mechanical marshal shook his head and directly replied to the other party. He did not put the disappearance of a starship ship in his heart. After all, the three wars, the destruction and disappearance of the warships are all normal things, almost every day, What he cares most now is the loss of the three marshals and the impact of the cat slave.

On the other side of the globe, the top leaders of hundreds of countries gathered to participate in an unprecedented world of aviation.

Just today, with the close cooperation of several major powers, mankind is about to usher in a new chapter in history.

The Earth Aerospace Administration was formally established by bringing together the most advanced aerospace forces on the planet.

The first manned spacecraft targeting Mars will be officially launched, and is expected to launch a year later, opening a new chapter in human exploration of aliens.

Countless media, countless people, rich people, scientists, stars… all focus on this place. This is an unprecedented cooperation in the history of mankind. It is also a revolutionary step in the history of mankind. For the first time, the great countries have come to the same goal. together.

In the lounge of the on-site leader, many leaders are resting, talking, and working.

Pu Tzu sat alone on the sofa, cocked his legs, looked at his mobile phone, and was typing hard.

A Russian-looking Russian walked into the lounge and sat down beside Pu’er.

Pu Zi looked up at him and continued to type his head down. He said, “Beijing brother, are you coming? Is the interview finished?”

Jingxiong nodded and said: “Itโ€™s over, I hope everything goes well, hehe… Iโ€™ll start to land aliens soon, this earth is getting more and more. Youโ€™re making a tweet?โ€

Pu Tsai mentioned this and was angry: “Twitter? I have been named for a long time, because I married someone who can’t name it, I! A president! It was even a title!! Can you imagine?”

Jing brother understood and nodded: “You are brave enough to dare to marry the man.”

“What do I have? How many billions of loans are now blamed on my head. How many places have no money to use? Do you know how much my support rate has fallen? Even the Twitter squatters canโ€™t swear. What does the president have to do?”

Along with the complaints of Pu Tsai, other leaders also all agreed with it, and they all complained about the manโ€™s atrocities.

“Oh, I even let the crown go out, God knows when he can pay back.”

“Do you still expect him to pay back? I just hope that he will not borrow any more money. Do you know what he spends on money? Please play the game around the world!”

“There is no surplus in developed countries. He also let us play games to the countryside, and let the elderly people over the age of 70 play the world of seals. How can this be done?”

“That’s better than ours? I flew over with the aircraft carrier that day. I asked if I could invest in Cat Le Street. What can I do? Now our explanation is that the Skymaster has been successfully developed.”

“I rely on it. Was the man moved? I really thought you made an empty mother ship.”

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