Am I A God? Chapter 1103

“It doesn’t matter, just wait for us to escape the earth…”

“To speed up the development of the aerospace industry, explore aliens, colonial aliens, then there is no longer any need to worry about the harassment of evil forces.”

“I hope that in my lifetime, my country will no longer have to be blackmailed by that rogue.”

Just as the leaders complained to each other and cursed the man who couldn’t name, looking forward to the future with hope, an assistant suddenly slammed open the door and ran in with a nervous look.

“No… not good! Look at the news.”

The leaders looked at the assistant inexplicably, and they saw him anxious, went to the low cabinet, picked up a remote control, and turned on the TV set.

I saw that when the TV was turned on, it was a news that was temporarily inserted. After all, at this moment, most of the TV stations on the planet were inserting this amazing news.

“Ten minutes ago, a huge unidentified Flight circled over the capital…”

“At present, the reporter has already connected the Chinese government and has not yet received a response…”

β€œThe sudden appearance of the huge Flight caused public anxiety, and the government reminded the public to stay at home…”

Looking at the super-universe warships that are more than a dozen kilometers long on the TV screen, the leaders present were shocked at once.

Puchai jumped up first: “Aha!!”

“I will know! I will know!” Puzi excitedly shouted: “This must be the latest weapon made by the Chinese!”

The golden brother on the side said quietly: “Humans can’t make such things.”

The assistant said to Pu Tsai: “According to NASA’s estimation, in the current state of mankind, all countries in the whole world, 50 years may not be able to make such a spacecraft, and he is still coming out of space, NASA. They still keep their observations.”

“Is it coming from outer space?” Pu Zi was surprised.

On the side of the golden brother secluded: “The aliens … came.”


Along with the spread of the news, the image of the spacecraft descending on the earth spread out toward the real brother world, and the entire human society was crazy.

Some people are afraid, some are excited, some are afraid, some are excited…

Numerous journalists, secret agents, government personnel, military personnel, apostles, and so on, all rushed toward the capital to explore the intelligence of alien spacecraft.

When he raised his head, he saw the fighter plane gliding over the capital and circling the spacecraft far away.

The leader on the side said: “Are you connected to Zhao Yao? Where is he?”

Hehe shook his head: “I haven’t contacted him yet.” He looked worriedly at the spacecraft that was shrouded in the shadows of the small half of the city.

“I didn’t expect Zhao Yao to say that it is true… Is there really an alien? But even if it is known early, what is the use? This level of spacecraft, this technology, the earth has no resistance at all.”

Just then, a light came from under the spaceship. In the eyes of many people nervous and frightened, the light fell on the ground without causing any damage, but there was a black spot slowly falling from the spaceship.

“What is it?” Hehe picked up the telescope on the side and looked at the direction of the light.

β€œIt seems to be a personal shadow?”

“The light is weird and I can’t see the specific things inside.”

“But it really looks like a personal shadow.”

“Is the alien coming?”

He said: “Where is he landing?”

The adjutant next to him said: “It is XX Street!”

“Immediately block the streets, prohibit anyone from entering and leaving, notify the people below, without my order, never allow fire!”

And the people who landed on the spacecraft are not the ones on the other side. Countless people have witnessed this scene and passed the video to the whole world.

The billions of people on the planet are boiling. This is a real alien. The first time in human history, the contact with aliens has come to this way.

All governments have called the Chinese side and strongly urged that all foreign friends be met when the representatives of all countries are in place.

The apostles who secretly sent to the capitals of the capital, have used their different superability and various means to sneak into the place where aliens came.

Lao He has stood under the spaceship and looked at the light falling from the sky. The figure that slowly landed was full of tension.

The apostle on the side said: “He Changguan, do you want to go back first? There may be danger here.”

The old man waved his hand: “I sent me to negotiate with aliens. How can I go?”

In the roofs and windows of the surrounding buildings, the apostles of each country secretly observed this scene, and with their live broadcast, the leaders of most of the world’s countries were watching the scene.

Even some of the reporters on the TV station have used the ultra-ability to come to a favorable position to film the scene.

Lao He also defaulted on this point. Now, at this time, there is no need to block the news.

However, he looked up at the silhouette of the sky and slowly fell, frowning and said: “How slow is this down?”

On the other hand, Puzi looked at the screen nervously, his hands covered his mouth, and his face was severe.

On the plane, Jin brothers clasped their hands together and looked at the figure falling from the screen, while the assistant behind him was clasping his hands and praying silently.

At this moment, some people are praying, some are afraid, some are expecting, and more people are at a loss.

Just as the billions of people watched, the figures in the sky finally fell to the ground.

Looking at the back of the other person, the eyes of the old man shook: ‘How do you feel a little familiar? ‘

I saw that the figure turned and then the falling beam dissipated, revealing the appearance of Zhao Yao wearing a gold armor.

Zhao Yao smiled: “surprise!”

No one thought that the dozen-kilometer-long terrorist ship in front of him turned out to be Zhao Yao.

The old man looked at Zhao Yao with a stunned look.

Zhao Yao said: “I have robbed a starship from the aliens…” He thought about it and added: “Don’t worry, they didn’t find that I grabbed it. I can’t find it here.”

Old Ho: “…”

Zhao Yao grabbed a comet ship from the aliens and returned to Earth.

Soon after, the news was like a typhoon crossing the world.

Wherever he went, whether it was the ordinary people or the leaders at the highest level, it seemed to boil like the boiled water.

Pu Tsai: “What? This spaceship is that man? What kind of joke?”

Jin Xiong’s eyes closed: β€œIt’s over.”

Words such as these are constantly ringing around the earth.

At the same time, Zhao Yao looked at the 45000 experience value obtained after the end of the mission, showing a satisfied smile.

“Although not yet full, I am satisfied.”

Zhao Yao looked at the old man who was still in a state of sluggishness and said to the other party: “You have to play with this boat. I have already fixed the crew above. People are left to you, and the cat is taken away, bye bye. ”

Saying, Zhao Yao has disappeared into the air without waiting for the old.

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