Am I A God? Chapter 1104

Zhao Yao knows that next time the whole planet will boil because of the existence of the spacecraft.

However, he is too lazy to manage. Anyway, the spacecraft is handed over to the human beings on earth to study it slowly. He has more important things to do.

Returning to the Dimensional Stomach Bag, Zhao Yao now sent the cat on the Starship into the world of seals, and then looked at the new explosions and disasters. After confirming that there was no danger, he swallowed the black ball again, then Consciousness has been connected to the world of seals.

I am going to look at the situation of two cats.

When I saw the prairie, the long-haired cats who were originally fighting for the blame were all crying out when they saw the new explosions and disasters.

“Ah! Marshal Explosion and Marshal of Disaster are all caught in!”

“It’s finished! We are finished! It’s going to work for a lifetime!”

Then, seeing the explosion and the disaster working under Mocha’s arrangement, Zhao Yao nodded and sealed the world to still be able to live with them.

Now that the three cats of explosives, disasters and viruses have been lost, the advantages of the three wars of the original Chang Maozong should be greatly reduced.

Zhao Yao also looked at the evolution of the BOOK collection, Pharaoh’s upgrade speed in the seal world joined the explosion and disaster two LV70 or more super cats, the speed has greatly accelerated.

“According to this progress, it will be able to rise to another level in less than a day.”

Pharaoh’s current level is LV73, plus the LV+10 bonus of God’s King’s armor, which is LV83.

As long as the 17 level is regenerated, it will reach the same level as the Mao Xiaozong white dwarf star.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao planned to hang up in the world of seals.

At this moment, Mocha saw Zhao Yao all the time, and quickly ran over and said: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao, I did a good job, to ensure that these alien cats are obedient!”

“Well, yes.” Zhao Yao looked at Mocha in front of him and suddenly felt that Mocha seemed to be eye-catching.

He couldn’t help but touch Mocha’s head, and Mocha quickly showed his expression of enjoyment.

Zhao Yao was about to touch it, and suddenly she changed her face and went offline.

Mocha groaned: “Ah? How do you touch it and leave?” He couldn’t help but look at his hair: “Isn’t the orange hair already popular?”

On the other side, Zhao Yao returned to the material world and his face was cloudy and uncertain.

“Just the one… is the side effect of Pharaoh ability? Is it right now I am…”

He sneaked back to Cat Le City, sweeping the men and women on the street a little, and immediately felt a heartbeat.

“No, this side effect is too strong. I now think back to Mocha who is very eye-catching…”

Zhao Yao knows that this problem is serious. After all, Pharaoh is now the highest-level capability in his hands. He could still suppress the side effects with the high-level ability of the alien cat, but now it is impossible to make it.

I felt the heartbeat of my heart, and Mocha was flashing in my mind. Zhao Yao squinted: “Who can stand it?”

He quickly switched to the on-hook object and hung up Mocha.

“You must quickly upgrade a cat to make him rank higher than Pharaoh.”

After Zhao Yao chose to hang up Mocha, he immediately returned to the world of seals and watched Mocha upgrade quickly, which was a little relieved.

Then he saw someone sending a message to himself, thinking about it, whoever ignored it, prepared to wait until Mocha level exceeded Pharaoh.

So then Zhao Yao hangs up in the world of seals every day, no one’s news is returned, no one’s face is gone.

At the cat leather meeting, because the three marshals of Chang Maozong were arrested, they also came to the earth. They wanted to see Zhao Yao and they were all rejected by Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao is afraid that he can’t control himself if he sees a person or a cat now. Once he can’t control himself, who else can control him.

However, Zhao Yao entered a state of near retreat, but the three wars did not stop because of him.

On the contrary, because of the disappearance of the three marshals of Chang Maozong, the original advantage was lost and the war became more intense.

First, the source plan of the short-haired ancestors was completely unfolded. A large number of cat-made cats were brought to the battlefield by the short-haired cats of the sacred children, which once occupied an advantage.

Then Chang Maozong opened the mass production of Tianzhu, and countless cats were pulled into the battlefield. Although the strength is not comparable to the earliest appearance of the Scorpio, it is also close to the LV70’s combat power, and it not only resists the short Maozong. And the Maoist offensive, and even the trend of counterattack.

Just as Chang Maozong gradually took up a new advantage, the strongest of Maoistong, the white dwarf stared on the battlefield.

Devouring the moon of the Mao Zedong base camp, the planet-level body was brought to the battlefield. When it was shot, it directly smashed a chaotic fortress, killed a marshal, and then crushed countless long-haired warships.

With the advent of the white dwarf, Chang Maozong suddenly fell to the bottom.

In the face of this huge planet, there is also a white dwarf with agility and mobility that is inconsistent with it. Conventional weapons and superability have no effect.

Even the cat-makers made in batches by the Scorpio plan have no threat to the white dwarfs.

Just when countless super-powered cats thought that the long-haired ancestors had to perform any means, or when the long-haired Mao’s strongest cat had to be shot, something unexpected happened.

The troops of Chang Maozong began a big retreat, including the sectors that had already been occupied. All the 12 sectors of this battle were abandoned, and even the short-haired and the Maoist were not dare to pursue. It is.

After trying to chase it, it was discovered that not only the 12 combat sectors were abandoned, but even the original large-scale sites were abandoned.

The troops of Mao Zong and Xiao Mao Zong were inspected and traced by the white dwarfs. They saw the cat-free planet left by one long hair.

No one has left a super cat, and even humans have left only a large number of ordinary people. And they don’t know what happened.

I only know that one day the super-powered cats withdrew the cat slaves and left the ordinary humans who were at a loss.

In the face of this strange situation, the troops without Mao and Zong Maozong can only continue to track the retreating troops while receiving the long Maozong’s planet, but they have not been able to find a living long-haired cat.

Until they arrived at the mother star of Chang Maozong…

In the whole battle, Zhao Yao did not appear, he silently stayed in the world of seals, watching Mocha’s level a little bit.

This morning, Zhao Yao looked at Mocha, who had already been LV90, and sighed with relief: “Since Mocha LV83, my psychological anomaly has become less and less, and now it should be completely okay?”

At this moment, there was another message on WeChat, and Zhao Yao looked curiously, which was the news from Mocha.

“Since I announced the retreat and did not return any news, no one has sent a message for a long time. What will it be?”

Opening the message from Mocha, Zhao Yao gave a slight glimpse of the color of surprise.

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