Am I A God? Chapter 1106

When the short-haired and the Maoist-free army surrounded the mother of Changmao, all the cats felt that they had already won, but what they did not expect was what happened on the long-haired mother. It is beyond their imagination.

The entire planet has turned into an orange color when viewed from outside the atmosphere.

The earth, the mountains, the plains, the forests… there are orange trees everywhere.

The sea turned into an orange color, and the sea was full of unidentified hair of orange.

The orange is full of unidentified substances in the air, like weeds and hair.

The cats who kept watching on the spacecraft did not find any traces of long-haired cats.

So in the face of this situation, they sent soldiers to investigate the news, but a few waves of people, all without news.

What shocked them even more was that they found that the changes in the mother tree of the Long Mao were spreading.

The warriors who surrounded the mother star, whether human or cat, began to grow orange hair on their bodies, and even the hairless body surface began to grow orange hair.

“And our lord is also missing.” Nasha went on to say: “When Chang Maozong began to retreat, he said that he would go to the mother star to investigate the situation. As a result, there was no news anymore. Now the whole cat leather There was chaos in the meeting, and everyone was worried because of the disappearance of the lord.

If it weren’t because the lord left a few super-powered cats, I’m afraid we can’t even get here now. ”

Said, Nasha looked forward to Zhao Yao with full expectation, the other party can seize the three marshals, the strength is undoubted, it is the most need for the cat leather club now.

Moreover, it is also true that people are also evil, and acting unexpectedly, maybe this time will help the cat leather to break out.

β€œIs this look?” Zhao Yao said in his heart: β€œIt seems that the variation on the side of the earth may have something to do with the long Maozong. Is there any problem with the research of those stupid cats?”

Out of such a big event, Zhao Yao certainly can’t care, so he plans to follow Nasha back to the cat leather meeting.


In the hall of the cat leather society, more than a dozen elders quarreled.

“You can’t see the failure of Chang Maozong. We have to find a way to help them, otherwise the balance of the entire Milky Way will be broken.”

“The lord returned to the mother star, and now I don’t know where to go. We have to find a way to save him.”

“If the long Maozong is destroyed, can the short Maozong and the Maoistong form an alliance? I see the death of Chang Maozong, the short Maozong and the Maoist, which will consume the overall strength of the super cats, no problem. Why are we going to manage?”

The disappearance of the lord directly led to the existence of the genius of the cat gang.

Every elder has almost different ideas.

Like the mountains and white moonlight that Zhao Yao has seen before, he frowned and expressed his own opinions.

Just as they were arguing with each other, the shadows flashed and Zhao Yao had already taken Nasha.

The elders present were watching Zhao Yao in an instant.

“Who are you?” A white-haired old man stared at Zhao Yao, then looked at Nasha on the side and said with a dissatisfaction: “Nasha? Who is this man? Who asked you to bring him in?” ”

The mountain stood up and said: “This is Zhao Yao, who defeated the four major marshals of disaster, virus, explosion, and machinery.”

When I heard the introduction of the mountains, the other elders around the four were amazed, and looked at Zhao Yao’s eyes full of different meanings.

The white-haired old man said: “Mr. Zhao suddenly broke into my cat meeting, don’t know what advice?”

The white moonlight on the side said: “The survival of the Milky Way people has reached the most important juncture. Zhao Yao’s strength is outstanding, and it is also a member of my cat leather society. Why can’t I come in?”

Another bald elder said: “What can I use? Can I play a white dwarf if I can play it? The problem is not solved now.”

Another female elder said: “What do you say? Anyway, I will not bring people to the battlefield, for the super cat to fight? Do you know how my family died?”

“Now it is not for the fight of cats. Now it is a key node that has been related to the development of the Galaxy for hundreds of years and thousands of years. We can’t sit still…”

Seeing that the old man and the old man had to quarrel again and again, Zhao Yao rolled his eyes and saw that the BOOK had updated the new task again.

Side mission: persuasion

Mission Objective: As the whole universe is likely to be the strongest person, you should use your own unique methods to explain that someone is listening to you at the venue.

Mission Reward: Convince your opponent with your own strength, the better the persuasion effect, the faster the speed, the higher the reward, the highest 100000 experience value, and the lowest 10000 experience value.

Failure penalty: no

Zhao Yao looked at it and thought that BOOK was very reasonable, so he thought about it, first stepped on the ground.

With a burst of earth-shaking vibrations, the entire hall seemed to be on the verge of collapse, and everyone looked in his direction.

Before asking Zhao Yao’s white-haired elders, he said: “Zhao Yao! What do you want?!”

“Do you want to tear down the elders’ hall? Who will give you the courage!”

Zhao Yao looked at the elders who were glaring at each other and said slowly: “I don’t have time to listen to a group of ants.” Now I have the final say.”

Elder White Hair: “Zhao Yao! What are you talking about?!”

The bald elder: “Oh, you really thought that you won the four marshals, can you do whatever you want?”

Bai Yueguang hurriedly said: “Zhao Yao, don’t be impulsive!”

The alpine elders angered: “Zhao Yao, your strength is very strong, but you think that the cat leather will survive for three years under three blows. Is it a place where you can do whatever you want?”

In the face of the embarrassment of many elders, Zhao Yao just held his own chest and looked at his body with a look. He slowly said: “How can you understand the power of God?”

“Now there is no thing in the entire universe that can kill me.”

“That is to say, Zhao Yao… has overcome the entire universe.”

During the speech, the smoldering air surged from the side of Zhao Yao, repelling the field and suddenly spread.

The elders were all shocked to see Zhao Yao, they felt that a tremendous force shrouded their bodies, like a planet pressed against them, so that they could not move.

However, after all, the cat leather festival has existed for many years. It can be organized under three memorials. At the moment when the elders were attacked, the entire hall was cracked in the ground, and a large number of weapons were raised, aiming at the position of Zhao Yao.

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