Am I A God? Chapter 1107

Seeing the situation in front of him, the white-haired elder immediately said: “Zhao Yao! You hurry to stop, do you want to fight with the entire cat leather? Do you fight with the humans in the galaxy? Do you want to stand on those The side of the super cat?”

The white moonlight on the side also persuaded: “Zhao Yao, don’t be impulsive, have something to say…”

Zhao Yao smiled mysteriously, and then suddenly disappeared in front of everyone.

Just when the elders thought that Zhao Yao had gone, they felt the violent vibrations of their feet.

Then the whole hall was brightened, and there was sunshine shining into the temple.

“How is it possible? What is this light?”

“The elders are underground, how can there be sunshine?”

The crowd rushed out and saw that the Cat Leather Foundation, which was originally underground, did not know when it had reached the ground and was completely exposed to the sun.

Not only that, the base in the sun is still oscillating and rising, and it is actually moving towards the sky little by little.

โ€œWhat a joke? Is the base rising?โ€

“No, the whole mountain is rising! What is going on?”

An elder reached out and a small robot had already flown to them, and then the light and shadow changed to deliver the projection of the current base.

“The rock formation above the base was broken down. No, not only the breakdown, but the entire upper rock formation was opened.”

“There is a force that broke out below the base and lifted us up.”

The crowd looked at the picture in the projection with amazement and listened to the analysis on the side. It is necessary to know that the underground bases hidden in the entire cat leather rely on countless underground spaces, covering more than ten square kilometers and reaching hundreds of meters.

In such a terrain, all the rock formations should be opened, and the entire base including the underground soil, rock formations, and caves should be raised. What kind of power is needed.

The key is still done in a short period of time, so many elders who were present were not aware of when it happened.

This is equivalent to instantly swaying a whole mountain range and then lifting another mountain range.

Even if you donโ€™t have a Mao Zedong, donโ€™t think about doing it in an instant.

Then you can see that the projected scene continues to switch and stretch with the Flight of the distant lens robot, exposing the bottom of the entire base to everyone.

At the bottom of the bottom, Zhao Yao held the entire base with one hand, repelling the field with his palm as the center, and scattered in all directions, like an invisible giant palm holding the entire base.

Zhao Yao held the base and felt the power of the tsunami in the mountains. A root joint and muscles carried a powerful force and passed through the exclusion field.

At the foot of Zhao Yao, the Space Gate quietly opened, allowing him to step on the ground inside the stomach pocket and lift the base in front of him.

โ€œIt feels good.โ€ Zhao Yao smiled a little, even with his body, there was no way to hollow out the hundreds of millions of tons of rock formations in the blink of an eye.

However, when it is timed, it will be different. Especially after a hundred times of acceleration, every foot and every foot of his fist can almost cause the effect of falling apart.

Then I saw that Zhao Yao stepped out and a Space Gate opened at his feet, allowing Zhao Yao to step on the ground of the Dimensional stomach bag.

In this way, as long as Zhao Yao thinks, he can always step on the ground at any place, any time.

Then I saw that Zhao Yao was like a barefoot, holding the base and stepping into the sky step by step, moving the entire base toward the sky.

Everyone was shocked to see this scene. First of all, the power of the whole base was already reached by the cat giant level.

Secondly, Zhao Yao is like a moment to open the entire upper rock formation, and it is something that they can’t understand.

Now, Zhao Yao lifts the base to the sky, which makes them even more worried.

Just when everyone was shocked by the performance of Zhao Yao, the alarm sounded and they saw the direction of the sky. A huge black spot emerged and expanded, and it was approaching the base of the cat leather club.

With the launch of the detection instrument, giant cats of the same size as the spaceship battleship appeared in the picture.

“It’s a comet cat!”

“The guy without hairy found us.”

“Oops, is it because the movement here is too big?”

It turned out that this base of the Cat Leather Society was hidden in the territory ruled by Mao Zedong. It was only in the depths of the ground, and it was in and out by space means, so it has not been discovered.

But now Zhao Yao’s such a big move naturally leads to the attention of Mao Zedong.

As soon as the six comet cats flew over, a larger shadow appeared in the sky.

“That is… the giant cat god without Maozong… the red giant!”

“Is he here?”

“Start the folding door immediately and everyone will retreat immediately.”

Just as all the elders wanted to organize a retreat, the red giant in the distance suddenly slammed and then made a terrible scream.

Then I saw the body of the red giant falling toward the ground, and the blood was spilled on the earth, pouring a red blood directly on the ground.

In the earth-shattering loud noise, a large number of forests were smashed into the sky, the ground violently oscillated, and numerous cliffs collapsed. The horror shock like the 10th-level earthquake has spread to all directions, and it can be seen that the waves of the earth generally rise and fall.

If the base of the Cat Leather Association was still in the ground, I am afraid that it will bear the natural disaster now.

But now the cat leather will be held in the hands of Zhao Yao, so there is no need to face the earthquake.

“Speaking of Zhao Yao…” The white-haired elders shouted: “How do we fall down!!”

โ€œZhao Yao is gone!โ€ The bald elder pointed to the original projection at the bottom: โ€œWhere did he go!!!โ€

A group of elders turned pale and watched the entire base fall from the air in horror.

However, the next moment, Zhao Yao has once again stood under the base, holding hands and supporting the field to spread, accompanied by a bang.

The base began to slow down and then stagnated in the air.

Zhao Yao smiled embarrassedly and said with consciousness: “Don’t be afraid, I just went to pick up the cats and didn’t hold the base all the time.”

In the distance, the red giant star that fell on the ground screamed and climbed up, then leaped with force, and ran through the space.

The other comet cats are also running fast, and Zhao Yao squints at them and screams in their hearts.

‘Hey, itโ€™s too big, such a big cat canโ€™t get back. ‘

Zhao Yao thought about his chin: “Now the earth looks a little small, it is not enough for me to raise a cat. Is it necessary to get a planet to cat exclusively?”

After a while, Zhao Yao put the base back to the base with the exclusion field, and stepped back to the elders.

“The cat leather will have the final say from now on, who has opinions?”

Looking at the hesitation of everyone, Zhao Yao’s eyes glimpsed, and he has already looked at the elders who are the lowest in the field, the bald elders of LV55.

“This gentleman, I see you look like you are eager to try, is there something to say?”

The consciousness from the short Maozong was violently launched, the reality broke the other’s consciousness backup, and then controlled the bald elders to shout: “Zhao Yao is a big man, and can play, he has no opinion on the ally.”

“Blurred! You just didn’t say that.” The white-haired elder said: “The lord has always been the ally of the rule, but he has never chosen the lord and the ally.”

Zhao Yaoโ€™s eyes glimpsed, and another female elder said: โ€œZhao Yao is bent on doing things in the club. She is handsome and handsome. Why do she still follow the old rules? He can overturn us alone. I support Zhao Yao. Be a co-owner.”

The white-haired old man hurriedly said: “Zhao Yao is now a ally. What should I do when the ally comes back? Wait… The bald head, Blue Ocean, are you controlled by Zhao Yao? This is the taboo of our cat leather club!”

Zhao Yaoโ€™s brows were picked, and the bald elders said, โ€œDonโ€™t say anything, I think Zhao Yao is capable of supporting him as a ally.โ€

At this time, Baiyueguang and the alpine elders also stood up: “The leader is missing. What is needed most is a singer. Zhao Yao can be said later when he is not a good lord. Let him be our affair and lead us to How about this difficult time?”

Other elders have also moved. After all, the strength that Zhao Yao has just demonstrated is really convincing, and four important elders have chosen to agree.

“I also support Zhao Yao to be the ally. Zhao Yao is young and promising. It is the most cats we have here. Who chooses who he chooses?”

“I have a few words here. I am not controlled by Zhao Yao. I really feel that Zhao Yao is loyal and capable. It is said that the three cats of explosion, virus, disaster, not Zhao Yao, who can Can you get it? You? Or are you?”

“Zhao Yao can play ten cats by one person, and can convince so many elders. It is a genius who can be able to use Wen Yao. I also support Zhao Yao as a speaker.”

“Support Zhao Yao as a speaker’s hand!”

Watching a famous elder raise his hand to let Zhao Yao come to be a speaker, the white-haired elder shook his head helplessly: “Hey, let’s go, then Zhao Yao will be the temporary person, but he must We must help us to rescue the lords first!”

Zhao Yao smiled and turned around and looked around: “Who else has any opinions?”

“If there isn’t, then let’s talk about the issue of membership fees…”

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