Am I A God? Chapter 1108

The task is completed, and the experience value of 40000*2 is available.

Zhao Yao smiled with satisfaction and looked at the next task.

Sideline task: one heart and one heart

Mission Objective: As a new speaker of the cat leather club, you need to use your own wisdom to boost morale in the next speech.

Quest Reward: Gives experience value rewards based on morale boost effect, minimum 10000, highest 50000

Failure penalty: no

Then Zhao Yao asked: “The question about this membership fee.”

“Will… the dues?” The white-haired elders hesitated: “But we cats will not charge for it.”

“So you can’t be bigger and stronger.” Zhao Yao exclaimed: “Well, I just did a design here, and later we will reclassify the level of the cat leather. From the lowest level assistant, then the director, Manager, Director, Regional President, Star District Crown… Up to the top level of the senior committee of the Cosmic Cat Committee, divided into 18 levels.”

The white-haired elders and others read Zhao Yao’s message with consciousness and stunned: “So many levels?”

Zhao Yao: “This is called the division of labor.”

“How do you improve your level?”

“This…you wait.” Zhao Yao opened the Space Gate and pulled the cat out and threw it in front of everyone. “The cat is old, let me talk to you about my thoughts.”

“Ah?!” The cat was stunned. After a while, after receiving the heart sound of Zhao Yao, he reacted and coughed. He looked at the crowd and said: “From today, our cat leather will be divided into ten. Eight levels, and you will be the first members next. Pay the first dues…”


“And as long as your downline learns to recommend new members, you can get some commissions, and when they all recommend 10 personally…”

Listening to the old cat’s complaint, the bald elders are excited: “As long as you can be the president of the region, can you lie down and earn money in the future?”

“Yes, I think you are very savvy.” Cat said: “And as long as you can become a manager, you can borrow Super Catability from Zhao Yao for free.

And if you can become the president of the region, you can ask Zhao Yao to take it for free three times a year.

If you become a senior member of the Cosmic Cat Committee, it’s amazing. You can get a cat from Zhao Yao…”

Listening to the old cat’s complaint, many elders’ eyes are full of anticipation, and it seems that life seems to be running.

“Selecting Zhao Yao as a person, it is true.”

“The cat leather will definitely develop better and better in the future.”

The old cat said: “Our cat leather will not be an empty slogan organization in the future, but an organization that really benefits the members and benefits the people. Everything is fair and just, relying on their own struggle!”

Roar! The crowd shouted excitedly.

The cat looked at Zhao Yao on the side and asked: “Zhao Yao, I think the name of the cat leather will be beaten and killed. It is not conducive to us to develop new members in the future. It is better to take a new one. Name?”

“What’s the new name?” Zhao Yao held his chin and thought: “That’s a cat meeting. May everyone in the world, everyone has cats to play.”

The cat was old before he reacted, and he jumped out and shouted: “Good name! Good sign! There will be cats, there will be cats, this name is easy to understand, everyone can understand However, when I think about it, I feel that the meaning is profound and the connotation is infinite, which implies a simple yearning for the bright future of mankind.”

“A name, a combination of heaven and earth, a good name! A good name!”

The cat boss said: “This name has given me a hundred years, I can’t get it!”

The faces of the people also showed the color of worship, but not because of the name, but because of what Zhao Yao said.

“Everyone has a cat to play? This is really a big wish.”

“I don’t think Zhao Yao has such a great ambition.”

“I don’t know if I can live to this day.”

For such an atmospheric name, the elders felt a burst of approval.

Bai Yueguang asked: “That Zhao Yao, what is the specific membership fee?”

Everyone looked at Zhao Yao, how much it cost, but it is very crucial.

“The earth coin is worth 100 billion US dollars.” Zhao Yao said with a smile: “You don’t have to worry, the earth is just a primitive backward planet. There are only 100 million dollars in the cat that can’t be bought there. We have dinner there. It costs hundreds of millions of dollars.

I believe that with your ability, you will soon be able to earn it.

However, letting the elders go to work to earn money is not in line with the style of our cat club, so I specially thought of a convenient way for everyone. ”

Said, Zhao Yao took out a stack of documents and sent them to everyone’s hands: “This is a help loan that I specially launched for everyone. As long as I signed the contract, the membership fee will be paid for everyone. The money has been deducted in the inside. If you want to hurry up, it will be fine for me to work for a small period of time. After all, a little bit of money, how can I be embarrassed to everyone…”

Looking at the appearance of many elders hesitating, Zhao Yao urged: “Now it is not a time to hesitate, hesitating time, the red giant star is just being repelled, the Mao-free cat will soon find it again. Everyone quickly signed. Word, then withdraw from here…”

“But this loan…”

“Can I still hang you?” Zhao Yao squinted and said angrily: “I can kill you all by myself. Do you lend money now, and worry that I will sell you?” Said, the exclusion field shook, the entire base fell for a while, scared the elders a white face.

The bald elder said: “Yeah, Zhao Yao really wants to hang our words. One person can tie us all up and do it. Now I will lend us money. How do you still have so many words? I really don’t know how to be good. I signed the word first.”

After someone took the lead, the remaining elders also signed their names.

The cat on the side looked old and sullen: “Where is the loan he is, what he is selling is the sale.”

So there will be a complete success in the reform of the cat, and everyone is looking forward to the future of the cat club, and the body is full of enthusiasm.

Zhao Yao also received a bunch of loan contracts, thought about it, opened his mouth directly, deposited the contract into his body, and shrouded it with the exclusion field.

Taking a picture of the belly, Zhao Yao smiled and said: “This is not afraid of not being able to find it.” Then looked at the task on the BOOK, 45000 point experience value can be received.

After receiving the experience, Zhao Yao immediately took the crowd away from the planet. After all, the red giant was seriously injured, and the support of Mao Zong was always coming.

Next, the cat is responsible for knowing the reform work of the cat club. Zhao Yao directly contacted some of the cats in the hairless and short-haired sects to understand the situation of the frontline battlefield.

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