Am I A God? Chapter 1109

β€œIs it still confrontational and inquisitive?” Zhao Yao looked at the intelligence sent by the spies and slowly thought: β€œThe white dwarf star has personally displayed a space interval and temporarily cut off the spread of orangeization?”

“It seems that the white dwarf is more powerful than I thought.”

Zhao Yao thought about it, but did not directly shoot, but decided to continue to hang up while watching the development of the situation.

After all, as long as you continue to hang up, his strength will become stronger. Now, he, against white dwarfs and white hands, still has no absolute victory, at most it is guaranteed not to die.

β€œThere are also cats on the side of the earth…” Zhao Yao thought about it and called several leaders to arrange for them to collect the people and cats who had changed, and temporarily manage them. What troubles are there, and everything will be solved after him.

After all the arrangements, Zhao Yao finally can hang up with peace of mind.

However, now that he is in the depths of the earth, it is difficult to achieve the best exercise effect, it seems that he has to think of other ways to hang up.

“In this case, the most convenient place is only there…”

Then Zhao Yao returned to the earth. After stepping out, he entered the dimension of consciousness. Then when he came to the material world again, the overwhelming light had pierced his retina.

What appeared in front of him was boundless, and there was no end to the end of the light, flames, explosions – Sunshine.

Zhao Yao, who came to Sunshine’s surface, drifted deep, then took off the emperor’s armor, making the body no longer immune.

So he immediately felt that his body was constantly being burned by the fiery fire snake, and all kinds of rays, high pressure and shock waves were constantly piercing his body.

With the physical strength of Zhao Yao, the body can be felt to be devastated, and every inch of the body seems to be constantly evaporating and reorganizing.

“It’s coming here.” Zhao Yao felt the wave of pleasure coming from the body: “It’s going to the extreme!”

Zhao Yao’s body suddenly stopped, and it seemed that there was a hot wave in his eyes.

“Well, here is the limit distance that can achieve the best results. If you want to go deeper, you must wait for the body to be stronger.”

So the body hangs up Sunshine, and consciousness once again joins the seal world. Zhao Yao once again enters the daily hang-up schedule, but only accepts three pieces of information from the spies every day, ready to come to the battlefield.

Time passed by, and Mao Zong and Xiao Mao Zong were slow to make a difference to the change in the long hair.

After all the means have been tried, not only can not stop the orangeization, reversing, restoring orangeization, and even the orangeization on the long-haired mother star once again began to spread, breaking through the empty space under the white dwarf cloth, directly to a giant cat Deified into a huge orange cat, then rushed into the long hairs of the mother star, disappeared.

So next, the white dwarfs seem to be unable to wait, and there are plans to go deep into the long hairs.

But at this time, a large number of orange cats came out from the parent star and began to attack the troops without Mao and short Mao.

These orange cats are like immortal, and they don’t want to hit the troops. The first time they caused a lot of casualties in Mao Zedong and Xiao Maozong.

Then the white dwarf star ran into the past, only to find that the mother star of Chang Maozong also opened his limbs and ran into him.

After the earth-shattering world, the Mao Zedong and the Short Maozong suffered heavy casualties, and the white dwarfs were injured. The other orange cats were not dead, and even a large number of hostile super dogs were turned into Orange cats, continue to madly attack Mao Zedong and short Mao Zong.

At this point, Chang Maozong and Xiao Maozong had to start a big retreat.

But the Orange Cat’s offensive is more fierce than they think.

Soon the two main forces, including the white dwarfs, were trapped on a theater planet.

The entire planet was blocked by the power of the orange cats, and there was no way to move the space and the dimension of consciousness.


Dry, ridiculous land.

Countless cat slaves and super-powered cats stared at the sky, and a huge moon hung in the sky, which was their leader, the white dwarf.

At this moment, the white dwarf floats outside the atmosphere, and the brilliance of countless colors passes through the dark vacuum, and then continually explodes on his body.

The white dwarfs blocked the orange cats from the cat slaves and the hairless cats on the ground.

“These damn orange cats.”

Then I saw the huge moon slamming and shaking. Gravity waves invaded in the distance, and the orange cats of countless battleships disintegrated.

But after a while, it was like a plasticine re-reorganizing and continuing to attack the white dwarf.

On the ground, the white dwarf star is separated. About the size of the child, the size of the child looks at the direction of the sky. His face is dignified: “If you go on like this, even if I can’t resist it indefinitely, these orange cats can’t kill, and they can spread and proliferate. You must find a way to restrain them.”

During this time, no Maozong and short Maozong have tried various methods to deal with the orange cats, but most of them failed to return, and even the exchange could not.

“The orange cats are like crazy people, constantly attacking us.” Beside the white dwarf star, a hill-sized giant cat god said: “Awful… Where did they come from?”

The white dwarf star suddenly stunned his head and said strangely: “Have you heard the sound?”

“what sound?”

“It’s near…” The white dwarf stared up and his ears twitched. He seemed to be trying to listen to something: “It seems to be… wipe… tea? What is Mocha? Who is talking?”

The cat giant beside him knows strangely: “Who is talking? Why didn’t I hear it?”

Just then, the offensive in the space eased and the orange cats stopped the attack.

The white dwarf stared his eyes and immediately concentrated his attention.

In the perception of his body, the orange cats seem to have suddenly changed from the original ‘crazy’ to a normal cat, curiously looking at each other and asking each other about the current situation.

The white dwarf star said: “What is the situation? What happened to these orange cats now?”

The next moment, one of the orange cats shouted to the white dwarf with consciousness: “White dwarf, armistice, there is no need for fighting between us.”

“and who are you?”

The orange cat said: “The president of Chang Mao Zong, Ai Fred.”

The white dwarf star was slightly surprised, but then relieved, the entire long Maozong’s parent star became an orange cat, and the other big president became an orange cat. It seems that it is not an unacceptable thing.

He looked at the other side and secretly thought: “This guy has become an orange cat… ugly. It is still the most profitable.”

The big president looked at the white dwarf and said: “Thirty years ago, we found a cat body among a star that was extinguished…”

“This guy…” White Dwarf: “Speaking of the story from the ground up. No matter what I want to hear.”

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