Am I A God? Chapter 1110

“Thirty years ago, we found a cat corpse among a star that was extinguished…”

β€œIn the beginning, we thought it was an ancient powerful super cat that might have been left in the stars because of fighting, suicide, disappearance, etc.”

“But after a simple analysis, we found a strange point.”

“The body of this super-powerful cat can be passively imitated, even copying superability…”

As the study of cat corpses has deepened, Chang Maozong has paid more and more attention to cat corpses.

And some weird things have begun to happen to the super cats who study cat corpses.

The first is auditory hallucination. When a cat started to fall asleep late at night, he heard some strange whispers.

As time passed, the whispers became louder and louder, and they became clearer and clearer even during the day when they were awake.

After that, they began to have hallucinations, and every night at night, they always felt that their skin was itchy and there seemed to be something to be drilled.

Later, some of them began to worship the body and called it God.

As time went by, the number of super cats who worshipped bodies was increasing, and research on corpses was increasing.

In the end, there was even a cat-like man like Scorpio.

The white dwarf listened to the big president’s remarks and said impatiently: “So now? Is your god awake?” He snorted and said: “It’s nothing more than controlling you with superability, turning you all into orange. Cat? I admit that his superability is very good, but I want to turn me into an orange cat unless he kills me.”

The big president shook his head and watched the white dwarf star’s eyes full of banter. The original self was so ignorant of the sky.

“God, not to rule us.” The president said: “God is to save the universe.”

“Ah?” The white dwarf star looked at the big president like an idiot, and even the crater on the surface of the moon was falling.

The great president said seriously: “Yes, save the universe. Just as we fight each other and fight each other, a demon that will destroy the universe has been born and has grown up…”

The white dwarf is still a pair of people who don’t believe what you say.

At this moment, the huge shadow shrouded over. The white dwarf star looked up and looked in the direction of the shadow. Immediately, the body immediately released a strong electromagnetic pulse and gravitational waves. The entire huge body was ready for the battle.

Between the shadows, an orange giant planet slowly floated over.

The sudden appearance of mass causes a change in gravity, causing material floating, collapsing, and breaking on the surface of the planet below.

The white dwarf star is extremely dignified: ‘This is another guy…’ He seems to feel the pain behind his back.

Behind the moon-sized body of the white dwarf, there is a huge canyon with hundreds of kilometers.

It was the scar left by the orange cat star after hitting the white dwarf star, and it still didn’t heal until now.

Just as the white dwarf thought that the other side had to collide, a deep voice appeared in his mind.

“White dwarf, child, I am not malicious to you, but when I just woke up, the unconscious distribution of consciousness led to this chaos.”

The sound was loud, generous, and warm, and the moment of introduction into the heart of the white dwarf gave him an involuntary trust.

“I came to this world just for one thing, to stop the destruction of this world.”

“Prevent the demon from continuing to grow.”

“Can the devil destroy the universe?” The white dwarf couldn’t help but say: “Is there really such a thing?”

“Of course, his power is beyond the imagination of your life. His malice is lower than the lower limit of the universe. His murder has caused countless galaxies to be frightened. The disaster he caused will affect the entire universe. He is a demon, the universe. Cancer is the enemy of civilization, the wisdom of wisdom…”

The icy voice rang in the white dwarf’s mind, making him feel a chill.

Just then, another familiar figure slowly floated in front of the white dwarf.

“You are… white hand?” The white dwarf stared.

What appeared in front of him was the leader of the Maoist ancestors, and the one who made the white dwarf star strange was what the white-handed ancestors said next.

White hand: “White dwarf star, he said not to be vain, he let me see the illusion of the future, we should believe what he said. And he promised that he would like to restore all the guys who become orange cats except the long-haired mother star. And after killing the demons, they will not ask for any resources, planets, sites…”

“Cut, have you stood there over there?” White Dwarf: “Let’s talk about who the devil is, where?”

The sound of the orange cat planet appears again in the minds of all cats.




A white cat squatted on the floor and looked at Mocha in front of her eyes and shouted: “Leave me.”


Mocha slaps on the other’s cat’s face, and then against the white cat’s waist is a mammoth.

“He’s awkward, when I’m fake?” Mocha said as he kicked: “When you take the exam, you are asked to show me the answer. You even deliberately blocked it. You are hanging.”

boom! One foot kicked the other side out, Mocha angered: “Be careful I killed you!”

The white cat was so scared that he fell off the ground and succumbed: “I didn’t mean to block it. I don’t know if you want to see my answer.”

“Let’s talk back!” Lightning quickly slammed out and bit the other’s neck: “I don’t know if the squad leader is talking, don’t sin!”

The white cat was caught by Lightning, and Mocha walked up to the white cat’s stomach for several consecutive punches.

Then the cat’s claw patted the other person’s face and said, “Is the cat’s claw as big as the bowl, have you seen it?”

Then, with a bang, with the time pause and end, the one-hundred-speed cat claw has left a deep scratch on the ground.

“Playing me next time, I am killing you!”


Looking at the white cat scared to fly away, Mocha and Lightning and Cannon’s super-powerful cats laughed.

Cannon looked at Mocha with a look of envy: “Mocha, you are so handsome.”

Lightning on the side also said: “How are you so strong now?”

With Zhao Yao’s constant hang-up, Mocha’s level is getting higher and higher, and the fighting power in the stop is getting more and more horrible. Now it’s a little tricky to break a wall or something.

Mocha said modestly: “In fact, I have always been so strong. I used to adapt to my own strength, so as not to accidentally kill the cat.”

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