Am I A God? Chapter 1111

Just as Mocha and a few super-powered cats stood on the rooftop and chatted, suddenly there were countless phantoms appearing in the sky. It was a variety of odd-shaped shadows and distortions.

Then the phantom soon became extremely solid and finally turned into actual existence.

Seeing a spaceship that suddenly appeared in the sky, Mocha opened his mouth and said, “What is the ghost in the trough?”

At the same time, a large number of alien warships have jumped over the earth, whether it is China, the United States, Europe, day or night, the South Pole, the North Pole.

The humans of the whole earth began to get nervous because of the sudden appearance of alien spaceships.

Central Super Office.

The old man pointed to the alien spaceship on the screen, and he said with anger: “I will say it? I said that the aliens can’t give up. Zhao Yao, this kid grabbed someone else’s spaceship, and now people are looking for the door.” Alright!!”

“Zhao Yao? Hurry up and contact me!”

At the same time, countries all over the world have also called the Chinese side. After all, the alien spacecraft left here has made many people unhappy, not to mention the alien spaceship.

There are also many people trying to contact aliens, but neither the super-powered cats nor humans on the spacecraft have the meaning of communicating with the earth.

With far exceeding the ultra-reliability and scientific capabilities of the Earth, they quickly retrieved information from all of the Earth’s global networks and local area networks, arranged them into the intelligence they needed, and then found information about Mocha.

β€œThere are a total of 103,000 super-powered cats called Mocha in the world…” The president said: β€œHow can there be so many super-powered cats on this planet? Oh, no, many are learning. A famous cat. Mocha seems to be the most powerful human cat on the planet.”

At this moment, the big president has changed back to the original black and white hair position, and the warriors of Chang Maozong have also changed back from the appearance of orange cats.

He looked at the intelligence of the earth and curiously said: “Humans have dominated the life of cats. It is a strange planet.”

Aside from the white hand ancestors, the heart said: ‘There are many people on their side who have become orange cats. Why is the power of that guy radiating here? ‘

‘God’ gives very little information, only knowing that the so-called ‘demon’ is an orange cat named Mocha, on an indigenous planet known as the Earth.

Long Maozong, Wu Maozong, and Xiao Maozong joined forces to search for the planet and the trace of this super cat.

Soon, short Maozong found the traces of the earth because of the source plan.

So the white-handed ancestor came to the earth on a spacecraft with a long Maozong.

The big president looked at the planet under his feet and said: “The armored troops are dispatched and bring the cat back directly.”

With a comprehensive lead in science and technology and superability, Chang Maozong can deal with all the human and super-powered cats in the moment, and the approximate location.

There is also no need to have any communication with the indigenous people.

Then I saw hundreds of cat slaves wearing armor falling toward the earth and flying to the river at a speed of more than ten Mach.

After the warnings along the way were invalidated, the army on Earth began to intercept.

But whether it is a missile, a laser or an electromagnetic gun, all kinds of weapons are weak in the face of these ultra-era armor.

Mech warriors just flew past, ignoring the indiscriminate bombardment of all weapons. When they arrived in Jianghai City, they had already felt the chills of all the countries on the planet.

“The anti-aircraft missiles are completely ineffective, they are too fast, and there are ray-type anti-missile weapons… the hit rate is not even 1%…

“It’s useless to hit… ordinary explosions and shocks can’t damage the armor of their armor…”

“The electromagnetic weapons are ineffective… Damn… We don’t even know if they are using electricity…”

β€œThe information sent in the past is still not responding, they are too lazy to communicate with us…”

The Maoist soldiers of Changmao Zong flew to Jianghai, and then they were slightly discerned according to the information in the human network. They were divided into three batches, one group flew to Cat Le City, a group flew to the cat school, and a group of flies. Going to Cat Island.

The apostles of Jianghai naturally responded, but they only monitored it from a distance, and they did not dare to fight against these mechs who ignored the weapons of the earth.

A single super-cat was caught directly from the building in Cat Le Street and piled up on the street.

The pedestrians around the four were all driven out.

The headed mechs warrior looked at the rows of super-powered cats thrown on the ground and frowned. “Are all checked? No orange cat?”

“There should be no…”

The voice of the mech soldier who answered did not fall, and a pair of cat claws had violently tore open his mech, and flew out his entire man.


“Be careful, it’s a hairless cat!”

Pharaoh wandered around like a ghost, lurking in the shadows and underground pipes, knocking down a famous mech fighter. Then I took the super cats through the Space Gate and returned to the cat island.

On the other side of the cat island, Zhao Xue and Bai Quan joined forces, with the blessing of Pharaoh’s ability, and the cooperation of various other super-abilitys, and the mechs that were committed in the future were all knocked down.

On the cat school side, Mocha started and stopped, and all the super cats were directly thrown into the Space Gate and sent back to Cat Island.

The big president on the spaceship looked at the information sent in surprise: “Hey? Did you beat the mechs?”

“Sure enough, this planet is the cat.”

The sneer of the big president refused the other men’s battles and directly put on his own armor and flew in the direction of Cat Island.

The white-handed ancestors curiously watched: “What is the so-called demon, what is the probability?” ‘

The old man looked at the remote picture with his big eyes: “Is it even won? Isn’t it the hand of Zhao Yao? Is Bai Quan already so strong?”

Soon after, I watched a golden guy coming down the spaceship and headed for the direction of Cat Island. Laohe and all the people on the planet who were concerned about this side were nervous.

The big president flew over the cat island almost as if it had been teleported. The hurricane brought up the storm and the sea was rolling.

I saw his cat’s claws gently pressed out, and the force field of the dragonfly had fallen from the sky, directly sweeping the entire cat island.

In the crackling sound of the cockroach, among the eyes of countless people, the sea was separated, and the cat island was caught by life.

The big president looked at the superhero cats shivering on the island. With the built-in translator of the mech and the earth language data just collected, he directly spoke Chinese: “Who is Mocha?”

“!” Mocha trembled, almost scared the urine, this is such a powerful monster, why is he looking for himself: “I am studying at school every day, studying hard, not making any enemies.” “”

β€œI was looking for Mocha?” YuanYuan jumped up and said cheerfully: β€œIs it going to hand over Mocha directly?”

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