Am I A God? Chapter 1112

When I heard what YuanYuan said, the other super-powered cats around him all looked over.

YuanYuan smiled awkwardly: “I am joking…”

He said in his heart: ‘I was not kidding, I really want to shoot Mocha out of the earth. ‘

X: ‘He is very good now, even if I return to the heyday, maybe I can’t beat him. ‘

YuanYuan: ‘I am afraid of what, I am getting stronger. I feel that I am getting stronger every moment, my stomach has become more hungry. I ate two original chickens this morning. ‘

No one knows the thoughts in YuanYuan’s mind, and the super cats here are still discussing the current crisis.

Elizabeth: “Although Mocha is old and ugly, but how to say it is also our cat, you can’t just hand him over.”

“Yes!” Diana also rarely stood on the side of Elizabeth: “Mocha is stupid and orange, but Zhao Yao’s cat, Zhao Yao came back and knew that the cat was taken away. If we still know that we didn’t stop it, Must be very angry.”

Mocha said with anger: “Wait, the other is even worse. Is it even a disadvantage now?”

No cats care about him, Bridget goes on to say: “I have contacted Zhao Yao, he will come back at any time.”

“Then stick to it.”

“Can’t let them take silly tea.”

Pharaoh has been staring at the other party since the appearance of the big president wearing the mech. At this moment, he suddenly shouted: “Be careful! He is here!”

After seeing that the big president in the sky did not get a response, there were countless spots of light on his body, and hundreds of high-energy rays had been swept away toward Cat Island.

If it is to kill hundreds of thousands of millions of super-powered cats, then even if he does not dare to order it, the massacre is too cat-like and will be stared at the shame column.

But hundreds of super-powered cats on an island in the district are also companions of the target, and the big president has no psychological pressure.

Directly fire the ground, and solve the super cats on the entire cat island.

At the same time, Pharaoh had already made a fly, and a flash of body blew the atmosphere and caught the other’s head.

Paws, meat pads, tails, backs… A series of attacks seem to be sweeping from the storm, hitting the hurricane, and turning into countless shock waves, directly making the sea drift, the cat island is like a typhoon .


The big president who was attacked was still motionless, gently sticking out his cat’s claws and launching the capability.

Then I saw a black mud-like substance on his palm, giving Pharaoh a strong sense of threat.

This is the super-ability of the great president, and the creation of the world.

Destruction can create a kind of black mud that devours everything and expands itself. The process of engulfing takes 0.

That is, no matter what substance, as long as it is touched by black mud, it can be swallowed in 0 seconds.

Moreover, the black mud is not affected by any gravity, electromagnetic force, strength, or weak force, and only the president can interfere with him.

That is to say, black mud is not subject to any resistance. Even if the president is willing to do so, he can always control it and accelerate him. It is also possible to reach the speed of light in theory.

Just as the great president showed his ability to destroy the world, Pharaoh seemed to be frightened and quickly withdrew.

President: “It is quite clever.”

As he said, his palm waved gently, and the black mud had slammed out and swallowed up the air, the sun, etc., and so on.

When the black mud was seen, the large pieces of sediment evaporated and the pharaoh’s tail jerked up.

“This thing must not be touched by him.”

He can’t have Zhao Yao’s many lives, and naturally he doesn’t dare to spell the probability and fight hard. And the ghost knows that his super-energy exemption can resist this black mud.

But the speed of black mud has grown far more than Pharaoh’s prediction. In just a few seconds, Pharaoh has attacked the mech from the black mud and turned into full dodge, and even more difficult to dodge.

“Can’t go on like this, the speed is getting faster and faster, I have to see it… I have to find this ability…”

When Pharaoh thought about halfway, his expression was slightly stunned.

Then he saw his hands and feet disappeared without a trace, and the whole person fell from the air.

The president sneered: “Idiot, my dying creatures can be swallowed up even with light, and even the airflow can be erased, and naturally it will be invisible.”

Then I saw the position where the veteran Pharaoh stood. The four black long snakes appeared from the invisible state, and the next moment they slammed into Pharaoh and strangled his body.

Pharaoh disappeared into the air with a whirl of four black snakes.


The super-cats watching the cat islands exclaimed and were shocked by the death of Pharaoh.

The other president, who was slightly frowning, looked at Mocha’s direction and saw Mocha throwing Pharaoh to the ground and staring at the president.

‘There is no space disturbance, no gravitational change, the five sense parameters are normal, the somatosensory data is normal, and the anti-conscious engine works well…’

The mechs listed their status one by one in the mask of the president.

The big president: “Hey? It’s not a spatial change, it’s not an illusion, it’s not speed, it’s not conscious… What is his ability to use? Can I save this hairless cat with a method I can’t observe? ”

Facial recognition was launched and the president has recognized the identity of the other Mocha.

“Devil? It really has its own uniqueness. Let me purify you thoroughly on behalf of the gods…”

The next moment, the big president slammed out the tail flames, the anti-gravity engine exhaled invisible waves, and his entire cat had screamed with the air, rushing to Mocha’s position.


Zhao Xue and Bai Quan greeted him on the left and right, but could not cause the big president to look at it with gaze. Four black snakes swept past and had evaporated their bodies by more than 60%.

But in the next moment, the bodies of the two men swelled and they have reborn.

Then grab the body of the big president from left to right.

This made the big president slightly surprised: “Quick Regeneration?”


The black snakes that have been destroyed by the creation of the world have evaporated the cleanliness of Zhao Xue and Bai Quan in front of them and completely dissipated behind the president.

While commanding the black snake to attack backwards, there was almost no stopping. The big president came to Mocha’s face and pointed out that the anti-matter engine of the mech was violently acting, and the spontaneous force field was launched at the same time, with the power to collapse the mountain and destroy the sea. Mocha shrouded the past.

But just as Mocha looked at the transparent ripples and swept away, almost a violent, more fierce, more evil, more breathless force field broke out from behind Mocha, and The big president’s melee field smashed together.

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