Am I A God? Chapter 1113

The two force fields squeezed each other, and the air that was blown was loud.

Finally, the subsequent force field directly broke the big president’s offensive.

The president’s eyes narrowed slightly and looked at the golden armor who appeared behind Mocha.

β€œZhao Yao!” Mocha screamed, slammed into the air and hugged Zhao Yao’s thigh.

Zhao Yao touched Mocha’s head: “How? Is it okay?”


Zhao Yao continued to touch Mocha’s head, and at the same time, his ears shook, and he could hear the screams from Zhao Xue and Bai Quan in the distance.

‘Using the role of rebirth of blood, leaving a part of the body to make a backup in advance? Still a bit of a brain. ‘

Then he looked at the pharaoh whose limbs disappeared: ‘Fortunately, it is only the limbs, and the body of Pharaoh, although it takes some time, it can grow again. ‘

After confirming that there were no major problems with the cats and people on their side, Zhao Yao looked at the president: “Hey, you hit my cat, then beat my sister, and finally beat my staff. Let’s go.”

“Good, you are very good.”

“I will let you know how expensive you are when you are waiting.”

Mocha’s head stretched out from the back of Zhao Yao’s leg and shouted: “Let’s wait for a lifetime of work!”

The great president snorted in the mech, and with a wave of his hand, the material that destroyed the world swept toward Zhao Yao.

But the next moment, the world is still, time is suspended again.


Zhao Yao was in the first time when Bridget sent their message, and they actually planned to come back.

But when he returned to the material world and once again felt that the flesh was refreshed by Sunshine, he was addicted.

Later, Zhao Yao discovered that because of the explosion inside Sunshine, his body went deep into Sunshine, and the body’s Quick Regeneration was used to the extreme, which led to the promotion of the thrill, which made Zhao Yao indulge in it. .

More than a thousand times more than drug use, and a thousand times of pleasure in the flesh, Zhao Yao constantly said to himself, immediately, but always lazy to go, do not want to move.

Until the physical enhancement, the damage is reduced, the Quick Regeneration is weakened, and the pleasure is weakened. Zhao Yao immediately wakes up, quickly wears the Gods and cats armor, opens the Space Gate, and returns to the cat island.

When he came back, he saw the previous scene.

‘My current level… I see, Mocha has been linked to LV107? ‘

‘Well, this is the case…’

Mocha of LV107, plus the level bonus of God’s King’s armor, that is LV117.

This represents the timeout of 2106 seconds.

There is also an 117 times acceleration.

And 73 minutes of rebirth cooling.

So in the face of the attack of the big president, Zhao Yao directly chose to stop.

After the stop, Zhao Yao threw Lucifer to Mocha, then opened the Space Gate, and sent all the cats on the cat island and Zhao Xue and Bai Quan to the stomach pocket.

Then, as he walked out of the Space Gate, he waved his hand at Mocha, who was biting Lucifer: “This is handed over to you.”

Mocha bloodstain: “Give it to me! Zhao Yao, you must teach the dead cat a good meal!”

Zhao Yao walked out of the Space Gate and looked at the big president in front of him. He went up and looked up: “LV105?”

Then he reached out and squeezed it, and then tore the armor joints of the big president one by one, first peeling off the whole mech.

After Sunshine hangs up during this time, Zhao Yao’s physical progress at the moment has completely surpassed all super-powered cats and entered an incredible realm. The super-alloy created by the most advanced materials science of Chang Maozong is also like paper in front of him. The same crispness.

Then Zhao Yao took out the long-lost dragon knives, Mocha LV117’s consciousness attached directly to it, and the long hair of the big president was a cut.

As time passed again, the big president screamed and fell directly to the ground, looking at Zhao Yao with a blank look: “You…what did you do?”

The inexhaustible material around the four trembled and disappeared directly into the air.

Zhao Yao smiled and grabbed the president. “Hey, you are my cat today. I will study hard and work hard in the future. Don’t learn from others and mess up. Right, what is your name?” ”

It’s too sudden to stop, and the failure of the big president happened almost instantaneously. When this happened, it’s already stopped.

The soldiers of Chang Maozong were still waiting for the big president to return home in the spaceship. The result was that he saw him softly fell in the arms of human beings and was touched by touch.

“Ah! The big president was caught!”

“Hurry up to save the president!”

The white-handed ancestors also looked at the surveillance screen with astonishment, and the thoughts in their hearts tumbling: “What is the probability of this? Is it the instant to kill the big president?”

In the twinkling of an eye, the spacecraft that were originally scattered in all corners of the earth radiated, and then, after a twist, they jumped over the island of Cat Island.

For a time, a large block of shadows emerged over the island of Cat Island, and a spaceship appeared in the sky, completely obscuring the cat island and the nearby waters.

Looking at the dense spaceship in the sky, Zhao Yao laughed as he touched the big president in his arms.

Side mission: to appease the earth.

Mission Objective: The Earth is attacked by alien cats, and the global chaos is just waiting for you to comfort them. Defeat the fleet of Chang Maozong in the face of the people of the earth.

Mission reward: 100000 point experience value.

Failure penalty: none.

“I am right. Well, everyone must be scared and scared now. I need to give them some comfort.” Zhao Yao snapped his finger and saw 1 Road Space Gate open behind his back.

“Doll, Bridget, you guys, let’s take a picture of my battles… remember to open the beauty and filters. Um… I will allow you to use three Space Gates.”

So next, a Space Gate stands behind Zhao Yao, and the other two Space Gates have Bridget controlling the movement. The doll’s robot cat controls the camera to stand behind the Space Gate and shoot the battlefield from all angles. Happening.

At the same time, the doll once again darkened the world’s famous websites and began to broadcast the battle of the cat island.

And just before they made these things, the world was amazed by the disappearance of space warships.

Then the national army conveniently discovered that the spacecraft did not leave, but concentrated on an island in the west of the Pacific Ocean.

Just when they didn’t understand what the aliens wanted to do, the live broadcast on the web began to appear.

Old Ho: “I rely on, Zhao Yao, this guy, smashed the horse.”

Pu Tsai: “This group of guys really came to Zhao Yao, I know, I know! It must be because Zhao Yao stole their spaceship, which was picked up by aliens!”

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