Am I A God? Chapter 1114

The barrage and comments were refreshed. After all, the space warships in front of the sky were too shocking.

In fact, compared to the big president who just wore the mech, the battleship in front of the battleship may be stronger, but the combat power is not so high.

For most humans, so many space warships are lined up in the sky, shielding the sun, and it seems to be far more shocking and more threatening than any super cat.

At the same time, the long hairs of the sky can not manage so much, for fear that they can not communicate with Zhao Yao, directly release the sound waves, and turn into a thunder.

“Zhao Yao! Immediately let go of the big president!”

“You have been surrounded and immediately let go of the big president!”

“Otherwise, we will immediately fire and directly transform the entire planet into a sea of ​​fire!”

Listening to the warnings of aliens, the humans and super-powered cats watching the video were all shocked.

“Rely! These aliens are attracted by Zhao Yao?!”

“Zhao Yao What did this guy do? He kidnapped the big president of others!”

“Return the big president back! What Zhao Yao is doing!”

“Why is Zhao Yao doing bad things and we are going to die together!”

Just after hundreds of millions of people have heard the threat of aliens, they are scared and fearful.

Zhao Yao in the camera seemed to think for a moment, then shouted: “Wait a minute~~!!”

Within the Maoist, there is no solution.

“what did he say?”


“What are you waiting for?”

On earth, countless humans and super-powered cats are equally puzzled.

“What are you waiting for this time!”

“Hurry up and return the big president to others!”

“What is Zhao Yao thinking about?”

Zhao Yao looked back at the Space Gate and Mocha was slamming Lucifer. After all, Zhao Yao has just spent a few seconds on a series of actions, and it still takes a while to get rid of the cooling.

“Oh, time is up.” Zhao Yao looked at the long-haired sects in the sky, haha ​​smiled: “The little guys of Chang Maozong, your next sentence is…”

“How can it be!”

“Look at my Lightning light speed punch!”

In an instant, the time pauses and the passage of time. The space warships in the sky began to understand the body at almost the same time. A large number of alloys fell like rain. There were also numerous weapons, particle guns, star guns and other weapons. , things like engines.

Just in the time when it was just stopped, Zhao Yao directly dismissed this fleet of Chang Maozong with a strong flesh.

The long-haired Mao’s human warrior, the super-powered cat fight shouted and fell into the sea.

“How can it be?”

“what happened?”

“It’s Lightning Lightspeed!”

At the same time, everyone watching the battlefield in front of the screen was stunned. No one thought that it would look like a mighty, enough to give the earth a hundred-times of the alien fleet. So even this moment was given by Zhao Yao. solved.

“Get it, everyone here is relieved?”

Zhao Yao stood in a large piece of falling ruins and took out his mobile phone from the Space Gate. He planned to see how he was praised on the Internet: “The hero who saves the earth, will I become a citizen next?” Idol? Um… half a Nobel, what should I?”

He opened a live website and saw a lot of barrage refreshed.

“Hahaha, we won!!”

“Victory. Can continue to seal the world!”

“It’s Gold Saint Cloth and Lightning Lightspeed Punch! The original Saint Seiya is true!”

At the beginning, there was a lot of cheers, but then the more Yao Yao looked at the face, the darker it was, because another voice began to appear on the Internet.

“Win a fart! Finished, this is finished, we will be ruled by Zhao Yao in the future.”

“Zhao Yao, no one can cure this guy.”

“The damn seal world will never be closed, Laozi’s money!”

“Even aliens can’t beat him, the universe is finished!!”

On the other hand, the governments of the world are also fortunate and uncomfortable.

Old Ho: “I rely on…Zhao Yao, this guy…when is it so strong?”

Pu Tsai: “The earth is over…”

Jin Zi: “If you retire, where is better?”

“In any case, the crisis of the earth has been solved.” Zhao Yao snorted, and then he compiled the prisoners of these long hairs, re-settled their own super cats and industries, and asked the Nobel Prize.

Suddenly, the light and shadow in front of the eyes flashed. It was Nasha of the cat leather society. She only saw her panic and said: “It’s not good. Long hairs, short hairs, and Maoist have joined forces. They are going to kill the earth. A cat called Mocha!”

β€œAh?” Zhao Yao snorted a little, and suddenly looked up at the next moment, and saw 1’s huge incomparable shadow appearing in the sky, a white dwarf.

The appearance of white dwarfs immediately caused dramatic changes in the gravitational pull of the entire moon, causing various disasters.

“Hehehehe, is this the earth?” The white dwarf star heard the news that Mocha discovered Mocha. When he saw the planet in front of him, there was a desire to stop trying to hit it.

But even if it doesn’t impact, the gravitational change caused by its own quality is enough for the life on this planet.

On the other hand, Zhao Yao felt the gravitational change of the earth. He stunned the big president and threw it into the stomach pocket of the yuan. Then he flew up and flew up, and then instantly traversed the consciousness dimension and descended on the surface of the white dwarf.

Then he directly smashed a large pit on the surface of the white dwarf star, angered: “White dwarf, do you want to die?”

Time pauses, 117 accelerates, and Zhao Yao slams on the star of the white dwarf.

In an instant, the white dwarf was shocked.

The earth under the foot of Zhao Yao burst into an instant, the surface collapsed, and the waves rippled and undulating. Finally, it was pressed down by the violent force, and it was directly transformed into a broken canyon of thousands of kilometers. It also split countless small canyons spread in all directions. .

Even the trajectory of the entire body of the white dwarf star began to deflect outward, and the orbit at this moment changed.

This foot directly stepped on the white dwarf star, even unbelievable: “Is the earth human being strong to this point? Is the prediction of the ‘demon’ actually true?”

Zhao Yao then went on to say: “Get out of the Sunshine system, or I will step you into the cosmic dust directly.”

The white dwarf star exploded in an instant, but recalling the power of the other side, the hard life resisted this breath. After the entire star body was exhausted, it jumped into the dark area outside the Sunshine system. By the way, Zhao Yao also took it. Come over.

Zhao Yao looked at the white dwarf star at his feet and said, “You give me an honest account, what are the three of your joint efforts? Why come to the earth?”

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