Am I A God? Chapter 1115

When I heard Zhao Yaoโ€™s question, the white dwarf just sneered: โ€œDonโ€™t you look around yourself?โ€

Zhao Yao looked up at the sky and saw a huge hairless cat emerged from the void, including seven giant cat gods, including red giant stars, and hundreds of cats, all of which were large. A pair of double mullion, sweeping away on Zhao Yao’s body with a cold gaze, like a group of cats and mice.

Zhao Yao saw them like this: “This is not yet convinced.”

He twisted his neck and said slowly: “It looks like you won’t beat you up, you won’t be convinced.”

The next moment, Zhao Yao slammed into the white dwarf, and in the pause, Zhao Yao had thousands of 117 speed fists on the white dwarf.

Then when the time flowed again, I saw a scream of screams, and the body of the white dwarf star was disintegrated.

The loud bangs radiated from the interior of the star. The huge canyons of several kilometers deep were generated one after another. A large number of fragments emerged from the surface of the planet and fell into the void of the universe.


Looking at the white dwarfs who kept screaming and disintegrating, the hairless cats present were shocked.

Zhao Yao pointed at them and said, “Whoever dares to come up, I will kill who.”

In an instant, the hairless cats that had originally wanted to rush on all stopped in the air and fell into hesitation.

Zhao Yao looked at the white dwarf star at his feet and said, “Okay, don’t pretend to die, then you can’t die.”

During the speech, the huge gravitational force was distributed around the body of the white dwarf star, and the parts that were to be disintegrated were directly absorbed back and merged again.

But now the white dwarf star does not dare to have any small Zhao Yao, and Zhao Yao is the enemy.

“Just disintegrated me with just one fist. This guy is really a monster in the monster.” The white dwarf star said: “Hey, your own thing, you solve it yourself, don’t you plan not to be in your own hands?”

โ€œWell?โ€ Zhao Yao said strangely: โ€œWhat is this guy talking about?โ€

The next moment, the gravitational force of the scene changed, and a planet several times larger than the white dwarf star suddenly flashed in front of the white dwarf.

It is a planet completely covered in orange, which is the planet after the orange hair of the long-haired mother.

“Zhao… Yao… Itโ€™s been a long time no see.”

Zhao Yao listened to the sound from the planet and wondered, “Who are you? Are you encouraging three associations to kill Mocha on Earth?”

The voice replied: “Yes, Mocha must die.”

Seeing Zhao Yao’s appearance, Orange Star quickly said: “Wait, you listen to me, Mocha’s death is for a reason.”

The white dwarf frowned: ‘This guy, how do you seem to be afraid? ‘

Zhao Yao twisted his neck and said, “Oh, you kill my cat, why?”

โ€œNot bad.โ€ Orange Star said: โ€œMocha’s ability is constantly being promoted with your help. Do you know what it means?โ€

“His ability, but time is suspended.”

When I heard the orange star, all the hairless cats around were shocked.

โ€œItโ€™s time to suspend this ability?โ€

“Is time for one of the ten taboos to be suspended?”

“I originally thought that it was written by Chang Maozong, but did it really have this kind of ability?”

Orange Star said slowly: “When the super-energy factor of Chang Maozong was stolen by the short-haired sect, the source species plan was opened, and the source species plan achieved extraordinary effects on the earth. One was unintentionally born a variety of The super rare ability on the taboo directory, the other is you, Zhao Yao is a human being, awakening superability.”

Zhao Yaoโ€™s eyes narrowed and looked at the huge planet in front of him: ‘This guy, what is it? I know so much? ‘

Orange Star: “The two incredible collisions have created more taboos, such as Mocha, a super cat that can continuously improve its ability, and his ability is still suspended.”

Zhao Yao: “What do you want to say?”

โ€œMochaโ€™s time is suspended. The essence of the principle is to add a unique part to the original timeline. Itโ€™s like cutting a movie photo and sticking it to your own content.โ€ Orange Star said a Zhao Yao An ununderstood truth.

“And in the time he photographed himself, he was the only master, and he could do whatever he wanted.”

“But the timeline is born from the beginning of the Big Bang and decided on countless possibilities.”

“And Mocha’s ability is to distort the countless possibilities that have been decided since the beginning of the Big Bang.”

“The stronger his ability, the faster the universe will collapse.”

Listening to the words of Orange Star, the hairless cats around them all made such expressions, white dwarfs: “It turns out that it sounds very reasonable. Time to suspend this ability is indeed not tolerable in the universe.”

Zhao Yao looked at the orange planet in front of him, but did not answer.

Orange Star: “How? Zhao Yao, do you want to preserve this universe, or continue to let Mocha live, leading to the collapse of the universe?”

Zhao Yao didn’t talk, just silently started and stopped, then step by step, stepping on the stomach bag, like a foot to the empty sky to the orange star.


While walking, Zhao Yao stared at the huge planet in front of him and said with a smile: “Sure enough, I said how funny your voice is.”

“I said, have you stopped when you learned it?”

Among Zhao Yao’s eyes, there are a lot of orange long grasses floating on the surface of the orange star. It is the hair of the orange star and is considered to be part of him.

Zhao Yao has a heavy foot in the void, and the whole person has already shot toward the surface of the orange star: “You will stop when you are… Now stop and destroy the universe?”

“When are you so flickering?”

As Zhao Yao sprinted, he slammed into the surface of the orange star.

In the midst of a collision between the world and the world, Zhao Yao waved his fists directly, and everything was broken. The world shook, and each punch was shot at 117 times. It was an orange biomass that could directly blast a few kilometers. All the way to the road, leaving a channel that is several kilometers wide.

He broke through the surface of the orange star all the way, just like trying to get a pair of oranges in front of him.

“Enough! Stop!”

Accompanied by the sound of the orange star, the orange biomass around it squeezed and turned into countless strong shots, sweeping Zhao Yao.

However, these could not stop Zhao Yao for a moment. He played and consciously swept out and quickly found what he was looking for.

With a wave of shaking, Zhao Yao broke the wall again and finally came to a huge space.

Among the flashes of countless orange lights, a familiar figure floats in the center.

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