Am I A God? Chapter 1116

Zhao Yao looked at the cat in the center and showed a surprised look: “You are…YuanYuan? Your hair… No, you are X!” He is too familiar with his cat, even if he just saw it. A back of the head, even if it is dyed, can be recognized instantly.

The cat suspended in the center slowly turned around. It was the orange YuanYuan, and countless orange flashes connected him and the planet.

Seeing Zhao Yao’s gaze, he said: “X does not control my consciousness. Now I am YuanYuan. Everything I do is acting with my own will.”

β€œYuanYuan? No.” Zhao Yao can feel the difference between this cat and his YuanYuan. It seems like a pole, it seems not.

He opened the Space Gate and looked at it. YuanYuan was just staying inside, and he was happy to eat fried chicken.

Zhao Yao licked his mouth and changed the fried chicken into a slimming cat food, then turned his head and looked at the orange circle in front of him: “Who are you?”

The orange circle did not speak, and of course he would not casually say his secret.

In fact, the orange circle in front of you is YuanYuan from the future.

After absorbing the super-ability of milk tea, Mocha, and latte, he gathered the past, and now, the power of the future, finally came to this moment and launched his own revenge.

“Don’t you say?” Zhao Yao shone, grabbed the orange round head, just talked, and found that the other side shivered, continually lost hair, squatting out.

“I still have nothing to do, you are too scared.”

“Useless things.” X’s voice came out of the orange circle: “Look at me!!”

Zhao Yao looked at the orange circle under X control and still trembled, and said helplessly: “I haven’t done it yet.”

β€œAh!” Zhao Yao’s words directly stimulated X, and he saw the horrible force field directly erupting from his body, carrying the power of repelling everything toward Zhao Yao, and then being the same by Zhao Yao. The force field is broken.

The air vibrates and wants to break down Zhao Yao, which is directly taken by Zhao Yao, then slammed it and pulled out a tuft of hair on the orange head.


After a scream, thousands of oranges were scattered from his body, and he wanted to attack all of Zhao Yao.

However, when Zhao Yao squeezed his fist and rejected the field pressure, he directly pinched thousands of oranges and then pulled a bunch of hair on the back of the orange.

“Ah!” After another scream, the orange circle was already tearful.

The next series of ultra-ability attacks, one by one, was solved by Zhao Yao.

Instead, Zhao Yao’s body became dark and his defenses reached an alarming level, and almost all of his capabilities could not be broken.

“Damn! Look at me!”

The world around the world was awkward. When the orange circle reacted again, everything had returned to half an hour ago.

“Hey, this time I already know the weakness of Zhao Yao’s guy. His body is too strong, as long as he is not approached by him.” X said: “He lost this time.”

YuanYuan: “I said X, or else forget it.”

“How can it count! Isn’t it necessary to go back to the past and make yourself the first cat of Zhao Yao? I bet on the dignity of the super cat, this time I must succeed!”

Half an hour later, the orange star disintegrated, and Zhao Yao grabbed the orange round: “You guy, you really can escape…”

“Damn! Zhao Yao, don’t think you won!” X laughed and said: “Everything has just begun!”

Going back half an hour ago, X: “I understand that it is useless to escape. It is necessary to flee and fight, hit and escape, escape and play, and escape the double line!”

“Zhao Yao, you are waiting for me!”

“Oh, I will not admit defeat.”

“Come back! I don’t believe it.”

“Bastard, why is he so strong?”

β€œWhy is this?”

“No, it can’t be beaten.”

“No hope…”

“Try it again…”

“It has to be beaten again…”


When Zhao Yao once again penetrated the orange star and came to the orange circle.

I found that the orange circle had fallen to the ground and cried: “Don’t fight! I admit defeat!”

X: “YuanYuan! How can you admit defeat? We have the ability to go back to the past!”

YuanYuan: “Returning to the past and being beaten? I don’t want it!”

X: “Give me control of my body!”

YuanYuan: “I don’t want! You will control me to beat!”

Looking at the orange circle that fell to the ground, Zhao Yao grabbed his head in a difficult way, and saw his action of raising his hand, the orange round shook his body, and the hair fell down and held his head. Shouted: “Don’t hit me! I surrender!”

Zhao Yao snorted and said, “That said, what the hell are you?”

YuanYuan honestly said: “We are coming from the future, we will be in the future…”

The next moment, he burst into the orange hair and suddenly exploded: “Hey!!!!”

In the scream of horror, he saw a palm stick out from the void and directly pinched YuanYuan’s back neck and grabbed it in the darkness.

YuanYuan looked at Zhao Yao and suddenly said loudly: “Every day at home! Be sure to stay at home every day!”

“Don’t go out and be busy!”

“Game, movies, and animation are much more fun than reality!”

“A new year! Good when your house is ah ah ah ah ah ah…”

With a twist, YuanYuan disappeared into a whirlpool.

However, just a few seconds later, I saw the orange circle twisting my face. The face that hit the glass stretched out with all my strength and shouted: “Don’t forget to give YuanYuan a level!” !!”

In the scream, the orange circle in front of the eyes disappeared completely without a trace.

The surrounding planets began to change back to their original appearance, and the orangeization of the entire universe began to return.

Zhao Yao touched his chin and frowned. “What do you do? The result is that if you rush in, nothing will end.”

“Mom, let’s go and leave, don’t pay for medical expenses and mental damages?”

“True tricks.”

“Forget it, after finishing the work, those who are looking for three will lose money.” Zhao Yao said, turned and left, but couldn’t help but say what the orange man said.

So open BOOK, looked at the status of YuanYuan, directly add experience value, and upgraded YuanYuan to LV10 in one breath, and then while walking, helped YuanYuan to add skills.

After a busy circle, it was hard for Zhao Yao to return to Earth after exhausting his responsibilities, debts, and contracts. He left the remaining mess to Baiquan to clean up and returned to the cat. The island villa, lying down with a satisfied face.

In the confusion, Zhao Yao feels that there is something pushing himself.

“Sleep for another minute!”

“Don’t sleep! The bride must be crazy!”

Zhao Yao opened his eyes and said helplessly: “Hey… what do you mean by marriage, don’t want to go.”

Zhao Xue angered: “You will have to be lazy in this bed one day.”

Meow! Bridget jumped up from the side and yelled at Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao touched his head and smiled: “Hey.”

Zhao Xue said: “Don’t play with cats, hurry to change clothes!”

“How cold days, forget it.” Zhao Yao thought about it and retracted the quilt again.

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