Am I A God? Chapter 1117

“It’s been half a year since the Earth War, unconsciously.”

Walking out of Zhao Yao’s room, Zhao Xue looked at the phone and thought: “The earth now feels the same as before.”

When I thought of it, the phone rang, Zhao Xue opened WeChat and looked at it: “Puzi, don’t come to me, find me useless. You have to find my brother in this matter. It is his seal. Your Weibo number.”

“I really can’t help.”

“Really not, they don’t listen to me.”

“That’s it, I have to attend the wedding, not much to say.”

Hanging up the call, Zhao Xue shook his head and looked at the cats playing outside the window, sighing: “It’s still the same daily life as the past.”

“Right, Zhao Yao is not good yet.”

Zhao Xue couldn’t help but come to Zhao Yao’s room again and saw a large quilt on the bed arched.

“Zhao Yao!” Zhao Xue ran up angrily, trying to open Zhao Yao’s quilt, but found that the hand did not move after the hand grabbed, with her strength to step on the floor, and there is no way to open this quilt.

Zhao Yao’s sneer came from the quilt: “Stupid, this looks like an ordinary quilt. In fact, it is my emperor’s armor that changed shape and disguised as a quilt.

Don’t say you, even if the earth explodes, don’t want to blow me out. ”

“You are going to die!” Zhao Xue gasped. “Come on! Don’t be like a primary school student.” The bride is going to worry!”

Zhao Yao’s voice came from the quilt: β€œOh, childish.”

Zhao Xue: “Who is childish in the end!!!!”

Zhao Yao: “Give up, either during the marriage, or even if I am absent.”

Zhao Xue bit his teeth: “This guy!” said, she slammed the door and went straight out.

“If you can’t do it, you can only let others try to surrender him out of bed.” Zhao Xue thought, while he saw the latte not far away, the other party was burying all the heads in a can. Go.

“Latte, go to Zhao Yao and let him get out of the quilt.”

“Ah?” Latte looked up and the meat on his mouth fell and fell on the bow tie on his neck.

“Look at you, be careful, I will attend the wedding for a while, I will help you change the bow tie.” Zhao Xue said, “Well, let’s go, Zhao Yao hurts you the most, must listen.” your.”

The latte was pushed to Zhao Yao’s room, and suddenly the body was agitated, his eyes were stunned, and his eyes were faint: “No, bad things will happen, you will be caught in a hot and hot place, then crazy. Being abused.”

“Ah? You didn’t use it?” Zhao Xue thought for a moment, and caught the passing Lightning in his hand: “What about him?”

Latte: “It will be thrown out.”

Zhao Xue: “What about milk tea?”

Latte squinted and seemed to see again: “You can’t find him.”

Seeing Zhao Xue still want to continue, the iron eyeball turned a bit, and quickly smashed the pot: “I think Dad can, let Dad go to persuade Zhao Yao to be quilt, will be successful!”

“Yeah, Zhao Yao likes Mocha very much, then I go to Mocha and find it.”

Seeing that Zhao Xue disappeared like a gust of wind, Latte sighed with relief: “Call, finally sent away.” He held the canned food and then smashed it.

On the other side, Zhao Xue rushed into the center of Cat Island and searched for the trail of Mocha all the way.

“Isn’t I always playing here? Where are you going?”

Zhao Xue swept his eyes and walked straight into the cat’s nest. He saw Gaia and Ricecake lying on the seal world.

“How are you still playing games!” Zhao Xue pulled out the plug and said with anger: “I will buy the dress for you, go and change it!”

Gaia: “Cut, why not make an online wedding.”

Ricecake: “That is, I want to participate in online weddings, not three yuan!”

Zhao Xueyi took a picture of his head and said fiercely: “If you don’t go to the wedding, you will delete both of you and you will not change your clothes.”

β€œAh!!” Ricecake said angrily: β€œWho dares to delete my number!”

When I saw the cat island under my feet vibrate, Zhao Xue took out the phone directly: “Hey? Do you have a doll? There is an ID in the seal world to help me seal it for a year…”

With a splash, Ricecake squatted on the floor and looked at Zhao Xue and said, “I was wrong.”

“Hey, go get dressed.”

While walking out, the two cats talked privately with heart sounds: “Zhao Xue, this guy is getting more and more sleek.”

“Hey, two Zhao Yao in one door, this day is getting worse.”

Looking at the cat and looking unhappy, Zhao Xue asked: “Right, have you seen Mocha?”

Ricecake turned and said: “Mocha? He seems to be out, I heard that it was a cat with a second cat.”

“What are you doing, aren’t you talking to him about going to the wedding today? Going to the appointment? Where are the appointments?”


In the first small grove of the cat, the two super-cats have a distinct relative strength.

Cannon pointed to the opposite-faced silver gradient cat and shouted: “Kids! Where are you mixing? Is the protection fee received here? Don’t you know that this is a tea mask?”

The opposite silver gradient disdain: “Hey, a five-dollar orange cat, don’t think that you have Zhao Yao support, I am afraid of you, I tell you that my brain is not so good, there is rabies, hit I catch who I bite!”

“Is the brain not good? It seems like the brain is so good.” Mocha patted his own brain and shouted: “Do you know how many alien cats have you killed before the Earth War? Just a few of you are willing to dare to me.” In front of you?”

Silver gradient cat: “Oh, I finally gave you a chance to immediately break up with Elizabeth, or I will tell you with practical actions that the beautiful cat is only owned by the strong.”

“You kid is crazy!”

“Dry him!”

“Pull out his hair!”

Seeing the turbulent appearance on the opposite side, the silver gradually dismissed: “Crazy? The first cat is small, you can listen to the garbage. Our second cat is crazy. Don’t mess with us. We are jealous of you. From today we are the shackles here. If you fight, I will fight, I have a second cat brother, tens of millions! After that, our second cat era!”

“Pour them with water”

“Bite their hair!”

“Remember, you are not allowed to use superability!”

Mocha snorted and rushed up with the super cats like Cannon, Cat, Airplane, Sausage, etc., and the super cats across.

However, the two sides just collided together, Mocha disappeared and disappeared directly in the back row, watching the lively front row: ‘The fool does not need superability. ‘


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