Am I A God? Chapter 927

Sitting on the sofa of the Cat Island Villa, Zhao Yao did not choose to take the game console, but tried to directly display Diana’s super-ability directly to the game.

But he thought about it and stopped the action. Putting on the Cheese cloak, the whole person slammed out of the clouds.

“My original account can’t be used, otherwise it’s easy to find out that I am not dead.”

“Although I don’t know if they can check where I landed, but if I use the ability to log in to different places, I shouldn’t be able to detect what I really are.”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao arrived in Seoul, South Korea with a supersonic Flight, then silently dropped a Space Gate, then flew to Moscow, and put down a Space Gate.

Bridget’s Space Gate has been able to release five after the last upgrade.

Now one is Cat Island, one is Cat City, and two are placed today. The rest of Zhao Yao is kept ready.

“Well, I will send it through the world in the future, and I will land it in the world.”

So the next moment, Zhao Yao first went back to Cat Island through Space Gate, put Cheese back, then went back to Moscow through Space Gate, and ran north for more than ten kilometers, then took out the new one that he had already prepared. The game console and the new ID card and mobile phone number are logged in to a new account.

Zhao Yao is ready to create a new mission, and then Diana’s ability is used to log in to the new account.

“The previous account is no longer needed, and I will use this trumpet to do things later.”

Log in to the game and go to Zhao Yao’s pinch option when creating characters.

Zhao Yao looked at the interface of pinching his face, and this time he began to pinch his face seriously.

“To attract attention, appearance is very important.” Zhao Yao: “Either handsome, or ugly, crying.”

Half an hour later, Zhao Yao gave up the road.

β€œIt’s too hard, it’s too hard!” Zhao Yao was frustrated: β€œIt’s almost impossible to change a stroke on my face to make me more handsome.”

Zhao Yao looked at how to pinch and pinch the dissatisfied face. He realized that he wanted to pinch his face and he was very handsome. It was handsome to others, which was harder than he thought.

It’s really easy to squeeze the handsome in the online game. Anyone who puts a small trumpet in the real world is a super handsome guy. Everyone seems to be tired of it when they look at it, and they don’t want to be impressed.

Zhao Yao shook his head and began to arbitrarily change: “Then it’s ugly, it’s best to make people feel impressed when they see it, and you can’t forget the kind that you can’t forget. Um… It’s better to look at the star face again. heat.”

Half an hour later, Zhao Yao looked at the familiar face with a sullen face, a slightly open mouth and a slightly eyebrows, and the words ‘food 屎 you’ almost immediately jumped out of his mouth.

“Perfect, the look is pinched, and the rest is the name.”

Zhao Yao looked up at the moment, his own name is still blank, he launched Diana’s ability to create his own name, and found that the name can also be created.

“What is the name?”

“Of course this is it!”

Zhao Yao excitedly entered the ‘twisting moxibustion ζͺ, and the result was the same.


Zhao Yao still doesn’t give up, and he has entered the restaurant, you, the restaurant, you eat it… You all have the same name.

“I rely on, how much do the current players like to lick the urinary stalk, which can be so much more?”

Zhao Yao thought about it again, and entered Hao Haocai, and finally succeeded.

After creating a good character and landing at the Novice Village School, Zhao Yao immediately went offline and then launched Diana’s ultra-ability to log in.

As he thought, this time he landed the game after the account is a new ζƒΊ ζͺ ζͺ

He tried to change something directly like in a normal dream, what a knife like 99.

But just wanting to change the dream world of the seal world, he immediately felt a strong sense of crisis and stopped directly.

“Diana’s ability is still not strong enough. It still has to be done according to the rules of the seal world. It can’t be as arbitrary as the manipulation of ordinary dreams.”

“What I can do is still no more than the average player. Most of the time I still have to follow the rules of this dream.”

“When I can manipulate and destroy the super-major dream of the seal world as I please, I should be able to defeat those alien cats.”

Zhao Yao understands that the world of seals created by alien cats is too strong and too strong, or else it can’t exist for a long time in the chaotic and violent dimension of consciousness.

So even if Diana has evolved many times, she can only go through some small loopholes and can’t do as she wants in ordinary dreams. After all, the dreams of ordinary people are fragile and full of loopholes, and they can be compared with the world of seals that are almost self-contained.

Then Zhao Yao looked at his new name and new face with satisfaction, and tried the game function basically the same as before, then he happily did the novice task, and then prepared to collect the evolution.


Outside the novice village, Tom is happily brushing the Teddy dog ​​with other teammates, and from time to time look at the clear sky: “At last, I don’t have to be harassed by those guys, I can happily level up.”

A knife hacked Teddy in front of him, and Tom said to his teammates: “My mission is finished, what about you? Go back and hand in the mission together.”

A team of people went to the novice village in the world of seals, and the Beastmaster Academy went back to the task. As soon as they entered the School of the Beasts, they saw a large group of people running around, as if they were chasing something.

“what happened?”

“What are they chasing?”

“Don’t you brush BOSS?”

Just as Tom felt confused, a teammate patted him on the shoulder and pointed to a figure not far away and said, “That…should be the director of our mission…”

I saw Zhao Yao, who was not far away, rushing in the safe area of ​​Novice Village. The director was dragged by the rope and dragged behind him, making a slamming crash…

Behind Zhao Yao, a large group of novice players who want to hand in the task are chasing him. A few people are faster. When chasing Zhao Yao behind, they see Zhao Yao turning back and slamming. The director of the school will be like a meteor hammer.


“Not afraid! I killed the teaching director and let him refresh!”

“No! I mean the director…”

Then I saw the sword of the teaching director and the player, and instantly smashed the sword and directly played the player to kill the light.

“The Dean’s attack is very strong! Don’t fight with him!”

A famous player looked at Zhao Yao and the director of his hand with his eyes wide open, and wanted to take the director out of his own equipment. But the next moment, Zhao Yao’s dean of directors played everywhere, then looked at the other side and began to escape.

Looking at the chaos in the novice village, Tom grabbed his chest and suddenly felt tired: “This sand sculpture game… this sand sculpture player…”

It’s really hard to finish 12 before, one more chapter, and one chapter is being written.

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