Am I A God? Chapter 928

Tom looked at the director who was dragged further and further, and immediately ran to the front of the giggling. He said: “Why is the director’s attacking power so strong? Someone directly took the director to break the other players’ equipment. It!”

Giggle: “The Dean is related to more than half of the tasks in the novice village, so I set him to be King Kong not bad, no one can kill him. So he looks like an ordinary teaching director on the surface, but actually Is the novice village hidden artifacts want your dog 3000, and finally players have found out?”

At this moment, it was felt that finally the player caught up with his ideas and played the game. A feeling of sympathy rose.

Tom’s claws clasped his head, his head was arrogant, and he said: “Hide the artifacts fart! You can give me a quick idea, I can’t handle my mission!”

“Okay, you can rest assured.” Giggle said: “After the dean is taken away, there will be a new NPC to replace his position. You can go to him to pay the task.”

In the game, players soon found the position of the original director, with the new NPC to teach the task, so fewer and fewer people chasing Zhao Yao, he has less and less evolution.

“It’s not easy.” Zhao Yao looked at the evolution of the BOOK and immediately felt the difficulty: “Without the world speaker, LV13 needs more evolutionary bars than before. Now it’s purely collected by the surrounding players. Evolutionary, the speed is too slow.”

Zhao Yao thought about it. If you want to brush the copy of the mall, you have to brush the money. If you brush the money, it will affect the bank account, and you may be found in his reality.

“You can only come slowly, slowly accumulate word of mouth, and pass by word of mouth.”


Half a month later, on a snowfield, a large group of players were attacking around a huge Samoyed.

“Everyone is working hard! BOSS is going to fall!”

A few hundred meters away from the BOSS, a group of scattered players looked at BOSS with a look of disappointment, in front of them is a peripheral member of the guild.

“Look what! This BOSS was packaged by our guild.”

“Who dares to grab BOSS to kill him?”

A girl is whispering aside: “Yous friends are watching! BOSS has entered the final stage! It will fall soon! I don’t know what will happen.”

This girl is a master anchor, playing the world of the seal while playing live with the built-in features of the game.

Suddenly she screamed and shouted: “惺豪悖

I saw a figure rushing to the BOSS, waving the teaching director in the hands, all the way to the player’s weapons have shattered, and shouted a whisper: “Restaurant you!”

In an instant, accompanied by Diana’s ability to launch, a famous player directly stiffened and disappeared, and they were all forced to go offline.

The remaining guild players immediately could not stand the pressure of BOSS and directly destroyed the group.

In the live broadcast room, Zhao Yao is running away from the deep and the famous.

Lying in a cave, Zhao Yao looked at the evolutionary strip in BOOK and said secretly: “It’s going to evolve, and the plan to follow this big anchor is correct.”

Zhao Yao looked forward to the evolution of the BOOK, watching it still grow at an objective rate, bit by bit approaching the end of the evolution.

During this time, he worked hard to cultivate, and he was on the line for 18 hours every day. Even the end of the month was settled temporarily.

Every day, the evolutionary strips are continuously collected, and later they are followed by various anchors, and finally they have evolved today.

I saw that the evolutionary strip on BOOK was finally full. Diana evolved to LV14, the physical immunity effect reached 50%, and the skill enhancement increased to 140%.

With more powerful consciousness, Diana can do more in the dream world of the seal world.

In addition to arbitrarily landing in the world of seals, T people are off the assembly line, and she can do more things here.


Two days later, Tom held his squeaky hand and kept screaming in his mouth: “Giggle! You can’t stop it anymore! 惺 隳 隳 隳 铮 铮 铮 铮 铮 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延 延One tube, everyone can’t practice it! ”

The giggling eyes flashed slightly, because the other series of actions in these days reminded him of Zhao Yao.

Speaking of it, he sent people to Jianghai to investigate the situation of Zhao Yao. Later, the report was indeed dead, but the forces under the other side tried to conceal the news and contract the power.

“It shouldn’t be a person, but there are so many people on the planet who are bored.” He screamed: “You have to go out of the novice village, no matter how good he is.”

“No! You know! This guy has a plug-in! Can T people go offline!”

Giggle: “Are you stupid? The seal world is a huge dream that I made. How can I have a plug-in?”

“Really! Don’t believe you go see it.”

Clucking helplessly: “Let’s do it, I will see it.” He still doesn’t believe it.

Tom: “You must catch him!”

But then, after arguing for Apple to collect the other party’s data, he received a message that made him wrong.

“Can’t find?” giggling: “You can’t find the device number he logged in in your database, IP address…”

“I can’t find it at all. He is like… It’s like a ghost living in our sealed world. I can’t find where he came from. And many players who have contact with him also have an instant disconnection experience.”

In the eyes of the giggling, the cold light appeared instantly: “Someone invaded the world of seals?”

The world of seals is his most important handwriting on earth. The power to increase the dimension of consciousness, that is, his consciousness, is related to his strength and his position in the same family.

So when I noticed the anomaly, I immediately fell into the world of seals and prepared to track the position of the other person.

After plucking into the world of seals, the 24 seals are used directly by all 100-level top accounts, which is the back door that he left when he created the seal world.

At the same time, he has certain administrator rights in the world of seals, and is able to freely search for targets, instantaneous movements, one-click spikes, copying, adding props, etc. in this dream.

In addition to not being able to modify the entire world of seals, he can do almost everything. You can even use consciousness to attack, track, and control each other directly in the world of seals.

So I entered it, giggling directly pulled out the player list, found the 惺 愕 愕 愕 愕 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Zhao Yao looked at the players who suddenly appeared. They looked at each other’s luxury equipment. There were dozens of wings behind them. The big knife on the waist was full of 40 meters. Some hesitantly asked: “GM?”

But the next moment, a strong sense of crisis came to the fore. Zhao Yao felt that his real heartbeat seemed to be jumping fast, and a cold hair burst, and every instinct in his mind was letting him run away.

Glancing at each other, directly launched the consciousness to manipulate the other side’s consciousness, and asked: “Why can you get off the line?”

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