Am I A God? Chapter 929

With the giggle question, Zhao Yao immediately felt an unparalleled intrusion, seemingly wanting to get into his head and control his consciousness.

However, now Zhao Yao has evolved Diana to the level of lv14, and even invaded the world of seals, free to land, no longer like the first time when he was kicked off the line, so no resistance.

Just at the moment when he giggling to control his consciousness, Zhao Yao flashed in front of him and disappeared directly in front of the giggling.

This is exactly what lv14’s Diana can do in the world of seals, as in other ordinary dreams, to move the space in a dream.

It also shows that Diana’s ability is improved, and what can be done in the world of seals is closer to what is done in ordinary dreams.

Seeing this scene slightly giggling, directly pulled out the list of players in the player list, the face changed slightly: “Is it moving instantly?”

His figure flashed and he had already chased the past, but he just saw a back of Zhao Yao, and the other party has disappeared again.

The giggling eyes emit incomparably dangerous cold light, and some people can carry out the space movement outside the specification in the seal world, which shows that the other party’s dream of the seal world has been deeply invaded.

‘court death……’

Looking at each other’s state, I even wanted to go offline. I immediately sneaked into the past and rushed to the consciousness. I wanted to follow the process of the other party’s offline, all the way from the seal world to the reality.

And Zhao Yao felt the other person’s consciousness wrapped up, immediately stopped the action of the offline, and thought of Lightning in his mind.

“With the degree of the other’s consciousness, we can directly navigate the dimension of consciousness, land on the earth, and create a super-large fixed dream in the world of seals. If he is eyeing, he will go offline directly, and he will follow him in the real world. Possibility, can’t take this risk…”

Zhao Yao understands that once the reality is caught by the other party, you can directly hit gg.

So in an instant, Zhao Yao had stopped the move of the line, and the figure flashed, and the teleport disappeared again.

“Is it escaping…” giggling and screaming, and his heart secretly estimated the gap between the two sides: “The other party’s consciousness has been small, but it is still far worse than me, up to five instants. Within the move, I can catch him.”

One person, one cat and one cat flashed in the world of seals one after the other, and the giggling consciousness continued to wrap around Zhao Yao, to grasp each other and completely control each other.

At this moment, Zhao Yao is no longer a rebellious force, but he is still getting closer and closer, as if a huge palm is covering him little by little.

‘Can’t escape like this…’Zhao Yao’s mind quickly calculated: ‘This way, under normal circumstances, up to five teleports, I will be caught… but my words should last for half an hour… But you have to think of something else…”

During the speech, Zhao Yao’s figure once again appeared in a leveling area, and then disappeared with the appearance of the giggles.

A group of players looked silly at Zhao Yao and the giggles that suddenly disappeared and made a variety of arguments.

“Who did you just have a love package?”

“Can this game be published?”

Among the crowd, Diana’s account is slightly confined, and the average player can only see the surface phenomenon.

The horror of the horror of the horror, let Diana subconsciously hit the ground, like a normal cat curled up, scared to move.

It is like an ordinary fish who saw the prehistoric giant shark swimming in front of him. The horrible oppression stimulates every inch of her cells. The consciousness seems to be oppressed by the amazing fear and it is difficult to operate.

“Just the one…what is it…”

“It’s Zhao Yao being chased…”

“That is the alien cat?”

Seeing the flashing, Zhao Yao, who is being chased, Diana slowly slowed down from fear: “Zhao Yao was discovered? What should I do? What should I do?”

Diana was a little panicked and thought about it. She came directly to the group and said the situation.

Mocha first returned: “Do you see it clearly? Are you confirmed to be an alien cat?”

“I don’t know.” Diana: “That is the kind of horrible consciousness. It is the strongest creature I have ever seen in my life. It can only be an alien cat.”

Mocha: “Zhao Yao can’t just be in front of you. He wants to inform us through you. After all, you are most likely to recognize the identity of an alien cat.”

Diana: “Why doesn’t he send a WeChat directly?”

Mocha: “In the world of seals, WeChat is too easy to be intercepted by game companies. We will find us in reality. Don’t worry about these…”

Mocha said: “He wants to inform you through you, is it because he told you about the way to deal with alien cats? With Zhao Yao’s caution, should there be preparations?”

Looking at the information sent by Mocha, Diana gradually calmed down: ‘Mocha suddenly looked so serious, I can’t think of him seriously, it gave the cat a very reliable feeling.

Mocha: “Diana? Are you still there?”

Diana returned to God and said: “Say… I said that Zhao Yao once told me that if I was really discovered by the other side in the world of seals, then I should choose the next line, but Zhao Yao He is not offline now.”

At this time, YuanYuan also appeared, and he saw that he replied: “That means that he can’t go down. I don’t know much about your consciousness, dreams, etc., but there is no possibility, in the process of going offline. Will it be chased by an alien cat along the network cable?”

“If the gap in consciousness is very much, the other side will come back to reality with him, and there is indeed this possibility.” Diana said: “In this case, there is no way to go offline… then… what should we do? ?”

Mocha asked: “Zhao Yao didn’t say anything else?”

“No…no.” Diana said anxiously: “He said that he was thinking about a solution recently, but he never said that he had come up with it. What to do! If Zhao Yao is caught, it will be over!”

YuanYuan: “Don’t worry, Zhao Yao came to you to inform us that there must be his intention, indicating that you and us are helpful to him. Do you think about whether he left any clues? Zhao Yao dares to wave, It must have been prepared in advance.”


On the other side, giggling Zhao Yao all the way, along with the momentary movements, his consciousness gradually entangled the other’s body.

Until the fifth space move, as he thought, he had already grasped each other.

“Catch you…” But the next moment, he felt that the other party wanted to leave the world of seals.

“Oh, just go to the ground and find your place in reality.”

Glancing in front of the eyes, it has appeared on a busy street.

“right here!”

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