Am I A God? Chapter 930

A bustling city over the city, the giggles have changed back to the cat’s appearance, a pair of erects swept across the street in front of them, directly locked in an apartment according to consciousness, lying in bed with a game console middle-aged man.

“It’s you!” The giggling figure flashed and appeared on the top of the middle-aged man. He looked at the other person’s sleepy look and smiled coldly. The consciousness swept away, but suddenly frowned.

“No… not him…” He jerked his head up: “This is…”

The violent consciousness is centered on his body, sweeping in all directions, and the world around him begins to crack and dissipate.

“Dream in a dream?” giggled: “In the world of seals, dreaming into the world of dreams? Very genius, but do you think that I can’t even distinguish between dreams and reality?”

“This ordinary dream can be destroyed by hand.”

In the next moment, the giggling consciousness swept away like a storm, and the streets, the sky, and the ground where it passed were collapsed and turned into a seal in the world.

Seeing that the dream was violently destroyed by the gibberish, Zhao Yao’s figure flashed and disappeared again.

When I slammed up, I saw that one person and one cat were flashing together. It had already appeared in the sky above the novice village. Then Zhao Yao’s figure was stiff and had been motionless in the air.

The giggling slowly floated over and looked at Zhao Yao, who was completely controlled by himself in the world of seals. The corner of his mouth tilted slightly: “Now tell me, who are you, why can you use the power of the dimension of consciousness?”

It seems that it is completely manipulated by the giggles. After a slight sigh, he said, “Where am I from? Are you not counting? You made this kind of thing on this planet, do you really think that no cat knows?”

This is actually very vague, but the world of squeaky seals was originally made by his own people. After hearing these words, he immediately added brain power max, and added more than one plot and details.

“You are the mother star? Who sent you to monitor me? The church? The long-haired pie? Or the short-haired person?” Glancing, looking at Zhao Yao, said: “No, they have no meaning in monitoring me.” Are you a Maoist-free person? That guy is afraid that I will grow up and go back to him?

Yes, it must be like this. With my genius and potential, I must have been seen in my eyes as a nail in the eye, a stab in the flesh, and I can’t wait to kill me this potential stock. ”

Giggle and glaring at Zhao Yao, with the influx of consciousness into Zhao Yao’s body, he asked: “Is it true that people without Mao Zong sent you?”

I saw Zhao Yao laughing and fiercely saying: “I don’t know if I still let go of it. Do you think that your affairs will be saved after you have been exposed? Now let me go, I admit it, maybe I can ask for you.” !”

The giggling look was ugly, but the next moment he suddenly frowned. “No.” His gaze swept the novice village below, and then the consciousness slightly felt it, and an abnormality was discovered in an instant.

“Still dreams?” Giggle immediately reacted. The real world was just the first dream, trying to trick him back into the real world.

But after he destroyed the dream, he returned not to seal the world, but to a dream that looks like a seal world.

Because both are dreams, it is not as big as the difference between reality and dreams.

“Lianhuan nesting dreams, you are really a genius…” Giggle and screaming, the consciousness has skyrocketed, and the dreams of the eyes have been shattered again, appearing in a wilderness in the world of seals.

In front of Zhao Yao, the figure flashed, and it has disappeared again and again. This time, instead of rushing to catch up, it carefully sensed the seal world in front of us and confirmed the true and false of this seal world.

“It’s really back.” After the confirmation was completed, the anger was pulled out of the player list, and Zhao Yao’s position was chased again.

This way, chasing down, giggling into one dream after another, he can feel that the other’s consciousness is far worse than him, but the understanding of dreams is very deep, especially the dreams created by various psychological blind spots. Always let the other party hide from the slap in the face.

“But even then, you can’t hold it for a long time.” The speed of smashing the other’s dreams is getting faster and faster. After all, his consciousness is far beyond the other side, and the other party’s means are exhausted. After much experience, giggling It can be broken in an instant.

Seeing that the giggling finally caught Zhao Yao, the whole world in front of him suddenly turned black… Then, all the players in the seal world disappeared, and Zhao Yao in front of him disappeared.

“This is…” Cleverly contacted the game company in the offline line, and learned that there was a power outage failure in the server of the entire game, causing the entire seal world to take the opportunity.

Although the seal world is essentially a dream, it is also used by the earth to make it easy for ordinary people to quickly enter it.

The server downtime in the material world naturally caused changes in the entire world of seals.

And Zhao Yao is also taking the opportunity to go offline with everyone.

“Damn.” The giggling face wrinkled, revealing a long, pointed tooth: “It must have been done by the guy. Did his companions in reality attack the computer room?”

After a moment, the gig converges and expresses his own expression. Tom in the distance ran over and shouted: “What’s wrong! Why did the game start to be maintained?”

Clucking: “It’s a guy who doesn’t know that people are cats. This guy has the power of the dimension of consciousness.”

β€œAh?” Tom said: β€œCan this genius appear in the indigenous people on this planet?”

“What about genius?” giggling coldly: “If you meet us, even if he is unlucky, the next time he will appear again, I will definitely catch him.”

Giggle, this time he was too underestimated, did not go all out at the beginning, was also stunned by the other side, and in reality did not protect the computer room.

After all, I am too contemptuous of the indigenous people on this planet, but then he will fully monitor the entire world of seals, and the protection of game companies, computer rooms, etc. in the material world will also develop, and the next time you can catch each other. .


On the cat island, Zhao Yao fell to the ground as soon as he came back. One hand pressed on his eyebrows and kept squatting.

Mocha squatted and asked with a look: “Zhao Yao? No problem?”

β€œIt’s overused, it’s good to take a break.” Zhao Yao opened his bloodshot eyes and said: β€œThe gap is bigger than I thought. If you don’t pull the switch, you really want to be caught by him. It is.”

Mocha breathed a sigh of relief and only listened to Zhao Yao. “How do you know you have to pull the switch?”

Mocha said: “A Space Gate you recently set up is right next to their computer room!”

Zhao Yao smiled and then looked at his book.

Side task: sneak and steal

Mission Objective: Escape from the alien cat’s hand.

Mission reward: 70000 experience value.

Failure penalty: none.

Looking at the 70000 point experience value of the mission reward, Zhao Yao breathed a sigh of relief.

“Plus this month and the end of last month’s settlement… should be able to have a second super cat up to lv10, ready to evolve.”


This chapter is really stuck for a long time.

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