Am I A God? Chapter 931

Zhao Yao looked at the panel on his book. After this escape task, plus the settlement experience value at the end of last month, his book has reached book:lv8(181507/100000).

With a full experience of 180,000, Zhao Yao will upgrade a super cat to lv10 and join the evolution module.

In addition to the accumulated experience value, the number of draws has been 67 times.

However, Zhao Yao thought it would be useless. After all, there will be more than a week to the end of this month. He plans to use the experience and the number of draws together.

At the same time, it is necessary to think about the next plan in the past few days. After all, the alien cat has already discovered his existence. Next, I want to continue to collect the evolutionary strips. The evolution of the super cat against the alien cats must be very careful.

“Considering the worst case, he may monitor all the players’ data to see if there is any abnormality.” Zhao Yao silently estimated: “The higher the attention, the more famous the player, the more likely he is personally shot. Exploring the situation with consciousness.”

“You can only try the b plan.”

As a man with a backup plan all the time, Zhao Yao naturally considered how to continue to collect evolution if the alien cat found out that he existed.

Half an hour later, Zhao Yao maneuvered the new trumpet in the novice village, incarnation of a super big spray, seeing people spray, when people meet the bar, instantly caused a lot of attention.

“Is it only me that I think…”

“Flies don’t have a seamless egg…”

“I just said casually, why are you doing so seriously?”

After collecting about half an hour of evolution, Zhao Yao chose to go offline, build a new number, and change the position in the real world to use the game console to go online.

On the other hand, since I discovered that someone can grasp the power of the dimension of consciousness, and even secretly invade the world of seals, giggling in the real world to strengthen the defense power of the engine room and the game company, while on the other hand, it has specially assigned personnel to monitor all the world in the seal world. The status of the player.

The first is the ip address of the other party, whether the character value is abnormal, whether the space coordinates have an abnormality of long-distance movement, and whether the player has dropped the line on a large scale.

However, Zhao Yao has obviously taken this into consideration, so he constantly converts the position of the real world, converts his own account, and raises attention and collects evolutionary lines through things that ordinary people can do.

Although this process is much slower, even if it is giggling, there is no way to monitor such a fine detail, the player quarrels and the like.

So Zhao Yao constantly changed the address, changed the account, and slowly collected Diana’s evolution.

In this way, more than a week has passed, and the plucking has not searched for the trace of Zhao Yao in the game, while Zhao Yao is slowly collecting evolutionary strips and waiting for a new month to settle.

The only change is that there are a lot of themes in the game and forum that complain about the game.

“The players in the recent game are getting heavier and heavier.”

“The current trumpet is much better.”

β€œThere are more and more primary school students who feel this game.”

Zhao Yao has already waited for the home, waiting for the results of the month-end settlement.

These days, Zhao Yao’s cat music city is getting bigger and bigger, especially with the third year of the awakening event, the super cat is accepted by more and more ordinary people, no longer limited to urban legends, a small part Among the high-level intelligence, Zhao Yao’s hand-built cat music city has gradually become an entertainment center for eating, drinking and playing, and earns a lot of wealth every month.

But money is not his biggest goal, and the experience he can get from profit is his real goal.

With the end of the month-end settlement, Zhao Yao got the experience value of 16000*2, plus the experience of the super cats doing the task every day, or eating the epic cat rice, the panel on the book has changed. Became:


Mocha lv8 (17710/50000)

Elizabeth lv9 (11500/100000)

Bridget lv9 (10800/100000)

Ares lv8(10800/50000)

Lucifer lv8 (5900/50000)

Pharaoh lv7 (6900/20000)

Ekaterina lv8 (5900/50000)

Diana lv14

In addition to Diana’s evolution, the experience value is no longer displayed, and other super-power cats have accumulated a lot of experience during this time.

Zhao Yao didn’t upgrade first. He planned to take a wave of prizes and see what he could get.

The number of draws accumulated in the two-month settlement reached 136 directly. Zhao Yao immediately took a red envelope and screamed at each other’s body. Then he prayed in his heart: “Put a wave of best items, it is best to do it directly. Dead alien cat.”

After a long time, Zhao Yao took a deep breath and started the draw directly. He didn’t look at the result, and he rushed all the way, and spent all the 136 draws in one breath.

All of a sudden got tens of thousands of experience, hundreds of cat spicy strips, 17 pieces of cat prince’s dress…

This is a great harvest. The pieces of the cat prince’s dress that Zhao Yao expects are also collected (36/80). The cat spicy strip is more than enough.

In addition, there is no such thing as the dragon dragon knife and the paralyzed ring.

But I also got a special thing.

Fortified Stone: There is a chance that the item won by the draw will be enhanced.

Seeing the introduction of the fortified stone, Zhao Yao frowned. “I smell the familiar taste…”

After thinking about it, he still plans to use this fortified stone.

After all, to deal with the ordinary super cat on the earth, he used no props to make no difference.

Now the paralyzed ring, the dragon knives, and the golden dog eyes have little effect on the alien cats in other dimensions. If you can strengthen them, there may be some miraculous effects.

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao decided to upgrade the Dragon Slayer to try it out. After all, this is the most powerful one of his three props.

Then I saw Zhao Yao take out the Dragon Sword, which was hung around his neck, and then exchanged the fortified stone and took it.

Immediately a message poured into his mind.

Dragon Sword + 1: Disable the ultra-ability 20s after passing the Dragon Slayer check.

Zhao Yao: “Is it directly changed from 10 seconds to 20 seconds? It’s better than nothing, but the key is to draw the strengthening stone in the future. If you continue to strengthen, will there be a qualitative change?”

However, Zhao Yao does not have a strengthening stone at all, so I can only think about it.

“Next, let me see which super cat to upgrade.”

Zhao Yao’s eyes swept over a super cat on the book panel, and there was a budget in mind.

I saw that his thoughts were slightly moved. The vast amount of experience has been injected into the name of Ekaterina. In an instant, hundreds of thousands of experience values ​​were smashed in, and Ekaterina was promoted to lv10.

Looking at the skill tree, there are six additional skill points, Zhao Yao, who have all the four new skills, and let Ekaterina’s strength once again leap.

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