Am I A God? Chapter 932

EK9 and lv10’s Ekaterina have been 4 skills by Zhao Yao.

其中lv9的两个技能,一个是强制睡眠、强制恐惧时间增长,变成了原来的两倍,也就是等级数*2秒,现在lv10的叶卡捷琳娜发动ability 后,目标会陷入10*2秒的强制睡眠和强制恐惧。

The other is the decline of reason. Every time you get a skill in a day, after entering a forced sleep, the rationality of the target will drop once. When you reach the limit, you will completely lose your mind and become a madman until 24 is young.

And Zhao Yao’s long-awaited lv10 skills, one called dementia worship, after the end of the target forced fear, there is a chance to worship you, and completely obey your orders in the next hour.

The other is called a faceless person. After the end of the forced fear, there is a certain chance to become a faceless monster. In the next five minutes, he will attack all the creatures around him and recover after five minutes.

“Ekaterina’s ability, control is getting stronger and stronger.” Zhao Yao: “But the grasp of alien cats is still not big.”

Zhao Yao After this fight, I understand the state of the alien cats.

They have been able to exist in a purely conscious state and remain in the dimension of consciousness, and can always control from the dimension of consciousness to the physical body of other lives.

In the face of this situation, most of the ability can’t interfere with the dimension of consciousness, and it can’t work for them.

Therefore, Zhao Yao understands that in order to defeat the alien cats, it is necessary for the super-cats to evolve and to grasp the power of the dimension of consciousness.

After upgrading Ekaterina, Zhao Yao jumped to the evolution module, and found that the super cat that could evolve had an additional Catherine.

Zhao Yao chose Ekaterina and found that she could see Ekaterina’s evolutionary strip as long as she selected it, and then the evolutionary strips collected in the seal world would all be injected into the leaves of his choice. Katerina.

“Very good, then advance Ekaterina to see how it works.”

Ekaterina and Diana, one is sleep, one is dream, and it is a super match with superability.

This is why Zhao Yao chose Ekaterina to advance to lv10.

And lv10’s Ekaterina is going to evolve, certainly less than the evolutionary strips that lv14’s Diana needs, making Zhao Yao look forward to it.

At this moment, Zhao Yao’s ear moved slightly, and a smile appeared in the corner of his mouth: “Come on it, just try this new capability.”


In the dense fog area outside Cat Island, a small boat slowly drifted toward the cat island.

Sitting on the ship were four apostles, one of whom was called Lin Chen, who borrowed the acceleration ability of Northern Cat King, one of the strongest apostles under the old man.

The other three are the apostles that Lin Chen did not know. They only know that they came from the military. They seem to be adapting to the international situation of fighting more and more with super-ability. They are secretly cultivating the apostles against the apostles of other countries. The strength is unfathomable.

Just behind their boat, more than a dozen boats were laid down, and hundreds of apostles were transported behind them in the morning.

So many official apostles came to Cat Island this time, and there was only one thing to do, that is to confirm that Zhao Yao is dead or alive.

Because a series of recent information has shown that Zhao Yao seems to have something wrong, completely closed, and even unwilling to accept the contact of Lao He.

Even the cat city is not going to go at all, and a pair of people evaporate, without a trace.

Lin Chen said: “The front is Cat Island. Most of Yao Yao’s super-powered cats live on this island. If he can’t find him on the island, maybe he really has an accident.”

Next to Lin Chen, a young man with a cold-eyed, slender figure and a pair of blind eyes said: “If Zhao Yao is really in trouble, do you have so many checks and balances for so many super cats?”

Lin Chen said: “Those super cats are well-tuned by Zhao Yao. They are very good at getting along. If you don’t have Zhao Yao, you should be able to return to society well, be an ordinary super cat.”

The cold young man shook his head and said: “Why is this the old man who led you to manage the super-energy of Jianghai? Everything is not in our control. You are too laissez-faire Zhao Yao, which has caused the current tail to lose.

In particular, several super-powered cats under his command have the threat of subverting a country. What if they lose control? ”

Lin Chen looked at the other side and didn’t refute it because the other person’s rank was above him, but he didn’t say much because he thought that the importance of Zhao Yao need not be said.

The young man is looking at the depths of the clouds. He does not know some of Zhao Yao’s experiences, but he is more concerned about the power of Zhao Yao than others. He has seen each other’s experience and has such strong capabilities. After mastering so many super-powered cats, I am still in the status quo and live the days of salted fish.

In his view, these superability falls on Zhao Yao’s hand is a violent thing. The so-called Eastern glory is powerful, but in his opinion it is just an ordinary person who is fortunate to get the ability. If he has the luck of the other party, he will only do better.

‘If Zhao Yao is really dead or missing…’ The young man’s eyes narrowed slightly: ‘The super cats on Cat Island may be unaware of how many people are vying. ‘

This is why he can’t wait to test Zhao Yao. It is really too tempting.

However, although he despised Zhao Yao’s behavior, he was very alert to the power of Zhao Yao. He knew that he and the other party still had some gaps, so he called Lin Chen, brought so many apostles, and contacted Zhao Yao according to formal channels.

‘Although there are still some gaps between Zhao Yao and the data I have detected, there are so many ace apostles, even Zhao Yao can’t ignore it. If he offended him on Cat Island, it would be enough to retire. ‘

Just as a small boat is getting closer to Cat Island, it is about to pass through dense fog and start landing.

A breeze suddenly burst over and directly blew the fog in front of everyone, revealing everyone’s appearance.

At the same time, the back of a man slowly appeared in front of everyone: “Let’s go, you are not welcome here.”

Lin Chen’s eyes lit up and looked at the other’s back and said, “Zhao Yao is you? Why did you suddenly break contact with us? Is there something wrong? We can help.”

The back shook his head and slowly disappeared into the fog: “Go.”

Let’s go… let’s go… let’s go…

As the voice of the man reverberated, the boat under the crowd began to slowly retreat, and it was actually pushed back by the waves.

The youth is stepping on the footsteps, and the whole person has been chasing after a long time: “Wait a minute.”

Along with his movements, hundreds of apostles behind him also chased them up and stopped at Zhao Yao.

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