Am I A God? Chapter 933

The youth brought by Lin Chen was specifically to confirm the situation of Zhao Yao. How could it be fooled back to go back to Jianghai by being fooled by people? That is not to make everyone think that he has no ability.

So he wants to come up to stop the other party from leaving, at least to figure out if the man in front is Zhao Yao.

Then I saw the youth and hundreds of people’s bodies released a radiant light, and each one seemed to be a small Sunshine pressing toward Zhao Yao.

The clouds were completely torn, the sea began to boil, and the cyclone spread out in all directions centering on their bodies.

Lin Chen quickly raised his arm to cover his face, feeling that the boat seemed to be in a stormy sea, and it would be overturned whenever and wherever.

He looked at the scene with horror, and he was shocked: “Is this the military’s ace messenger, equipped with a nuclear apostle?”

Nuclear capability was originally hidden by the upper layers, secretive, and never loaned to any apostle’s superability.

However, since all countries began to develop natural disaster apostles, powerful apostles became part of the military power, and there were also top-ranking strong people like Zhao Yao on the local level. So the upper level also began to release some super-protected supers. Can cat.

At this moment, hundreds of apostles, like a small Sunshine, released a stream of light, and the horrible powers gathered together and looked like they were going to burn the sea.

‘This power…’ Lin Chen’s heart secretly estimated: β€œEveryone is estimated to be a miniature nuclear weapon.”

The young people on the other side walked slowly toward Zhao Yao with their men. He believed that under such a great momentum, the real Zhao Yao could not ignore their power and needed to be solemn.

“If you don’t want to go, let’s go.”

The next moment, with the sound of a man’s ethereal sound coming and forth, the air seemed to have an invisible big hand gently stroking.

An apostle who had just been radiant and radiant in the next moment dimmed and reappeared as a mortal to the ground.

Hundreds of small Sunshines in the sky seemed to be annihilated by the invisible big hands. When Lin Chen put down his arm and looked at the battlefield, he saw hundreds of apostles falling to the ground and fainting.

The clouds slowly shrouded again, and the man who had just spoken had disappeared, as if nothing had happened.

But Lin Chen knows that there was an earth-shattering battle just here, although it was only a short moment, but in this short moment, a apostle force enough to subvert a small country was in that sentence. The effort was easily defeated.

β€œIs it Zhao Yao? Did he spend time suspending?” Lin Chen said in his heart: β€œBut after exerting nuclear capability, they should all become extremely unstable high-temperature and high-pressure bodies. Ordinary attacks should be ineffective. ”

After twenty seconds of forced sleep, Lin Chen realized that things were not as simple as he thought.

An apostle who had just passed out of fainting jumped up and fled in all directions with horror.

“What happened?” Lin Chen was slightly shocked. Under the acceleration of time, his figure was flashing, and he had already arrested an apostle who was frightened and fled.

“What happen to you guys?”

“Don’t run around!”

“What are you afraid of?”

Lin Chen found that no matter how he tried to catch them, call them, or even attack them, they could not wake them up from the mad fear.

The youth who led the team was held down by Lin Chen, still madly struggling with his limbs, and even directly dislocated his shoulders and fled.

Lin Chen looked puzzled and surprised at this scene: “What happened?”

Just after Lin Chen thought they were crazy, the forced fear of 20 seconds finally came to an end. An apostle finally got rid of the fear. They stood in the same place, but their faces still flashed their fearful expressions. The neuroticism is slightly shivering.

Lin Chen looked at the young man in front of him and asked, “What the hell is going on? What happened to you? Why are you just so scared?”

“No… I don’t know.” The young man touched his head, his eyes flashing with irrational light: “Don’t ask! I don’t know anything.”

Lin Chen frowned and felt that the other person’s mental state seemed to be abnormal.

In the midst of the clouds, Zhao Yao, who was carrying Illusion, passed by an apostle and observed the reaction of their actions.

“Well, the reason for the decline… is it becoming more sensitive and more neurotic? I don’t know what state it is after deducting reason into a madman.”

Just then, the exclamation sounded, and Lin Chen looked in the direction of the voice, and saw an apostle’s body violently twitching up, the next moment, accompanied by his mouth wide, a cat hair from his mouth The swollen spread, and his body was completely wrapped in a blink of an eye, turning his face into a pure white.

The apostle who became a white monster screamed and rushed toward the person beside him.

“What happened?!” Lin Chen changed his face, the first one rushed, and the figure became a Lightning. In the twinkling of an eye, he had already pinched the other’s arms, but instantly felt a huge force coming from him. Can’t hold it.

Lin Chen can only close his hand and shoot again. After dozens of dozens of hits on the other side, he directly flies out the faceless monster.

Just as the monster flew out, Zhao Yao followed the faceless face, his ears shook slightly, and he listened to the various physiological states of the monster.

‘Physical quality is actually more than a little peak of the human body, but there is a kind of inexplicable and powerful anti-strike capability, interesting…’

Just then, on the other side, a beast snorted and Lin Chen looked over and the eyebrows immediately wrinkled.

On the entire beach, a chicken and a dog jumped up in an instant, facing the attack of becoming a faceless monster. The apostles did not dare to chase down the killer. After all, they were all their comrades-in-arms. They could only find ways to control them like crazy. .

Looking at the chaos on the beach, Zhao Yao walked in the clouds, and a pair of eyes silently observed the reaction of the apostles in Ekaterina’s ability.

“The chance of becoming a faceless monster is about 10% this time. The specific effect of falling rational is also good. Their reaction and courage in the battle have become weak.” Zhao Yao secretly evaluated: “As for coercion A certain chance of dementia worship…”

Just after the end of the forced fear, Zhao Yao could feel the speciality of the several apostles present. He slowly walked to the side of the leader’s youth, and his mouth spoke in the other’s ear.

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