Am I A God? Chapter 934

The young man’s body shook a little, and the next moment he did not hesitate to pull out his dagger, and he would lift his heart to his heart.

But before the heart was about to be inserted into the skin, Zhao Yao’s hand had already pinched the dagger and said softly: “Don’t move.”

Looking at the young man standing still, Zhao Yao said in his heart: “Do you even commit suicide? My superability is really terrible.”

Five minutes later, the faceless monsters recovered their original appearance one by one, but the remaining apostles did not dare to stay here. They supported their comrades and rushed to escape. The impression of Cat Island has already It’s the horror to the extreme, and I don’t want to come back in my life.

Until they left, they didn’t really see the face of Zhao Yao, and they couldn’t understand the current situation on Cat Island.

In order to prevent people from coming to harass the Cat Island in the future, it will affect the confrontation between this and the alien cat.

On the night of 12, no one knows, Zhao Yao personally went to Beijing and saw an unspeakable person.

After a late night conversation, the two sides reached a consensus, and no official apostle has ever landed on Cat Island.

The next Zhao Yao silently learned the experience, collected the lottery props, collected the evolutionary strips, and accumulated the power to deal with the alien cats bit by bit.

On the other hand, after giggling to find the trace of Zhao Yao in the world of seals, it began to develop the forces in the material world on a large scale, and compiled the superpower organizations of the United States, and even swallowed the stars.

In addition, he also constantly ordered game companies to secretly enhance the player’s monitoring function, and intends to find the other side’s traces from both consciousness and reality.


In a small grove in Cat Island, YuanYuan looked left and right. After discovering that there was no cat, this slowly said: “Okay, x, no one has no cat now. Hurry up and see, you How do you lend me the power?”

If YuanYuan had a good time to swim, then Zhao Yao was chased by alien cats and it sounded his alarm.

You must strengthen your own ability and gain more strength.

Similar thoughts continue to rise in his mind.

When I heard YuanYuan say, x slowly said: “Since you sincerely ask me, I can’t lend you strength. But as you said, our two sides are fair and equal, lend You can, but you can’t borrow it? Should you give me a little reward?”

YuanYuan gave a slight glimpse, and said in his heart: “This guy, learning fast, knowing that he will not read books for him, it is knowledge that changes fate…”

YuanYuan said, “What do you want.”

x said: “I want to see more books.”

YuanYuan: “…”

x: “You always spend a lot of time every day to take Zhao Yao’s flattering. It’s better to let me read more books.”

x is now hiding in YuanYuan’s body. If you want to read a book, it must be YuanYuan while reading, and he will watch it together.

Then I heard the words of x, YuanYuan nodded and said: “I know I know, I will accompany you to read the book in the next few days, OK?”

β€œCan you tell me how to lend me power now?” YuanYuan said: β€œYou always push the three resistances, don’t you lie to me?”

“Do you think I am Zhao Yao? Are you cheating the cat all day?” x: “There are one of you in the body of these super-powered cats, all of them are flowing with my super-energy factor. You follow what I said. Our internal and external cooperation can increase the concentration of super-energy factors in your body and let you comprehend your new meaning.”

YuanYuan nodded.

x: “You are kneeling on the ground, close your eyes, relax yourself, breathe in four claws, take a deep breath, imagine that there is an omnipresent in the air, something that you can’t see or touch is slowly sucked into your nose, then slowly sink. Into your dantian…”

YuanYuan, who was doing it, opened his eyes and said with a look: “Dantian? Is there a Dantian cat?”

x: “Don’t care about these details, I just adjust your physical state through language, making you more comfortable with my strength.”

“Okay, keep lying, let go of your spirit…”

YuanYuan lay on the ground for more than half an hour, feeling that the claws of the limbs were sour, and doubted: “How can I not feel anything? x Are you playing me? I told Zhao Yao to go? !”

x helplessly said: “Your qualifications are too bad, forget it, let me think about it.”

In the bushes next to it, Kunwu looked at YuanYuan on the ground with his eyes wide open. He said in his heart: “How did you turn it over? And it took more than half an hour to move… It will not be dead?”

On the trunk of more than 100 meters behind Kunwu, a camera slowly turned and constantly photographed Kunwu’s body.

The doll said: “Is Kunqu’s favorite body so full? I can change the image of the new robot cat…”

In addition to Zhao Yao’s accumulation of his own strength, the giggle is also quietly developing his own kingdom of consciousness, and the super cats on Cat Island are also carrying out their own plans.

The calm sea is below, but there are hidden undercurrents.

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was two months passed.


At the window of a building, Mocha slowly extended his cat’s head and looked around the situation. The figure flashed and disappeared with the passage of time and stopped on the street a few hundred meters away.

Then he walked all the way to the outside community and went straight to the cat litter position of the little orange cat.

The little orange cat smelled the taste of Mocha all the time, screaming and squeezing it up, his head arching against the Mocha arch, arching nonstop.

It was a small orange cat similar to Mocha’s nine-pointer. Except for a little different body shape, the pattern, coat color and hair volume on the face were almost the same as Mocha.

The yellow mud on the side said: “Mocha, when are you going to pick up? The longer the latte is, the more I ask you wherever you go.”

Mocha said with a dark face: “Now it is not necessarily safe to return to Cat Island. You know, Zhao Yao is accumulating strength to deal with alien cats. If it fails, staying on Cat Island is a dead end.”

β€œSo serious?” Huang Muba said: β€œZhao Yao will lose?”

“I hope not.” Mocha sighed.

Suddenly I felt my head wet and I immediately found that the little orange cat was licking her own cat’s head. Mocha immediately pressed the other’s head. The airway: “Latte! Didn’t I say it? Don’t mess with other cat’s heads.” You have been killed outside because you are doing it outside!”

Mocha quickly licked his claws and then wiped his head. After he didn’t want to go back to Cat Island, the cat smelled the strange cat.

After spending half an hour, Mocha slowly got up: “I am leaving, Zhao Yao, they should be back almost, I am not very good to stay here.”

Suddenly Mocha felt a slight pain in his body and looked down. He found that after the latte heard that he was leaving, he bit his own belly hair and stared at himself.

Mocha yelled at the other person’s head and said, “Well, take the iron, wait a few days to see you again. I want to go out and make money, or what do you eat and drink?”

The latte slowly loosened his mouth, and the milk sounded softly: “Can I go home with you? I want to be with you.”

Mocha heard a slight glimpse, nodded after a moment, whispered: “Do not worry, take the iron, wait for me to arrange, and take you back together.”

Latte broke into laughter and watched Mocha laugh silly.

The yellow mud on the side shook his head and secretly whispered: “You have cheated him several times. You have to cry for a long time every time you leave, you should spend more time with him…”

Mocha: “I know… I understand… but it’s really inconvenient now, at least wait for Zhao Yao to solve the alien cat.”

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