Am I A God? Chapter 935

Mocha just received the information from Zhao Yao as soon as he left the community.

“Mocha, where have you been? Come back soon, there is news of the resurrection of the cat.”


Mocha’s eyes lit up and ran to the direction of Cat Le City.

And just as Mocha left, the latte, which was originally in the cat’s nest, erected his ears and stood up: “Mocha is gone? He should be in that place today… I am going to see… ”

He picked up his backpack and took a can of food first. Then he thought about it and swept a few cat foods.

“If you are hungry outside, you can’t do it. You have to eat it.”

“Right! There are little mice!”

“Catnip also comes with a bag.”

“Do you want to bring the cream?”

Stuffed his little backpack, and the latte picked up the backpack and got it to the door.

He glanced at the yellow mud and said in his heart: “The yellow mud will fall asleep for a while.” As he walked to the door of the cat’s nest, the yellow mud that was playing the phone slightly narrowed his eyes and fell into the shallow layer. Sleeping.

Latte smiled and walked straight out of the cat’s nest. He looked at the street in front of the street and said: “The few silly dogs in the community will come over, I will wait.”

A moment later, a few stray dogs barked and ran over, and after the latte waited for them to leave, they came to the corner of the community.

He licked his lips and looked at the empty space in front of him: “The sausage should be near here…”

The effort between the words, a half-eaten sausage was thrown out of the window and fell directly from the sky to the corner of the wall, in front of the latte.

Latte ate the sausages and walked a few steps forward. Suddenly, he reached out and put a small sparrow in his hand. He looked at the little sparrow in his paw and took the iron to lick each other. The head, watching the little sparrow tremble, Latte laughed and said: “I don’t eat you! Don’t be afraid, be careful next time, don’t fall again!”

Put down the little sparrow, the latte looked up at the wall, slightly accumulating power, and then forced a glimpse, has turned over the wall, and then all the way to the cat to go to the cat city.

Before coming to the underground entrance of Cat Le City, Latte looked at the door not far away, and said in the heart: “It should be here, but I don’t know what it looks like in the future. I don’t know where Mocha is…”

Thinking about it, Latte still has the courage to follow the tension in his heart and pretend to be a cat-like city.

After entering the gate, he always felt that there were old cats around him watching him. He was embarrassed to see him. He quickly speeded up and walked towards the depths of Cat City.

A super-powered cat said: “Hey? Is that milk tea?”

Another super-powerful cat said: “It seems to be, but how do you feel a lot smaller?”

Latte climbed a few stairs in a row and walked to a place where there was no cat. This was a slight relief: “Call, a lot of cats, the first time I saw so many cats, where is Mocha?”

He came to a corridor, sniffing the smell of the air, looking for the trace of Mocha, the next moment he saw the back of an orange cat not far away, his face immediately showed an excited smile.

“Mocha! Mocha!” Latte immediately flew up and rushed toward the other’s back, and pressed it against the orange cat.

Mao Mao turned his head indifferently and looked at the latte on his back and said: “Milk tea… I am a fur, not a Mocha. Can you come down from my back, I am overwhelmed by the pressure It is.”

“Hey?” Latte looked at the fur in front of her eyes and immediately turned it over: “I admit the cat.” He sneaked a few more eyes, and said in his heart: “This cat’s face looks good.” There is still a gap with Mocha.”

After discovering that he had misunderstood the cat music, he took a sizzling slam and ran away in a panic. He couldn’t understand the hair. “How do you feel that tea is very different when you are peaceful? Forget it, I am just a tragic life experience.” Even a pet cat that has no freedom, how can you work with other cats…”

At this moment, the distant plane shouted: “Where, where is the hair? Go out and pick up the passengers.”

The furry stalked up and ran up, and smiled and said: “Airplane brother, is there a guest who ordered me?”

The plane nodded and urged: “It’s not what I highly recommend. This time the customer is very rich. You have to give me a good performance. Don’t scratch people like the last time.”

Mao Mao quickly nodded and said: “I know the plane brother, I was too nervous before I stretched my claws. These days I am learning to do things every day, I will definitely not have any problems! I promise to serve them comfortably!”

The plane said: “I have your potential in my eyes. When I first saw you, I knew that you have the qualification to be a red card here, so I will spare no effort to hold you. Don’t let me down.”

Mao Mao moved: “Airplane brother! You are so good to me!”

The plane patted the head of the hair and said: “Okay, go ahead. Don’t let the guests wait.”

Looking at the back of the fur, the plane took out the phone and started advertising again. First, a photo of the fur was sent, followed by a paragraph: “The new 2018 little tender cat, now a special discount, Be the first to touch!”

Immediately, someone immediately left a message: “Deceased liar! Don’t believe him, I last ordered this cat, obviously the old cat of 13 year, and also pretending to be a 18 kitten!”

“I also ordered it last time. This cat is black-faced and has a bad attitude! It’s not rushing to the clock!”

“Resist the black-hearted businessman, don’t go to the store to play cats!”

The plane looked at the message unpleasantly, and deleted one by one: “A group of poor ghosts, a cat with a fold, how good you want.”

After the latte on the other side escaped from the fur, he continued to smell the traces of Mocha. In a short while he saw the floor of the hall in the distance, an orange cat was rubbing the floor hard.

When I saw the back of the other person, the latte seemed to be familiar, but somewhat strange.

“It’s a bit like Mocha, but it seems to be different.”

He carefully wandered around the other side, secretly observing the other side’s face, and wondering more: “It’s really like Mocha, how come so many cats like Mocha here? Are they all my family?”

At this moment, the tea that he had peeked raised his head, and the two cats looked at each other and looked at each other.

Milk Tea: ‘Why does this guy look like me? ‘

Latte: ‘This guy really looks like Mocha. ‘

Two little orange cats approached each other little by little, and the tea was curious and said: “Who are you? Why do you look like me?”

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